For many people, kissing in front of a lot of people it must surely be a taboo. Especially considering that Indonesia was still holding the Eastern customs. But not so for the youth of Bali when performing tradition of Mass Kiss  Omed omedan Bali. This tradition is usually carried out in the village of Sesetan, South of Denpasar, Bali. This tradition is carried out after the wedding celebrations each year.

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The Balinese has a variety of unique traditions and cultures, including Omed omedan Bali Festival or Mass Kiss Festival. Unlike the naked festival in the world, a mass kiss that followed young people of Bali this is not pornography, but rather the action of ancestral heritage, held the day after Nyepi holiday celebration. Let’s see what kind of Mass Kiss Omed omedan Bali Festival, as young adults have held in Banjar Kaja, Sesetan Village, Denpasar,

The Purpose Of The Implementation Of  Mass Kiss Omed Omedan Bali

Mass Kiss Omed omedan Bali Festival held every year, the day after Nyepi holiday celebration. The goal was begging for the occupational safety and health for those who took part in this tradition, as well as the local village to enemy repellent. Along with the development of the times, sometimes some participants use it as the event search partner for those who still haven’t had a lover.

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Mass Kiss Omed omedan Bali tradition actually this is not the tradition of kissing the bulk lots of reported people. According to historical tradition, Mass Kiss Omed omedan Bali means of attraction. The community lay many who thought the tradition was performed with Kiss since between the hands of participants of mutual attraction. From here they look cuddle, even occasionally up ‘ landed ‘ a kiss.

This is just mass kiss tradition devoted to the youth and unmarried youth. Done by kissing between youth and youth. They were separated into two groups, male and female are lined up one square backward position vis-a-vis. They will perform the ritual of Mas Kiss Omed omedan Bali are most front position in his arms. the youth and the youth who do this ritual doesn’t mean they are dating or the like. They were chosen at random to perform this tradition. Then they exchanged approaches. So affordable, they each other immediately to mutual attraction and often kissing. This ritual will stop after elders sounded the whistle is indigenous or flushing water.

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The Procession Of The Tradition Of Mass Kiss Omed Omedan Bali

 The Festival which takes place in Banjar Kaja, Sesetan Village, Denpasar, Tuesday , was quite festive. Lots of youth and local youth participating. The Festival begins with the prayer together in Banjar Temples. All participants are obligated to follow the procession. After the prayer, the youth and the youth began to be separated into two groups, namely the groups of men and women.

The women will be paraded to meet a man who will pair kissing in the middle of the audience, usually when this situation lasts, the audience will be more crowded, so as to encourage the young couples on the boat that will undergo the ritual with the spirit.

Indigenous leaders, or village elder, Act became the “referee” in mass kissing festival . After the Elder gives sign to start, both groups of men and women face each other will lift one of his deputy to reunited with representatives from other groups. After that, there was a real mouth kicks. Instead of cursing each other’s mouth as a match or a war of words, but rather the mouth you met my mouth to give the spirit on each pair, so that they are not shy and bias runs the ritual with a relaxed and joyful. Typically, the most ardent men kissing lips “opponent” who is still timid. –

The unique tradition of Mass Kiss Omed Omedan Bali 12To avoid the kiss grew hotter, the organizers and the elders will soon flushing water to the body of the man-woman kiss. Well, they’re getting soaking wet! So, if there’s any spectators, journalists, or tourists who are too close, they could be soaked we exposed water. A number of other participants claimed to omed omedan only games that do not need a real debate. In those days, young usually at Banjar typically do not dare do kiss in public. Truly a unique and exciting spectacle

The History Of The Tradition Mass Kiss Omed-Omedan Bali

Originally the King of Puri Oka furious see people deploying omed omedan (kiss each other). Suddenly he was sick, but actually the sick King thus recovered after seeing these hot ceremony. Now that tradition made the event looking for a soul mate. According to the Balinese ,  the story it is a tradition of omed omedan ancestral traditions from the Netherlands colonial era.

Originally a ritual mass kiss was done in Puri Oka. Puri Oka is a small Kingdom in the Netherlands colonial era. His story, at one point it is said that the King of Puri Oka experience ill. The King had tried to seek cures to numerous physicians but never fully recovered. On Nyepi holiday Oka Castle community, deploying game omed omedan. Because of his enthusiasm, the atmosphere so noisy due to the events of the young people was cuddling  rudder at each other.

The unique tradition of Mass Kiss Omed Omedan Bali  3The King, who was then pain was furious. A reeling King get out and see people who are cuddling each other. Oddly enough seeing that hot scene, suddenly the King no longer feel pain. Amazingly after that King’s return healthy as it was before. The King then issued an edict so that  omed omedan should be implemented each Nyepi holiday.

However the Government of the Netherlands who was sacked with a ceremony that steamy. Any Netherlands banning games young ritual on the boat. Devout indigenous residents despite the ban and the Netherlands remain deploying omed omedan. But suddenly there are 2 big pigs to fight in place of the usual omedan omed. The people’s King, and Finally asked for directions to the ancestors. After that omed omedan held back but the day after Nyepi holiday.

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Omed-omedan Traditions never stopped because it was considered incompatible with the culture of the east and replaced with tradition fights two pigs. But then comes the untenable assumption that omed-omedan tradition if not done or not forwarded, then feared would happen to bad things that afflict the citizens. And since then, Mass Kiss Omed omedan Bali tradition held every year, precisely one day after the celebration of Nyepi. People of Bali in Indonesia does have many ritual ceremonies are unique and interesting to be conserved.

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