Togean islands located in the middle of the Gulf of Tomini that extends from West to East at 00 ‘ 21 ”-00.45 ‘ 12 ‘ LS ‘ and 1210.33 ‘ 21 ‘ ‘-1220.23 ‘ 36 BT, with a land area of approximately 755.4 km2. Togean Islands consists of roughly 25 large and small islands. Administratively, the Togean Islands belong to the Regency Tojo Una-Una, Central Sulawesi. is a cluster of small islands lay in the middle of the Gulf of Tomini. The wealth of nature is a paradise for all beings. When you are visiting the island of Sulawesi, please allocate your time to drop in to the Togean Islands National Park . And prepare yourself for amazement at the presence of one masterpiece in the universe. Welcome to Amazing Togean.

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Togean Islands National Park

The island of Sulawesi is indeed notable as the island with stunning underwater scenery. One of them is the Togean Islands. The Islands are administratively in the Regency Tojo Una-una, Central Sulawesi. Often known nengan name Togean Island or Togian Islands National Park . Togean Islands has been established by Kemenhut RI with the legislation, as the Togean Islands National Park. Its territory is divided into two parts, namely the Mainland and also the sea. Location very remote Togean and very far from the city centre, yet traditional, nature is still virgin.

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Seems to be the attraction for tourists to visit the island of Sulawesi. Cluster of mountain slopes, reminds of Bukit Barisan Selatan in Sumatra, with a horizontal shape, but the difference is Togean Hill divides the Gulf of Tomini. There are dozens of island in Tomini. Some of the most popular is waleakodi, UnaUna, TalaTakoh Island, Kadidiri, Kada Malenge close, stone, while the largest island which is located on the island Waleabahi Tojo.

Togean Islands also has a great potential especially for tourists who want to enjoy the underwater scenery, or jungle trekking. Since more than 10 years ago the Togean Islands have been visited by foreign travellers, and growing in the mid-90s. Most of them are tourists off (backpacker) who came to Indonesia without going through the tour operator. Arrival they aim to enjoy the beauty of underwater.

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Browse the Togean Islands waters of this amazing, you can see the butterfly fish (around 35 types), Pilot Whales, Manta Rays, Reef Sharks, grey Fish bigeye Trevally (Trochus niloticus), giant Clams (Tridagna gigas), Lola (Trachus niloticus), and Dugong (a type of Mermaid). Not only that, if your lucky you can also meet with species of turtles that are already classified as rare. Such as Hawksbills (Eretmochelys imbricata) and green turtles (Chelonia mygas). Turtles-turtle is often pulled over on the coast of the Islands to spawn.

Togean Islands “The Heart Of The Coral Triangle”

Togean Islands have a wide range of ecosystem types either on land or at sea, ranging from lowland forests (low-land forest), coral (coral reefs), mangrove (mangrove), rocky shores, as well as seagrass meadow (sea-grass beds).

Togean Islands are part of the coral reef ecosystem is important of the ‘ Coral triangle ‘ (Coral Triangle) which are the areas that have the highest diversity of coral in the world. These include the Coral triangle region of Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, to Microneasia. In documents Marine RAP (2001) stated that the Togean is “The Heart of the Coral Triangle”. Coral reefs in the Togean Islands rich in biodiversity with a type of coral reefs (fringing reef), the reef barrier (barrier reef), and coral ring (atoll) that is located adjacent to each other.

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Exotic coral reefs in the Togean Islands

Some of the activities that we can do in the Togean Islands include: diving and surfing on the island Kadidiri, fishing, go on an adventure round a forest on the island of Sulawesi, as well as nearby Malenge close climbing Mountain Colo on this island at the Una-una Island. On a trip to the island of Togean incomplete tastes if you don’t dive into the sea of the Togean.

Sulawesi is indeed very rich in its  bidota, the fish and the amount the Togean thousands of Jumbo-size supply of plankton, the main factor is uncontaminated, the view that are rarely found elsewhere. Nature under the sea waters of the island there are reef sharks can find gray, large-eyed trevally are fish, manta rays, and also pilot whale. If your lucky we can find several species of dolphins are playing attracted the attention of tourists.

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There are also a wide variety of coral reef sea Togean Island beach. There are at least 4 different kinds of coral reefs alive at sea bottom the most beautiful island include: The Reef Wall, Barrier Reef, Coral Edge, Coral ring

The island of Togean Sulawesi has more than 30 species of butterfly fish are scarce and living in coral reef habitats. Whales, sharks and small fish also live in these waters. Not only that, in the waters of the Celebes Sea deeper there are 610 species of fish, 600 species of marine animals-molluscs. The population of animals that live on the air in the Togean Islands at least there are more than 80 species of birds, including protected animals such as birds who are the elderly, White Eagle, bird kapundan and others. Meanwhile mainland Togean Islands of Sulawesi, there is endemic that is protected by the Government like the cuscus, animals: animals are agile and also deer.

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Access  to Togean Island

You have to travel around 370 Kilometres and takes about 10 hours. Arriving at your destination, visitors are greeted by a stretch of trees and expanses of desert mangroove seagrass, a vast grassland, grasses that were in the seagrass Beach grass into a diversified food sources marine mammals and other marine species also live in the vicinity of the Togean Islands of Sulawesi. According to the data of the statistical Togean Islands of Sulawesi national park there are more than 30 family.

In the forest of mangrovee there are also an assortment of flora and fauna endemic with a population that is very awake, it can be used as a primary indkator that the habitat on the mainland still very natural Togean, with high levels of biodiversity. Just enjoy the diving paradise at Togean Island .

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