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Ujung kulon National Park Indonesia – Animal’s Heaven

When traced historically, Ujung Kulon National Park in Indonesia. The Park is the forerunner of several national parks in Indonesia, such as Bunaken National Park in North Sulawesi or the Gunung Leuser National Park in Aceh and North Sumatra.

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In addition to its historical value, this area has a core zone covering an area of approximately 120.551 ha which is divided into 76.214 ha and 44.337 ha is land of the sea and the Rocky reef areas. Core zone serves as a nature reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary has a variety of perks, including a diversity of marine life, land, and wildlife are rare.

The rare animal is on top of one is one-horned Javan rhinoceros rhinoceros sondaicus or disebutbacusa. This rare animal is one hallmark of Ujung Kulon National Park with a population of about 50 — 60 tail. Other habitats with lower population less than 10 tails in Cat Tien National Park, Viet Nam. Wildlife population that includes the ancient animals category are now threatened with extinction because of the actions of the rhino horns horns collectors, but tourists can still be witnessed in existence and their lives here. In this area, there are a number of other rare wildlife, such as deer, mancak, Java banteng (bos javanicus), monkey and chimpanzee primates, wild boar, rase lemurs, langurs (presbytis cristata), gibon Java (hylobates moloch), Coyote (coun alpinus), cat (felis bengalensis) stone, Tiger (panthera trigis), suruli (presbity aygula), and 270 species of birds.

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Other wealth of marine life, one of which is the beauty of the coral reefs that are a source of food and places to thousands of types of marine fish. Hence, conservation of coral reefs to the attention of the managers of the National Park. Message delivered by the Manager at travelers is the destruction of coral reefs also means a threat to the ecosystem of thousands of fish in the Sea zone in the area of the Park.

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The wealth of others who also became a feature of the region is the growing variety of tropical vegetation in the Ujung Kulon National Park — in the area of protected forest in which there is mountains and Islands. This National Park has more than 700 species of plants in which at least 57 types of classifications included in the overall amount of rare plants in Java, even in the world. The sustainability of various crops continued to be guarded because it influenced the lestarinya of nature as a whole, such as animal life, soil fertility, the atmosphere, and the white garment is the air of the influence of air pollution. Tourists will not only explore and enjoy the area with a very impressive natural wealth is, but can also learn how to appreciate nature.

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The Ujung Kulon National Park in the administration area Town wells, Pandeglang, Banten Province, Indonesia.
When tourists from the city of Serang, capital of Banten Province, only takes about 2 hours — 3 road trip with a private vehicle or a bus down the road antarprovinsi towards wells, Pandeglang sub district (eastern boundary of the National Park). Or, if the traveler is in the town of Tangerang, land line required travel approx 4 hours using a bus or motor vehicles. Arriving there, travelers who want to go the island of Peucang Island, Handeuleum Panaitan Island, and had to cross the sea with speed boat. The cost to rent a speed boat still in the confirmation.

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This area is equipped with telecommunication networks, electricity, and clean water are adequate for tourists. Lodging options from various models of hotels, motels, homestay, or cottage rental rates with variations can be found at Tamanjaya is still in the area of the National Park, the island of Peucang rates stay range from Rp 150,000 to Rp 500,000, and — the island Handeuleum. There are lodging, of course there is also a restaurant. In this area, the restaurant or the café offers a wide selection of dishes typical of the archipelago as well as the international region.

In addition, the service also available information, tourist guides, and a small speed boat ship for tourists wishing to explore the area within the Park. There is a facility directly when travelers buy tickets in this National Park, which automatically gets travelers insurance services.

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