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enter The artistry of Gatotkaca Gandrung dance  is a type of rhythmic motion which relates the famous puppet romance i.e. Gatotkaca . Gandrung is Javanese language which has the meaning of “affection”. Types of dances drawn from the puppet story apparently wanted to show an image of romanticism which was owned by the Knights of Gatotkaca ‘s son Bhima.

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http://www.crystalcitymo.org/?c=flagyl-and-antacids-interaction This of course will give new colors which during this Gatotkaca  we know as the puppet figures always appear with pierce at any opportunity. Some artists also named this dance called Gatotkaca  Pergiwa dance  because it is in the show featuring a cast of puppet Gatotkaca  and Pergiwa.

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http://www.crystalcitymo.org/?c=buy-augmentin-635mg-USA THE HISTORY OF GATOTKACA GANDRUNG DANCE.

go Gatotkaca Gandrung dance  began to appear during the reign of Mangkunegara V Sultanate of Surakarta. Although at the time of the stage arts in Surakarta suffered a setback because of the decline in revenue caused by declining sugar production, but instead on the era that appears a creation that is manifested in a dance with carrying the story of Gatotkaca .

http://www.crystalcitymo.org/?c=can-you-take-antibiotics-with-blood-pressure-medication The uniqueness of the dances that appear in pairs of Gatotkaca  and Pergiwa is in the storyline presented. Gatotkaca  as “kasatria mandra” to muscle, bone, iron wire turns to have a romantic side and felt the “gandrung” or fell in love with the opposite sex.

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http://bsquared-consulting.com/?a=bactrim-cost-without-insurance The Story Behind The Gatotkaca Gandrung Dance.

follow link Gatot Kaca Gandrung dance from Central Java telling the Knight Billy glass that are being hit by romance. According to it, the theme of this dance is the love story of a very famous kasatria in the story of Mahabharata.

source Gandrung words can be interpreted as ‘ love ‘, ‘ interested ‘, or ‘ bowled ‘, this dance portrays the behaviour of Gatotkaca  dreamed of wishing to marry when a daughter became his wife. Sometimes for more life-giving on this dance also figure Pregiwa is shown as a shadow or an illusion.

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Raden Gatotkaca  was the son of Raden Wrekudara the second. His mother was a daughter of the giant named Goddess Arimbi in Pringgandani. Gatotkaca  Gandrung dance is the story of a Knight, in charge of maintaining the security of the State, fell in love because of the enchanted beauty of goddess Pergiwa, the daughter of Arjuna. Gatotkaca , son of Bhima, the King of Pringgandani who can fly and extraordinary powers that, eventually falling by lenggak-lenggok women.

However, the strapping Gatotkaca  and mighty turns out not to have the courage to say his feelings to idamannya girl, then was a dance called the “Gatotkaca Gandrung Dance ” accompanied by the tune of Gunungsari. Here is told if Gatotkaca  suicide because the affairs of women, but the romance is turned on again by Krishna.

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  • Crown, worn above the head of a gold-colored which describes that he was a Prince.
  • The decoration on the feet and hands, usually golden yellow colored bracelets.
  • Fabric/shirt and pants and a half long, made of black beledu cloth decorated with gems from the colourful beaded sparkly.
  • Belts made of shimmering metal, called pending.
  • Scarves, sampur.
  • The decoration on the hind wing, which illustrates that a Knight of Gatotkaca who is able to fly into space.
  • Music Accompanist

The demanding precision of motion dance accompanied by the instruction from tool accompaniment (a kind of slit drum) called keprak, as well as the accompanying song song gunungsari. Usually there are also accompanied by the music of drum and gong-like appendages (if in a very big event).

click The Uniqueness is on Gatotkaca Gandrung Dance

From the above short article can we know that the dance originated from Surakarta and Gatotkaca  became known during the reign of Mangkunegaran V. That means the emergence of a kind of dance of courtship is ranging between years 1881 – 1896.

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The uniqueness is on dance typical of Surakarta in Central Java is on the movement as well as custom properties are used, namely in the form of clothing like a puppet character Gatotkaca . Uniqueness In Dance


This dance would like to show a side of romanticism Gatotkaca  which has always been identified with the brave knights on the battlefield. The depiction of such profiles as marginalizing the sides another life of Gatotkaca , including side romance with female adulation. Behind the grandeur or the impression turns out macho Gatotkaca  was also a romantic, soft, and gentle in the presence of women.

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