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FORT ROTTERDAM MAKASSAR  – The old castle still keep wonderful history 


Makassar is one of the largest cities in South Sulawesi Indonesia. Its territory has a lot of coastline and also the sea. One of the famous beach in Makassar is the beach Losari. Opportunity to Makassar  feels less fit if not visit this beach as one of your holiday destinationHowever, this paper will not address the question of the Losari Beach, because other than the coast, Makassar also got a cheap tourist attraction and certainly cool to visit.

Ujung Pandang, fortress that is the name of this fortress of yore. Ujung Pandang is Fort in the former Kingdom of Gowa. Built by the King of the Kingdom of Gowa-9 in about the 15th century this Fortress‘s is one of the tourist objects that can be one of your trip if there is a reference in MakassarUjung Pandang fortress then began to change its name to Fort Rotterdam Makssar. This is because it was already in the hands of Netherlands. The name Fort Rotterdam itself aland of birth of one of the leaders of the Netherlands in Makassar at the time. Fort Rotterdam Makassar  later became a name known to this day.

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The fortress is a fortress which bear witness to the history of the struggle of Makassar city.  Fort Rotterdam Makassar  was originally built to be a bulwark against the Netherlands colonial people of MakassarBut unfortunately, after successfully occupied Netherlands, the fortress was turned into a main storage place spices.

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The fortress stands on an area of approximately 3 hectares. The building is in the shape of a classical building firm. Despite already undergoing renovation in some part for the sake of continuity, the Fort was, nonetheless, Fort Rotterdam has a strong history of Enchantment. In addition, other interesting is one of the buildings at the Fort  is a small building where disposal of Prince Diponegoro until the day of his death.

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 Fort Rotterdam Makassar  also has a unique shape of the building. The Kings of Gowa when it constructed the fortress forms the body of the turtle, the first people of Makassar also mentions this fortress as fortress of turtle. This castle is also located close to the sea.There is a certain philosophy of why the King built the fortress in the shape of a turtle.The turtle was chosen because he could live on the Mainland and also the sea. Then at that time, the philosophy became a symbol of his own Kingdom of Gowa to be Successful both on land and sea.

Fort Rotterdam does not charge you any fees when entering and walk in the surrounding area. The fortress is free to visit. It‘s no wonder, Makassar residents themselves like the road to here because it is too close to the sea and so fun to be a hangout community children, youth, and even family.

One of the popular from this Fort is when you pay a visit in the evening at dusk. At that time, the Sun will begin to emit a wonderful orange light and pretty. The fortress also will look more charming and more exotic. So also certainly cooler. If the evening had a chance around the fortress, make sure you stop by ya …


In addition to the streets and enjoy the old building this castle, you can also visit the museum is in it. Museums in Fort Rotterdam Makassar named La Galigo Museum. This museum is a museum that contains a variety of human remains from the days of yore. Various artifacts and knowledge of human origins you can learn in this museum. In contrast to the Rotterdam Fort which is free to visit him, the La Galigo  Museum requires that you pay just Rp 5000 for the care of the museum it self. Let mepay, keep it cheap, isn’t it?

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You are coming from a Sultan Hasanuddin Airport Makassar, no need to be confused as to how to get it. Can with private vehicles to the beach Losari, because it is not far away. If riding public transportation, could use the airport bus will take you to aroundthe beach Losari. Or you can walk from the Street Entertainers are available a number of lodging. Its distance from the road just about 15 minutes by foot. The travel timefrom the airport to the beach Losari‘s own about 1 hour less . Well, what, what’s ready to walk to Makassar? If Yes, enter Rotterdam Fort this into list of attractions that can be visited. Welcome to woodworking‘s …

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