Komodo National Park consists of several islands. In addition to the two main islands of komodo dragon habitat i.e. the Komodo island and island Rinca Island, there are other no less interesting to visit when the streets to Komodo National Park namely the Island of Padar. The island is the third largest island in the Komodo National Park after the island of Komodo and Rinca Island.

The island of Padar is also accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage site, due to be in the region of Komodo National Park, along with the islands of Komodo, Rinca and Gili Motang.


The island of Padar is approximately 1.5 hours from the island of Rinca using a motor boat. The distance is much closer if compared to Komodo island. In layout, the island of Padar Rinca Island adjacent to the famous as a location for trekking to see the komodo dragon. However, though surely a traveler will not find the komodo dragon on the island of Padar. Despite being in the Komodo National Park area, but the island is not inhabited by komodo Padar because the food chain is cut off. So no need to worry.


To reach the island of Padar we will pass through a strait called Strait Leech. The most sought after by those who want to visit the island of Padar is landscape. The island of Padar or also called Gili Padar does have views that are so elegant. Especially from the top of the hill there is a dipulau that. If you are not there on a long dry season, green grasses interspersed with views of the ocean blue in the Komodo National Park will surely make you happy.



If want to see the true beauty of the island of Padar, travelers had to climb a hill there for 20 minutes. From the height of the apparent beach panorama a separate into three parts. One thing that should be a consideration to reach out to the hills of the island of Padar is strong physic. To reach the peak of this island requires a struggle that is not easy. From where the boat is leaning to towards the top of the Hill on the island of Padar takes approximately 15-20 minutes with line trekking uphill. Some lines even form climbs more than 45 degrees. For the less experienced will usually take more time.


Moreover, there are no seat belts or had a ladder to the top of the Hill of Gili Padar. So it is recommended when trekking to the top of Gili Padar should be done with extreme caution. We recommend that you use the special shoes to climb the trekking path, because it is quite slippery, dusty and even Rocky. Wrong shoes, possibly falling slip will be even greater.


There are 7 levels of climbing that is quite challenging, because of the location of the villages climb. But for travellers it is not an obstacle but rather gunning their passion for doing trecking vigorously in order to to kepuncak and take a photo with a spot of beauty of the island of Padar exotic.



From the top of a hill that is located on the island of Padar island you can see the small island and other islets. Over the Hill this is the beauty of the island of Padar will seem obvious. High Hill, crystal clear sea water, sand-colored pink and white, and the air of pollution makes the visitor hypnotized. In addition you can see the light of sunrise and the moon together. Here’s the sunrise that won’t be forgotten in your life because you are in the middle of the middle of the light of sunrise and the moon.


IMG-20160809-WA0046[1] - Copy

Visitors can also climb the hills on the island of Padar to enjoy the beautiful panorama from the top. Although the highest hill toward the trekking will be very tiring, but the visitors will be presented a panorama of hills and scenery very beautiful and capture the moment will be not boring activities during travel trekking.

Tips For A Visit To The Island Of Padar:

  1. Do not use slippers! Use anti skid shoes, because the path to the Summit of the island of Padar so slippery with the slope climbs the fairly extreme.
  1. The best time to visit the Gili Padar is morning, afternoon and evening towards the sunset. Come the morning is when he wanted to take pictures with the background of the sea so blue, while the afternoon came when he wanted to take pictures with the background of the sunset on the island of Padar.
  1. Bring hiking stick will greatly help the stability of the ride uphill Gili Padar.
  1. Bring an umbrella or hat to cover the head when visiting Gili Padar, because when the heat of the Sun during the day would be so intense.

Route to The Island of Padar

The route of the journey to the island of Padar is we fly to Komodo airport in Labuan Bajo, then proceeded toward the port of Labuan Bajo, we should rent a boat/boat can be sized from small to large as well as ship Phinisi. The ship hired usually will bring tourists to the island including the island of Padar. If you want to visit the island of Padar is strongly advised to stay on the ship.

IMG-20160808-WA0003 - Copy

As for the other islands that can be visited in Labuan Bajo pulau Kanawa among others: Angel Island, the island of Komodo, pulau Kambing, Kelor island and much more. The longer the rent ship (2 or 3 days), then more and more Islands that can be visited.


During the trip to the island of Padar tourists certainly awed by the beautiful cluster of rocks along the way with the blue sea water. Travel to Labuan Bajo certainly left a tremendous impression and make the tourists always want to visit it again.

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