The art of shadow puppets is a culture of Indonesia which came from Java and managed to be famous on the ground abroad. Puppet is a prominent art and culture in the nation of Indonesia if compared with other cultural art. In the art and culture of the puppet includes sound art music, art, acting, said art, art of painting, art literature, to the art of symbolism. The arts as culture  Indonesia’s puppet growing more rapidly than the year – year after year. The population of Indonesia is required to know the art of puppet and the name – the name of a character in puppets. Puppet can be made as a medium of information, education, preaching, understanding philosophy of Java, and mainly as entertainment. If the in Java leather puppet  shows including one of art as the custom in a particular area.

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In Malang, East Java, for example when the ceremony at the 1st suro is always accompanied by puppet shows as customs must be carried out each year. The ceremony will be held on Beach offerings at larung segoro kidul as offerings to nyi roro kidul community believes with the ceremony would be spared from the disaster. The existence of the art of leather puppets have since long before Hindu goes into Java. Works of art of shadow puppets it is the adaptation of a literary work Mahabharata and Ramayana i.e. India. Both of these stories in the puppet master is modified and added by adjusting the original philosophy of Indonesia.

The History of Leather Puppet Indonesia

History of Leather Puppet Indonesia originated in Java, namely East Java also is increasingly growing in Indonesia well in East Java and Central Java even Bali. The art of puppet related very closely with the State of the religion and cultural of Javanese culture. As this figure is the Punokawan figures very importantly in puppet shows. Punokawan consists of Semar, Gareng, Petruk, and Bagong fourth has an important role in the puppet. Then puppet overall technical terms derived from old Javanese (spiritual story, Madyakrama). Since 1951 the book published and declared that puppet  artistry of native culture indeed Indonesia originating from Java. Puppet culture born since the reign of King Airlangga, who is the King of Kahuripan Kingdom culture that exists in East Java.

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Literary works that will be used on road dirulis puppet story by poet comes from Java Indonesia since the century X. one of the written manuscript book of Ramayana Kakawih with the old Javanese letters or Javanese script. In addition translate  also  Javanese poet Mahabharata and Ramayana story from India into old Javanese. Despite the change of language of India into the Java language in recounting more added by entering the cultural philosophy of Java into it. For example, the work of a master craftsman Panuluh, masters of Kanwa Arjunawiwaha, and masters of the 4th. There is also the great work done by Lord Jayabaya (King of Kediri).

The Art Of Leather Puppet Indonesia Becoming an Entertainment


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The art of shadow puppets as an art and cultural performances are becoming entertainment since the era of the Kingdom of King Airlangga. At that time there were inscriptions with writings mawayang and aringgit which means puppet shows. The word puppet derives from wewayangan meaning shadow. So in a leather puppet Indonesia performances always use a piece of white cloth as delimiter and as such there are shadow plays puppets are evident on fabrics the delimiter. Thus the audience watched the shadows of puppets on the fabric of the decree which is why the word means shadow puppet. Interestingly puppet always accompanied by gamelan music typical of traditional Javanese culture. Wayang more visible elements of Java because the story – the story of puppet shows at regarding the ancestral Kingdom of Majapahit.

Artistic traditions, such as puppets, potentially supporting the development of the popular culture of Indonesia. However, there has been no government commitment to designing popular culture to impact not only on the preservation of the culture, but rather support the function of the social, economic, and political.

The Worldwide Leather Puppet Indonesia 5The figure of the first character created is Batara Guru or Sang Hyang Jagadnata is the embodiment of the God Vishnu. In general the puppet indeed took stories from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana story, but not always limited to the second story of the last course. One thing is for sure, understanding the puppet or lakonnya, the audience must have knowledge of the puppet characters. Some of the puppet characters include Krishna, Shinta Dewi Arimbi, Shikhandi, Surtikanti, Punta gods, Bhima, Arjuna, Werkudoro, Brotoseno, Sahadeva, Nakula, etc.

Leather puppet show performed by a puppeteer who also became the Narrator dialog puppet figures. In the show, shadow puppets accompanied by the gamelan music with singing of the pesinden. Play leather puppet dalang behind the scenes called screen and is made of white fabric. The back of the screen highlighted  electric light or oil lamps so that the spectators who were on the other side of the screen can see shadow puppets fall to the screen.

Getting Started Making Leather Puppets Indonesia

The Worldwide Leather Puppet Indonesia 3Wayang kulit was made form Buffalo skin. Why Buffalo skin? Because it doesn’t contain a lot of oil. For example, cow has a high oil content so that the process can be up to the drying process weeks. Buffalo skin can already instantly dried dry after 4 to 5 days.

The new Buffalo skin peeled is dried in the Sun with the position outlined. If the weather is cloudy, the entire success face of the Buffalo skin sprinkled with salt quickly so as not to foul. After completely dry, the skin again steeped for one night, then dried again. Only after a second time to dry the feathers that are attached to the skin scraped away with a knife.

The equipment used to make shadow puppets is iron the ends pointy. This iron is usually taken from the fingers of motorcycles. Basically iron from steel is used to organize or create different shapes of holes. Try it you notice the shadow puppets, there are numerous carvings made to really hollow.

The Manufacturing Process of Leather Puppet Indonesia
The first time that was done was plagiarized images or patterns that are already there. After that the pieces fit the form. The pattern is already so consists of several parts. Part of the hand is placed first. On hand there are two connections: the upper arm and elbow. How to dial with small screws made of Buffalo Horn or cow. To move the parts of the arm used the blackish-coloured stalks are also made from Buffalo Horn.

Leather puppet show is very often used in important events like weddings, Thanksgiving events and other cultural events both in Indonesia as well as in the entire international community.  Enjoy the entertainment of Leather Puppet Indonesia  .

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