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The Mystical Of Crazy Bamboo Dance Maluku Traditional Dance

The Maluku community know a unique tradition of art that is closely related to the mystical overtones of bamboo called crazy. Bamboo game crazy which has the original name Baramasewel is said to have existed before the spread of Islam and Christianity in the land of the Moluccas. How to play crazy bamboo dance Maluku is very simple, the players just hugging and holding a bamboo moving rate surged as the willingness of the charmer.

The amboo charmer served burn incense which he carried using a container of coconut shell. Smoke from burning ‘menyan’ then “inserted” into the bamboo slats. This process becomes important in traditional bamboo game crazy, because this process is an attempt to invite something unseen for entry and moves the bamboo.

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Bamboo dance moves are crazy uncontrollable because the mystical influences

When the handler has managed to incorporate something unseen into the bamboo, then the bamboo it self will move. The players have to hug and hold the rate of bamboo under the power of the charmer. Throughout the game, the handler kept control of bamboo with spells, shouts “Hey baramasuwel!” The bamboo will not stop moving until the handler ordered him to stop.

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In the Maluku community still traditional, mystical aura in the game mad bamboo will bask. Because, the people that can play crazy not carelessly bamboo, but rather those who have been elected. The players are required to wear the versatile attributes shirt less, including on red pants and headband. The game takes place with musical accompaniment, the faster the music that accompanies the more wild and fast movement on bamboo. This traditional game generally played by seven people, or it could be more depending on the length of bamboo that is used.

Crazy Bamboo Dance Maluku was chosen in this game nor is it in discriminate. Bamboo taken from the forest through a special ritual. The selected bamboo bamboo is usually 8-10 cm in diameter, and with a long reach 3 meters or more.

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Bamboo fabric is selected then tied at both ends, and is treated specially as human beings. Game crazy is one of bamboo rich tradition belonging to the archipelago, one of the games people are sourced from the Moluccan cultural products.

The Crazy Bamboo Dance Maluku controls are located on the charmer.

The strength of the bamboo dance crazy this is not main. If not guarded by several auxiliary carrier handler this crazy bamboo could be made headache. For nearly thirty minutes, six carriers this crazy invited round a bamboo field covering an area of 50 square meters. The swing to the rhythm of the gamelan, initially slowly. But then it became increasingly hard to make those who hold it are overwhelmed defending the position of the handle.


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At the end of the show was once carried on a bamboo have been strong, like iron when it is released many tons of weight, so that the handler is not the power brought him limping, so it looks to hold bamboo that has been placed on the ground. And despite the unique occult power of the finished bamboo that don’t want to loose if not fed the fire. Therefore a single fire from paper that burned. And the handler was devouring fire with his palm without wearing a safety . And the bamboo and contents gone then the charmer limp exhaustion.

Visitors and tourists were allowed to try bamboo game crazy, with special scrutiny of charmer and they were exited when play it, despite sometimes having to drop down withholding weighing bamboo.

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