Kampung Sampireun Garut  is a tourist spot located in the town of Garut, 2.5 hours from Jakarta or 2 hours from Bandung, has an area of 3.6 hectares is surrounded by four mountains that make the air becomes extremely mild, ranging from 10 to 22 degrees celsius. Kampung Sampireun resort is with a touch of traditional Sundanese village. With the feel of a beautiful pine forest, visitors can visit the areas of bamboo forest that evokes romantic feelings. Kampung Sampireun has the theme ‘ Tropical Garden Lust ‘ which makes it popular as a family tourist destination or honeymoon options the young couple.

Kampung Sampireun Garut, Family Attractions with the Sundanese culture Atmosphere

When you first arrive in this place, will be treated to spectacular views of lake covering an area of 1.4 hectares surrounded by modest homes made of bamboo and timber lake edge, small-sized homes is commonly referred to as cabanas and lanai. This is the later would be a place to rest.

Romantic Attractions Kampung Sampireun Garut Southeast Of Bandung


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Night time at kampung sampireun Garut so feels very romantic because in this resort presents a very exotic, especially when the lake water rippling  blend in with Moonlight, making the surface of the Lake light soft. Lined with bamboo leaves that lined up behind the houses that seemed to protect the Springs as a source of water from this Lake adds to romantic night in this place. Simplicity and atmosphere from kampung sampireun Garut is becoming a high attraction for visitors who need a comfortable, peaceful and romantic.

Wow, really romantic sights already equipped hotel resort and spa in kampung sampireun located southeast of bandung. So Visitors set foot greeted with welcome drink warmers be bajigur aka bandrek, complete with snack rangginang dn ranggining by officers who wear fashion typical of traditional Sundanese complete with a smile that’s outrageous.

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After the welcoming ritual in the lobby are finished, guests typically will directly to the venue that is already in the message across the Lake using a kind of canoe, the atmosphere of the place of interest in garut this would seem the more romantic when time coincided with the emergence of the soft rays bouncing off the moon join dancing above the lake water ripple on the other canoes are rowed the officer.

The Bungalow Resort at Kampung Sampireun Garut


Lthe romantic of kampung sampireun garut west java 5ooking bungalow resort and such that the Interior is made using materials from coconut tree trunk adds a  romantic atmosphere and natural the more creamy taste and inspire in the hearts of the romance, when created. Because the view is very good with the sound of splash water symphony with the sound of bamboo leaves friction among the trees that look beautiful in a tourist area near there, Indonesia the arrowroot

the romantic of kampung sampireun garut west java 7Way To kampung Sampireun Garut West Java

Yeaach, it’s fun and very amaze … Its location is also within easy reach just needed about 1.5 hours from downtown bandung, or about 4.5 hours from the capital, jakarta. Romantic attractions kampung sampireun arrow root is located at JL. raya samarang kamojang, Kp. sukakarya, ciparay, kec. samarang, garut, West Java.


For those who are from jakarta and want to use public transportation can ride through kampung rambutan bus or lebak bulus terminal towards guntur arrowroot, fare about 30 thousands. Then connected the village towards tranpsortation sukakarya with average cost around 4000 then go down exactly in front of the gate of kampung sampireun Garut.

In case of bandung bandung or cicaheum through Long leuwi cost about 20 thousand down on Thunder arrowroot then connected the village of transport route as above

Packages offered in Kampung Sampireun Garut

– Honey Moon Package/Honeymoon

For newly married couples, spent the honeymoon  at kampung sampireun could probably be used as a consideration, given the atmosphere of the place is very romantic. Imaginable the romantic  dinner in tandem boat above the boat circles the Lake at night of the day, and many more service provided available.

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– Meeting Package

– Gathering Package

– Wedding Package

– Pre-wedding Package

Tips for accommodation to Kampung Sampireun Garut


the romantic of kampung sampireun garut west java 3Trip to Kampung Sampireun from Bandung can use public transport, from the terminal leuwipanjang Bandung or Cicaheum towards terminal Thunder Arrowroot. from the terminal of Thunder followed a trip to the village of rural transportation Sukakarya and stopped in front of the gate of Kampung Sampireun, if from the Lebak bulus terminal of Jakarta or Kp ramubutan towards terminal a terminal from Garut, Thunder Thunder continued rural transportation travel to the village and stopped in front of the gate Sukakarya Kampung Sampireun. On the other hand we recommend to bring a private or rental car to go to kampung Sampireun. But if you’re lazy to use public transport or driving your own Kampung Sampireun, pick-up service to Bandung for a fee of around 800,000 dollars, while Jakarta then takes about 4-5 hours to kampung sampireun and pick-up services charged to 1,500,000 rupiah, it applies a shuttle

Facilities owned Kampung Sampireun Garut West Java

Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa

* Bale daughter Amanti

* Coffee Shops

* Kiara Umbrella Meeting Room

* Square Sand Wind

* Bamboo Flute Restaurant

* Outdoor swimming pool for children

* Spring Pool with so many Fishes are beatifull

* Sport Center (Volly Ball, Futsal)

* Internet Access

* Laundry service

* Canoe every room (boat) & Raft

* Plaza Lobby to entertaint door Out

* Sanghiyang Dayu Garden

* TV

* Bale listlessness

* Fishing Pond

* Kids play

* Waterfall “Curug Sukajadi Hotel”


Romantic attractions in garut is also often visited by foreign tourists, if you are planning a vacation to honeymoon or just reminisce at kampung sampireun, make sure you can already place, and much of the message of the day will be better.

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