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Toba Lake Indonesia is the main icon of tourist attractions in North Sumatra’s


Lake Toba tourism offers you a charming natural wonders will be on the island of Sumatra. Along with Samosir island located in the middle of the Lake, Toba Lake Indonesia  is the main icon of tourist attractions in North Sumatra’s most famous. Some of the most popular activities done in the tourist area of Toba Lake Indonesia is swimming, boating, sailing and mountain climbing. All are dressed in the blowing air is cool and clean and natural kaharmonisan beautiful chime.

Interesting Tourist Spot Of Lake Toba


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In General, the tourist area of Lake Toba can be enjoyed at some tourist spots as follows:

1. Samosir Island

Located in the middle of Lake Toba, you can find the original residence Batak Toba on island. There are a wide variety of cultural relics of the past in the Batak community Samosir Island, among them a grave stone and traditional villages as well as its unique architectural design. You can go to see the tomb of King Sidabutar of 500-year-old and saw the statue of Sigale-Gale who can dance. One of the interesting cultural tours in the old village of Huta Bolon is a traditional Batak dance called Tari Sigale-Gale.

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Renting motor vehicles is also one of the other options that draw on Samosir island. You just need to go to the village of Tomok on the island to look for the motor, and then be able to get around the island to enjoy the beautiful panorama that exists there, and of course you can see the panorama of Lake Toba from the highest peak in the island of Samosir. If you want to see traditional Batak Court, head to Batu Parsidangan Ambarita to see that hundreds of years old as well as the execution of death convicts law there.

Some other interesting places on the island of Samosir also you can visit, such as Lake Sidihoni and Lake Aek Natonang. Lake Aek Natonang in the village of Tanjungan, have water so clear in the middle of the green grass grows all around. From this location, you can see panoramic views of the beautiful natural landscape with hills covered with pine trees. As the name Natonang, the situation around this Natonang Aek feels calm and natural.

If you want to find a number of souvenirs, head to the village of Batak Jangga to purchase fabrics are woven so beautifully the Ulos with subtle motifs. This village is one of the places the famous weaving Ulos community in North Sumatra and also you can see the manufacturing process there.

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2. City of Parapat

Parapat is a town located on a peninsula that juts out toward the Lake Toba. This is one of the Lake Toba tour sentrum is famous for its large number of tourists visit, also became the first choice to start the journey to Samosir island ferry vessel or boat. In Parapat Toba Lake, beauty can be enjoyed in a variety of exciting activities, including the popular water activities. You can go swimming, Waterskiing, canoeing, ria, climb the motorboat, fishing, etc. Even playing golf as well as you can do in Parapat.

On the Hill of Naborsahon River, you can see a variety of plants that bloom all year, including bogenvile, pointetties, sucle and honey. A cool climate in the town of Parapat make this area as one of the tourist destinations in North Sumatra Province which was crowded by tourists.

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In Parapat, you can also go to the home of the exiled Bung Karno Stadium. This is the place where the first President of the REPUBLIC of INDONESIA was once ostracized by the Netherlands in 1948 along with several figures nationally, like Sutan Sjahrir and Agus Salim. This exile House stands firmly with the dominance of white paint and a spacious yard, has a European-style buildings of architectural classic, and is located in the town of Parapat curb directly facing the Lake Toba.

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In some parts of the city, you can also find a number of shops selling a variety of merchandise as well as a variety of souvenirs such as Batak, a variety of accessories to clothing. Tuktuk, Samosir island is an area that is becoming a tourist concentration at which there is a variety of accommodation, ranging from the guesthouse to the homestay. While in the town of Parapat, the number of hotels and other lodging is available in great numbers.

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