Wonderful Ora Beach Maluku Island Indonesia

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Indonesia is famous for its natural beauty. As an island nation, of course our archipelago was awarded many beautiful beaches. Ora beach is one of the paradise world of Indonesia, located on the North Seram island, Maluku Tengah. This beach is also one of the evidence that Maluku also has beautiful beaches and exotic. We don’t need all the way to get a feel for the beauty of the world-class beaches such as the Maldives or Bora Bora. Because Ora Beach Maluku could also give the enchanting natural beauty and no less than two of the venue.

Beach lodging facilities offer Ora unique, namely lodging house-shaped stage and floats on the sea. Here we also be spoiled with underwater views. The dazzling marine life is clearly visible because the water is so clear. We can immediately see the beauty of the coral reefs and beaches are diverse and colorful as well as fish that swim around them.


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There is only one resort available on the beach named Ora Ora Beach Resort. Ora Beach Resort has six fruit cottage made of wood and straw-lit. The location Ora Beach Resort is secluded and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, ideal for who like tranquility. At night we can hear the whining of waves and also enjoying the beauty that adorned the sky the stars. And when morning came, of course, we were greeted with a stunning atmosphere of the beach, Ora, the clear sea water and the fresh morning air.

Cost of lodging in Ora Beach Maluku Resort are not calculated based on the cost per room, but is calculated from the cost per person. The price vary according to the season. The price range is between $ 1,000,000 and $ 150 per day. The price includes the cost of three meals a day and also the cost of transportation from the port of Tulehu.


To get to the beach from the Ora, Patimura Ambon, we first headed to the port of Tulehu. We can use public transport or taxis, travel time is about one hour with the appropriate tariff or price negotiations. After arriving at the port we continue towards Tulehu Port Amahi, Maluku Tengah, using speed boats with Rp 150,000 to Rp 92,000 for VIP and economy. Travel time needed to get to the port of Amahi is approximately 2 hours.

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After that continued with the journey to the village of Sawai, who can be reached by public transport and takes about 2 hours to get there. Then from the village of Sawai to Ora, only takes 10 minutes to cross by boat, and came to us on the beaches of Ora. We can use another alternative to get to the beach by way of the Ora, rent a car from the airport of Patimura Ambon and heading to the village of Sawai by traveling past the Seram Regency Central Maluku Regency. But we’d better negotiating in advance because of the journey to the village of Sawai far enough and takes about 1 day 1 night.

Activities Diving Snorkeling

Besides enjoying the beach with white sand and a beautiful blue sea. One of the other is required to dive and see the underwater beauty of the Ora Beach Maluku so amazing. We should not be too deep diving, only about 2-3 metres diving we can already see the beauty of a wide variety of coral reefs. We also were greeted with a small fish who swim there to let. But if you want to do snorkling, it’s not done to prevent the shallow of waters so that we do not damage the coral, there are as many coral in shallow water Beach Ora.

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Cross The River Salawai

We can also walk and crossed the water Salawai. While crossing the Salawai we can see how the process of manufacture of sago and coconuts. Upon arriving at the mouth of the River Gulf Sulaiman, we can see different kinds of birds there.

Surround The Manusela National Park

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Just behind the cottage Ora Beach Resort, we can see The Manusela National Park which became background scenery in the resort. Surround the Manusela National Park can also be one of the more relaxing activities can be done in the morning. We can use a motor boat or fishing boat around to see and enjoy the view while traveling around the Manusela National Park.

Jungle Trekking

In addition to enjoying all the activities on the beach, we can also try trekking and seeing the forest atmosphere in the land of Sawai. Not just through the forest, but also be able to visit a wildlife rehabilitation and Education Center.

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ORA Beach Maluku  beaches very presents beauty and serenity sea that shade. Life under the sea is very charming with many coral reefs, like a paradise under the sea. Not to miss the beauty of the ocean beaches of Ora, if you pay a visit to Indonesia.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise .. I Love Indonesia


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