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Located in the mountain range, which has an elevation of more than 2,400 meters above sea level, making the temperature in the area of ciwidey, Bandung White Crater has been of course cold with a temperature of 8 degrees Celsius up to 22 degrees Celsius, therefore do not forget to bring a jacket or wear thick clothing when you visit this place. In addition to their beauty to be enjoyed by the tourists, the crater WhiteCiwidey also often become Recommendations in Bandung tourist attractions to other activities, such as shooting a film, a painting, a photo of the bride and groom, to hiking and horseback riding activities.


The story of White Crater Bandung Story or history of Craters of white matter started in ciwidey, Bandung 10th century which at the moment it occurs an eruption by Mount Patuha. Since the eruption occurs, the community around this location isassumed that the armature and unspoiled, because they find the fact that every bird that flew through the area would die. As time goes by, the belief of angkernya crater of white island began to fade until it was just right in 1837 there was a botanist, Germanycame to the region to conduct science research. A researcher named Dr. Franz WilhelmJunghuhn is very interested in a deserted mountainous region there is not even a birdflying above it so as he toured the village to search for information. At that time, all the information he got was that the kasawan haunted and full of mystical.

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For Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn, statement of the local community was notreasonable. Because it does not believe its stories, he went into the jungle to find outwhat actually is there. Long story short, eventually Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhnsuccessfully reached the Summit of the mountain, and there he saw the existence of abeautiful white Lake with a strong sulfur smell. Since then, the existence of the whiteCraters in Ciwidey, Bandung became famous and started from 1987 the Indonesian Government to develop this area as a tourism venue offers a unique experience to seethe Lake that can change color.

Address White Crater Ciwidey, Bandung.

White crater located at Highway 25 KM Soreang Ciwidey village located not far fromthe sights There Patenggang and can be easily reached when you bring your own vehicle as there are many bearings. From Jakarta, You only need to use the tolCipularang toll and exit through the door of the Kopo. From there you need to go toGo and drive to the southern part of Ciwidey village. When using public transport, you can take a minibus from terminal Leuwi Panjang which leads to terminal Ciwidey village. From Ciwidey terminal, you can use the minibus heading There Patenggangand down in front of the gate of White Crater.

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Facilities In Bandung, Ciwidey White Crater.

Because this area has been developed as one of the favorite tourist spots in bandung, the regional Government developed a White Crater ciwidey this with varioussupporting facilities comfort a very adequate holiday trips, which are very spaciousparking area, both places of worship like prayer, information center, restrooms, restaurants, restaurant and transportation vehicle from the front entrance up to the location of the crater is white.

The Ticket Price Of White Crater Ciwidey, Bandung.

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Ticket prices Crater of White Island on weekdays and holidays and weekends are the same i.e. 15.000 per person, while the tariff for your own vehicle is different, with the details of the price of admission .

Is the parking of Your vehicle is bringing up to the crater‘s location, buses may not beparked on top. The intent of the bottom is parking Park your vehicle in the gatewaythen you can take the ontang towards the crater for earrings. What is ontangearrings? Ontang earring comes from Sundanese language meaning ‘ mondar mandir is the term for a typical vehicle White Crater Ciwidey village. This vehicle is a mini bus which has been modified into an open and equipped with a safety. Maximum capacityfor 1 ontang earring is 12 people, but do not worry not goto the place because there are many ontang rings operating in the area of bandung white crater.

For opening hours and close on the natural tourism area of white crater bandung, officials have already set the time, that of being able to tap into this white crater sights tourists can enter new starting at 7 pm and this place was closed at 5 pm.

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