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Komodo Island, one of the 7 WONDERS of THE WORLD with  a million Charm

Have you ever been to the island of Komodo? Do you know where lies the island of Komodo? As residents of Indonesia, should you have been proud because it turns out the island which is the original habitat of the komodo dragon has officially entered the animal as one of the seven wonders of the world.
Komodo National Park has been designated as a New Seven Wonders of Nature in mid-May 2012 version of the New7 Wonders organization. Komodo are ancient animals that only exist in Indonesia, therefore we should be proud of having the island of Komodo. Besides Komodo island, the another six New Seven Wonders of Nature is Halong Bay (Vietnam), Amazon (Latin America), Jeju Island (South Korea), Table Mountain (South Africa), Iguazu Falls (Latin America), Puerto Princea Underground River (Philippines).
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This news is very encouraging indeed and certainly you want to soon visit the island, not so? The election of Komodo island as one of the wonders of the world cannot be separated from the community support Indonesia alone who have taken the time to do the voting.

Komodo island in the Lesser Sunda Islands and as explained earlier that the island is the native habitat of animals of komodoList of 7 Wonders of the world latest indeed experienced some changes, such as the termination of Borobudur temple name and also the loss of the name of the great wall of China.

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Since Komodo Island formally announced as one of the nominees or finalists of the 7 Wonders of the world, an increasing number of tourists have started to appear. Even after the official announcement of the Island that the Komodo island is one of the7 Wonders of the world, the number of tourists coming rise tripled.

It is definitely a lot of both domestic and foreign tourists who want to visit the island of Komodo and prove your self the natural beauty of this island has to offer.On the island are also separated by Strait of Sape, the komodo dragon breeding and animals also live very well.

Reported until August 2009, there were 1300 ‘s tail Burrows who lives on the island.This amount has not been coupled with a number of komodo dragons that live in some of the other islands, such as Gili Motang and Pulau RincaIf numbers are combined, then the komodo animal who lived and live in the neighborhood or the Komodo National Park can reach 2500 tail.


The reason tourists come to Komodo Island not only to see a komodo dragon up close, but they are also drawn by its natural beauty. Komodo island is also known for having some of the exotic and beautiful beaches with white sand and the blue of the waves caress the heartWhether sight seeing on the island of Komodo dragons dangerous? Some people think that going on vacation to the island of Komodo is not secure because a lot of the komodo dragon is left free to roam.
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One thing you need to know, one reason Komodo island was chosen as the wonders of the world is because security is assured. During a tour of the island you will be accompanied by Rangers who are always ready to protect you from komodo. Average komodo dragons that lived on this island will not be attacked so long as they get no distractions.

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Komodo Island selection as one of the wonders of the world brings blessings for the locals. Many of them are opening a new business as a seller of food or souvenirs. Of course the more tourists who come, then the income will continue to growOnce again, Komodo island is indeed worthy of being one of the 7 Wonders of the world. Here, you can see firsthand how the shape of animals according to their greatest possible during this this can only be seen through the television screenKomodo island is the amazing wonders of the world.

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 Natural beauties make you do not want to go away from this place. Are you interested in a visit to Komodo island? You will experience things that you never imagined before. Visit one of the wonders of the world is an experience that you can’t possibly forgetCome visit Komodo island right now and enjoy a very attractive natural landscape.

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