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Romantic Night at Jimbaran Beach Cafe BALI Indonesia


Bali’s Jimbaran Beach, one of the white-sand beaches with breathtaking views of the sunset so beautiful, so wonderful it each afternoon the beach was crowded. The beach at Jimbaran is one of Bali’s Jimbaran tourist attractions that are well known tointernational tourists. The popularity of Jimbaran Beach starts worldwide since the on set of the Bali bombing II on October 1,2005 at one of the cafe which provides sea food specialties.Seafood cafe Menega cafe is the bomb hit and Nyoman cafeJimbaran is a village in Kecamatan Kuta selatan and you can accomplish from Ngurah Rai airport in less than 15 minutes.
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Prior to the development of tourism has penetrated the village of Jimbaran, formerly the village was a fishing village of most of its inhabitants make a living by finding the fish in the sea. Because the beach is so clean and have white sand and breathtaking sunset views. So many foreign investors or domestic who invest their money for the construction of a hotel, villa or the international standard of the restaurant. The early development of tourism spots of Jimbaran in began in 1988, and then in 1992 stands one five-star hotel that is famous throughout the world, namely the Four Seasons Jimbaran.
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Jimbaran Beach Cafe BALI  One Of The Beautiful Beaches In Bali Beach

Hotel Four Seasons Jimbaran classmates, would only manage a hotel or villa which has the best location and Jimbaran Beach Cafe had such criteria. With the development of hotels in the tourist area of Bali’s Jimbaran, Jimbaran local communities how to revamp of fishermen being a worker in the field of tourism. This beach is also close to one of the beaches that are not less popular with  the seafood dishes, namely pantai Kedonganan.

Romantic dinner at Jimbaran Beach Cafe BALI


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Most of the tourists who had vacation to Bali would certainly like my self to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the beach in Jimbaran fish dishes while enjoying the sea. Along the shore, you’ll find diverse types of cafes that sell menu grilled fish or other seafood preparations such as shrimp, crab, clam or squid. All the dishes are seafood cafe in Jimbaran in sports by the way in fuel. of course with the fuel will make the flavor of the food is much more delicious.
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In addition to delicious seafood cuisine, in Jimbaran beach there are music groups always akustic entertain guests with music and beautiful beaches often guests are swaying/dancing at jimbaran Beach music the musicians follow the coast. Exciting isn’t it? The majority of guests at Jimbaran Beach was the tourist, they actually enjoy a panoramic view of the romanticism of jimbaran Beach and seafood delights
For the price of a seafood menu Jimbaran is very variety because it is determined from the weight per grams/ounces of fish or other seafood type you choose. Surely this way, you’ll get the amount of food is comparable with the price.
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Enjoy Jimbaran beach cafe seafood specialties while enjoying a beautiful sunset, can makes your holiday in Bali was very impressed. This beach is more suitable visited on the evening, early in the morning for more suitable for day trips to Tanjung Benoa , the other fantastic beach at Bali.
Welcome to Indonesian Paradise .. I love Indonesia


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