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Nastsepa Beach Ambon – Wonderful Beach at Maluku Indonesia

Maluku is known for its many beautiful beaches. One of the lively beach visit is the Natsepa Beach Ambon. Its location was included in Central Maluku, which is not too far from the center of the city of Ambon has been facilitating tourists to visit it. A beautiful view ofthe beach is going to be the right place for recreation to soothethe mind. Not to miss, there are culinary in this place and will always be remembered that the traditional Natsepa.

Ambon City Tours

If you were to the Moluccas, and landed at Pattimura Airport,Ambon, squeeze in for a visit to this beautiful beach. Natsepa beach Ambon is one of the beautiful places to visit in Ambon. In addition,there are also other beaches such as Liang Beach, Portcullis, and the variety of marine tourism, history and other interesting natural attractions.

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Natsepa Beach  Ambon became a favorite tourist destination due to its location which is not too far from the city of Ambon. To reach this beach is not difficult. With about 30 minutes to travel from the city of Ambon using ground transportation, then came to You on the beach Natsepa. Close proximity to the City Centre makes it afavourite location for residents of the city of Ambon, as well asmost of the tourists who were visiting the city of Ambon will dropto the beach.

Natsepa Beach Ambon Tourism


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The entrance fee of this beach is quite cheap, namely Rp 2.000,-for adults and Rp 1,500,-for children. It is not surprising if on weekends, especially during the holiday season arrives, this beach is filled with families who bring the kids or the young people who travel.

The white sand beach is beauty making increasingly real. The beach looks clean with a fairly calm sea. Many of the treessurrounding the beach make the beach felt lush. Visitors can take shelter on the sidelines playing on the beach. The green of the foliage of these trees also create landscapes more beautiful because of the mix of colors of green, white, and blue matching.

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Natsepa Beach Ambon play Natsepa broad enough, even if it were to recede, creating vast beach is growing. The parents always invites the kids walk down the beach while occasionally dip their feet in the water. Other parents seem happy to play the sand, building sand castles, or bury themselves in the sand. Natsepa Beach Ambon area is also becoming a place that‘s fun for kids to play soccer. With wind gusts and a smooth sand make the children forget the time now was playing ball.

The calm water of the sea because of the unobstructed Gulf, making the beach is safe for swimming for its visitors. Just walking into the sea while playing water is also safe enough done because this beach belongs to the ramps so as not to harm. You can rentban as a buoy to try to swim at these beaches.

If you just want to enjoy the view or if you are tired of playing the water or on the beach, you can sit under a tree to expand your view. The extent of soft white sandy beaches, blue sea water andgreen mountains across the sea is a very beautiful view to enjoy.

Rujak Natsepa


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Rujak Natsepa  staring at the beautiful nature, do not miss to enjoy the famous Rujak Natsepa. Many sellers of Rujak at this beach. Fresh fruits such as mango, guava, pineapple mixed with brown sugar and peanuts would make the consumer demand for fresh fruit after a feel of Rujak Natsepa. It is eaten with the traditional skewers as this Queen of the fruit of the HawthornWelcome to sight seeing and enjoying sour, sweet, spicy rujak Natsepa Beach in Ambon, Maluku.
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