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Holland Architecture at Blenduk Church Semarang Indonesia

The road used to be named Heerenstraat, still stands erect the monument landmark Semarang, Blenduk Church call it community around. The Church was built in 1753, this is one of the landmarks in the old city of Semarang. Different from other buildings in the old town which is in General not guarding the way and accentuates the shape, the building’s Neo-classical style is precisely perform contrast and easy to spot. The shape is more prominent. This Protestant Church until now is still actively used and every week is always used for mass worship.

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This is the oldest church Koepelkerk in Central Java and one of the oldest on the island of Java. As a result, an architect who was balanced with the perfect composition. The classic-style entrance and a large dome made of copper is very beautiful indeed awesome. On the side of the building, East, South and West portico styled Dorik roofed Roman saddle. The Church has two towers on The right floor plan left and right square shape but on a round-shaped top layer.

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The tower is a small dome-roofed. The existing cornice around the building-shaped horizontal lines building horizontal lines. The Interior is also beautiful, decorated with crystal chandeliers, bench s and seats all Netherlands style is still original. Then there are the pictures que Baroque organ, who unfortunately could not have been worn (broken). In fact there are no expert who can fix it.

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Blenduk Church Semarang – The impressive old building structure 


Stairs from cast iron (melting) to Baroque was made by orgen company Pletterij, the Hague. The legacy of this priceless history it’s a shame if not maintained and preserved the current church building is one roof with a single facade, vertically divided into three parts. The building is facing South. Floor of the building is almost the same height with the road in front of him. The foundation used are made of stone and brick structures of the system. Thick as a brick wall of one stone.

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The roof of the dome-shaped building with a covering layer of metal formed by teak wood. Under the dome there is a light that illuminates the space holes in space. The entrance is a double door of wood panels. Lintel arch-shaped doors. Similarly with the lintel of the window, in the shape of a bow. The type of the window there are two groups. First, the double-leaf window blinds, while the second is a colorful glass-framed window.

Related buildings around the Church is a Building of Jiwasraya Blenduk is located on the South side, the Office of Kerta Niaga to the West, the open space of the former Parade Plein in the East. Blenduk Church had changed its appearance several times. The first Church built in 1753, in the shape of a House with a roof, the Java platform which corresponds to the Java architecture.

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This can be seen on a map of Semarang city in 1756 that shows the configuration of a different mass from now on. In 1787 it was reclaimed a total of home staging. The next seven years held back change. In 1894, the building was rebuilt by H.P.A. de Wilde and W.Westmas with form like this now. I.e., with two towers and a dome roof. Description of Wilde and Wetmas written on the column behind the pulpit.

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For Christians, worshiping at Blenduk Church Semarang, this raises worship a different atmosphere, like the Roman Empire at the time of worship. Voice of praise Church will reverberate as the effect of ancient structures of the church.

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