Holiday in the country of Indonesia turns out to not always have to focus on the beauty of the beaches and Islands, because Indonesia is also a heaven of art work villagers results are also exported to foreign countries. One of the handcrafted the famous villagers on the island of Lombok pottery is in the village of Banyumulek.

On a vacation to the pottery art Banyumulek village will be an alternative to a relaxing holiday. Here tourists will choose directly a wide shape, pattern, and color of the pottery in want. The question of the quality of the pottery Industry Centers, Banyumulek can not be v ever again. Upon entering the village, tourists will be welcomed by a arch iron frame that reads “Earthenware Banyumulek industrial centers”.

the unique pottery art banyumulek at lombok Island.12

After entering the gate, along the village, visitors will see a row of art shop in front of homes residents. In addition to the craft that is functional, such as stoneware and earthenware products, large, Banyumulek also provides the results of the craft for decorating a room, such as ashtrays, vases, wall lamps and so on.

Pottery Art Banyumulek Village – a Village full of ornate pottery.

A woman with a hand full of mud, being petted a big pot-shaped objects that are still wet. In his yard tegeletak a number of pottery with a variety of shapes and sizes, which are dried. This ordinary view adorn the atmosphere of the pottery art Banyumulek  village , one of the village of handicraft pottery in Lombok Island.

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Uniquely, when it stepped in to the area of the village, you will see the school as well as government offices are decorated pottery-earthenware of the fence wall. So the pottery village of impression would be very thick felt. At the same time confirms that the village of Banyumulek this is a pottery handicraft.


In Banyumulek Village, Lombok, making earthenware is a skill passed down from generation to generation. These skills eventually was able to lift the economy of the village, even attracting visitors to witness pottery and shop in the village.

Along the way the village, you will find many galleries and shops on both sides of the road. Make sure you have no confusion will visit the gallery which, due to the large gallery that stood in the village. But among the gallery you’ll find a gallery large enough. In the gallery you can find a variety of earthenware with a more complete variant. Starting from size, shape, color, motif decoration, uniqueness, to function in price.


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Pottery-the pottery of course is the result of the work of the pottery craftsmen of the village Banyumulek. Some of them are in the form of the vase, sand, large eggs, various forms of piggy banks, cas sprawl, the sister-brother carve acid, Lampshade, wall hangings, etc.

 “Kendhil Maling” – The Famous Typical Of Pottery Art  Banyumulek Village

But you can find a famous pottery village of Banyumulek products, namely it does a Kendhil Maling. Does this one is quite unique, because it has a design and a different story than it does-it does normally. Does a Kendhil Maling has a hole at the base. This hole is used to put water into it does. Like how weird a Kendhil Maling, who didn’t wear the usual way (through the roof or through a window, not through the door) when it was about to get into a house. Uniquely, a special design on the water making the water it self not get out of the hole when it does is put back.


The results of the pottery village of Banyumulek it was cleared up to the international market. For example, New Zeland and some countries in Europe. In this village, you can bring home a result that art prices in price. Depending on the shape, size, decoration motifs, as well as the level of difficulty when the manufacturing process.

Adventure Tours: Join to make pottery directly alongside the pottery artist at Banyumulek village .

In addition to seeing the results of the art of the colorful creature, you too can learn and participate in the manufacturing process. You will be surprised at the time of initial process of pottery making. Because the craftsmen do not ever use the measuring tool to determine the diameter of the pottery. In addition, the tools used is quite simple. Everything is done with the heart. So the pottery craftsmen Village Banyumulek was able to produce a quality and amazing art.

the unique pottery art banyumulek at lombok Island

The tourists who come to visit the pottery art Banyumulek village was allowed to join his own pottery making and you will definitely experience the incredible sensations can learn to make your own pottery according your creations, afterwards you can bring it home for the gift shop.

The skills of the craftsmen of the village Banyumulek Lombok is apparently supported by the natural surroundings. Around the village, clay and water which is the raw material, it is easy to obtained. Similarly with the coloring process. The craftsmen are usually using natural dyes, such as sour beans are cooked first. But today, some craftsmen also began using artificial dyes that can be obtained from the neighboring village.

Access and transport heading to the pottery art Banyumulek village

THE UNIQUE POTTERY ART BANYUMULEK VILLAGE AT LOMBOK ISLAND 7Access to the village of Banyumulek. When tourists come from Padang Bay Harbour Bali had to use a ferry to Sheet Harbour on the island of Lombok. Padang Bay Harbour – travel Sheet with a ferry takes around 4 hours. After arriving in the port of sheet, tourists can continue the journey into the city of Mataram and go directly to the village of Banyumulek. Other alternatives when through Bali, travelers can use the planes fly from Ngurah Rai Denpasar towards the Mataram Selaparang airport it only takes 15 minutes. Apart from Bali, tourists can also use aircraft from major cities in Indonesia such as Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, etc towards Selaparang airport of Mataram. Mataram from Selaparang airport, travelers can use public transportation or taxi to the village of Banyumulek.

The richness of the art crafts in Indonesia never endless, community Indonesia belongs to the very creative craft of creating art from natural resources in the area of their residence as well as the community of the village of Banyumulek in Lombok.

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