One of the 50 national park is a national park in Indonesia Wakatobi. Wakatobi  National Park are in the Wakatobi Southeast Sulawesi. Wakatobi Beach has a broad reach 1, 39jt ha of land and marine biodiversity, the scale and conditions of coral occupies the position of highest priority for conservation of the sea in Indonesia. In the Park is the depth of the water varies widely, the most in is 1 km below sea level. Wakatobi National Park now is becoming the world’s Underwater Research Center.

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The Park has four large islands such as Perfumed-scented, Kaledupa, Binongko and Tomia. It is located in the Wakatobi  Southeast Sulawesi. This place you can see a cluster of coral reefs have hundreds of types of dozens of families residing along the coastline. This place there are several underwater caves. Here there are also many species of colorful fish. Such as Erasia, King prawns and turtles commonly lay their eggs on the beach. There are also several kinds of seabirds such as booby, Brown and the usual Malay pot are on the reef.

Natural Sights Of Underwater Wakatobi Southeast Sulawesi

Wakatobi is an island located in Southeast Sulawesi. In fact the name Wakatobi is short for the four islands namely scented fragrance-Island, Kaledupa, Binongko and Tomia. And this time the islands of the Wakatobi is one of the underwater sights are popular.

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The stunning beauty of its bottom makes this area become a popular diving spot in Indonesia. Its reefs are still maintained and very beautiful and there is some sort of fish pretty which makes the tourists do not get tired of visiting this place. The area has 750 of 850 species of corals, coral species of the sea creatures as well as diverse steps and very hard to find in other areas.

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If you are interested there, Wakatobi Southeast Sulawesi provides many options ranging from standard hotel rates Rp150 thousands per night, five star resort with rates reaching Rp1,5 million per night or stay at home (homestay) with an average price of Rp 50 thousand. For those of you whose hobby diving and snorkeling, there are a lot of Wanci on interesting such as ferry boats around the Harbour, behind the Hotel or around Patuno Wakatobi Resort and beach Sousu. The closest location is often visited by tourists. In addition to the sights, Wanci draws also on the island of Tomia and Binongko.

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There are also provided snorkeling diving equipment and supplies that can be rented. Will also be on show by the Guide and the ship that will take it to the place of the dives. When diving you can find napoleon fish, the sea Hare, sea stars and the beauty of the great diversity of coral reefs that became hallmarks of underwater Wakatobi nature tourism. In addition to enjoying the natural beauty under the sea, where you can also catch dolphins attractions, views of the sun rising and sinking in Hoga.

Amazing Sights Around Wakatobi Southeast Sulawesi National Park

To Wakatobi National Park you can skip the Bau-Bau, Lasalimu by car, about 2 hours. Then to the island of Wangi Wangi is at Wanci. To get here, you have to use a ship and travel about 1 hour. It is as a gateway National Park, Wakatobi. After the Wangi Wangi’s island, Kaledupa with you towards a pinisi. To go to Hoga, you need less than 30 minutes from the island of Kaledupa. As for the to the island of Tomia, reaching the 3 hours drive.

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1. The island of Wangi Wangi

Diving facilities are provided here. It is the gate of the Wakatobi National Park. The island is known to be a regional supplier of imported used goods with prices. Here there is also a mosque Liya, the oldest mosque after Mosque Palace Buton on Buton Island, the mosque is near the Bull Liyo Togo. Here there is also a tomb of talo-talo or in the local language means a whiz

2. Island of Kaledupa

On this island there are coral Kaledupa, namely table voral with size 2-3 meters.

3. Hoga

This is one of the favorite places for professional divers . Usually in June to August the place is visited by many visitors, such as European and American Students who are doing research in sea life. The beach is very beautiful, the Höga with white sand and clean. You can see views of the crystal clear sea water and colorful fish that is commonly played in the crack of the coral reef.

4. Island of Tomia

This place there are a few remaining ancient cannons still attached,  Katepi race a small perforated wells as deep as 100 m.

5. Island Biningko

This is where the community blacksmith usually stay. This place also there are some dolphins that often crosses the motor out to sea. Well interesting isn’t it? If you want to visit there are recommended preferably between October-December and April-June due to the waves at that time was small so good to travel, diving and snorkeling.

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Be in the Wakatobi Southeast Sulawesi seemed to be in a world full of beauty of nature under its beautiful beaches and views of the charming. Indonesia is indeed very rich land with the beauty of nature and culture. The country who never deserted from the visits of tourists abroad. Enjoy your holidays in the islands of Indonesia.

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