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Thousand Islands Jakarta – Marine National Park: Pinned Glamour stylish Sea Panorama


Sea of thousand Islands National Park or better known as the thousand islands Jakarta  are a cluster of islands in the Bay of Jakarta that stretches roughly 100 miles with an area of 108,000 hectares or reach eleven times the land area of Jakarta. The Marine National Park, located about 45 km north of the city of Jakarta is the preservation of the nature conservation zone with the marine continued to maintained the beauty and their cleanliness.

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The number of islands in this area is in fact not a thousand but approximately 342 of the island and the ideal base for tourist attractions there are 20 island from 45 publictours and island excursions specifically. 6 Islands in the region have been made as a tourist destination with adequate infrastructure and facilities, namely: Pulau Ayer Pulau Bidadari Island, Kotok, Island Princess, Pantara, Island and island of Sepa.


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Generally those who come to the thousand Islands Marine National Park to enjoy its natural beauty with a snorkeling or diving. Island Tidung Island being the most complete amenities as well as capable of accommodating tourists in large numbers. If you would like to visit the island with nature then the Scout Island suitable forecotourism and educational tours. Some of the other islands that you can discover, namely: Pulau Ayer Pulau Bidadari Island, Sepa, Island Princess, Kotok Island Nature,Rainbow Island, Pulau Pari, and Island Pantara.

Most of the beaches in the thousand Islands Marine National Park protected mangrove forests that is home to monitor lizards, snakes, Pythons and a gold ring. The area’s fauna is estimated there are approximately 17 bird species, 350 species of reef fish, 2 types of clams, 3 groups of 101 types of algae, molluscs, 237 species of coral reefs, and 6 types of seaweed.

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In the meantime, flora in the thousand Islands National Park beaches, such as plantdominated nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum), butun (Barringtonia asiatica), punch(Bruguiera spp.), breadfruit


Thousand Islands Marine National Park has its distinctive natural resources in the form of a unique coral reef ecosystem i.e. coral reefs. The Islands in this region surrounded by a rim of coral reefs (reef fringing) with a depth of 120 meters. Seniri coral reef is one of the sub systems of productive marine ecosystems. Several types of hard coralshere, IE: such as coral rock (massive coral), coral tables (table coral); Coral fan(gorgonia); Coral leaf (leaf coral); Coral fungi (mushroom coral).
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In the thousand Islands Marine National Park, you can perform a variety of nauticalattractions such as jet skis, canoe, fishing, wind surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.Some Islands also already equip their facilities with the area of jongging, tennis, beachvolley, billiard, even golf. You can also use a glass bottom boat leisure at the Island Princess to see diverse wealth of its bottom.


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The island is the largest TIdung Island most visited by tourists. A variety of activities you can do here such as snorkeling, diving, relaxing bike, fishing, photography, and camping.

Bidadari Island provides some cottage which was built among the trees overlooking the sea. The location of the island is also fairly close to Jakarta but less than ideal for snorkeling. Angel Island has a land area of 6,03 acres with panoramic view of thebeautiful beach with white sand. There are also remains of the fortress heritageNetherlands complete with cannons and the inscription in the surrounding area.

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Scout island has beautiful panoramic blue ocean and adjacent to the marine park allows the snorkel with the ideal here. The island is also an area of ecotourism for research and education. Here is the location of nesting hawksbills.

Kotok Island serves the traditional concept of vacationing with nuance in a tropical environment. There is a large mangrove trees, chirping birds and monitor lizards arebenign, all waiting in there.


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You can reach the thousand Islands Marine National Park of Marina Jaya Ancol Grouper with KM. The ticket price is Rp 32,000 (not including entrance fee to Ancol).Journey time approximately 1 hour to 3 hours to reach the island farthest. Schedule a departure from Marina Ancol 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. and again at 13.30 or island at 14.00GMT. There is also a speedboat at the Marina to island boy scouts that departs everyday .

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