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The uniqueness of the human skull in TRUNYAN VILLAGE BALI  everywhere and smelling the fragrance.


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Bali is known to still uphold their customs and culture. Although it has now come into contact with modern influences, but several places on the island of the gods still maintain the cultural heritage of their cultural life until now. One of them, and may be the most mysterious ‘ region ‘ in Bali, is the village of Trunyan.

Located on the edge of Lake Batur Village, Kintamani, Trunyan is known thanks to the unique traditions of the society, i.e. bury of the deceased who has died on the ground not buried. Yes, unlike most Balinese people who do the funeral with cremation, the locals Trunyan Village residents will let bodies rot in the ground surface of shallow basin-shaped long

The Funeral Culture Of The Deceased That Are Unique in Trunyan Village BALI

Usually, the bodies will be placed along with other bodies using the wrapper as the protector of the body during the procession. The burial will be closed by Ancak-food, namely, woven bamboo triangle that served to protect the bodies of wild beasts.

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Another thing that makes it unique is the Trunyan Village Bali, although the burial was left at ground level, however, the burial will not let down the foul scent. It is believed to be due to the presence of Taru Menyan tree at the main entrance. The tree that has the meaning ‘ fragrant tree ‘ is believed to absorb the smell of the deceaced. Under the tree of human skulls-skulls lined up. The principle is that the burial of the deceased are not inserted into the ground, but only wrapped and placed on the ground, were left to be the skull. Therefore do not be surprised if in Trunyan village you will find many skulls strewn everywhere, andthis is already a common sight for the locals.

But, apparently not all people could be buried in the cemetery of Trunyan Village, the major Sema Wayah. Only people old enough, have been married, bachelors or young children who have milk teeth which date can be buried here. With notes, their deaths must be due to a reasonable cause. Meanwhile, a baby who dies will be buried in other locations named Sema young. For the person who died due to accidents or other unnatural causes, such as accidents, will be killed or buried in the Brantas Sema. All of it is organized according to the rules in force in the village.


The funeral procession went quite simply, where the bodies will be taken using a motorboat from the village attended by families and citizens who use another speed boat. To reach the village, you can Make it through the access road which is about 45 minutes from Panelokan – Kintamani . Or, you can pass an access Pier in boat use Kedisan. In the dock were usually already waiting speed boat which some owners offer to accompany you to the village of Trunyan.

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Well, you need to be smart bargaining when want to rent a boat, because often you will be offered a very high price. Typically, the rates will be offered to travelers is $ 500,000 for a round-trip. It’s generally been a tariff Pack with guide services. If you are intending to visit Trunyan Village Bali, it’s good you asked a guide, both from the services of the tour operator or, better yet, your acquaintances. Invite native Balinese residents usually will further facilitate the bargaining process to the ride itself.

Oya, you also need to make sure whether the price paid includes retribution upon arrival at your destination, or you only pay a fee to rent the boat so that misunderstandings do not occur when entering Trunyan Village Bali later.

Although a visit to Trunyan Village  Bali must pass through a long and challenging journey, but it doesn’t hurt, you come to the village for a taste of the other side of the charm of the island of the gods. Besides enjoying a wonderful view of Mount Batur, you too can learn the uniqueness of the cultural heritage of Indonesia.

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Trunyan Village Bali is very much visited by foreign tourists, because of the uniqueness of the deceased funeral process that left it on the ground and the fragrant smell of the graves. It is rare in the world of culture were amazing to study.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise. I Love Indonesia


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