The Exotic BINTAN ISLAND Indonesia

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Bintan Island Indonesia Very Exotic Place for Tourism

Bintan is the largest island in the Riau Archipelago widening of Melaka to the South China Sea and has approximately 3,000 large and small islands, stretching across Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Bintan Island Indonesia is very strategic location as it is situated on a peninsula south of the mouth of the Strait of Malacca in Malaysia and from its favorite is a haven for India and China merchant ships to shelter from the storm and fill supply.
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Top attractions here is the Bintan Resort, tourist destinations in the form of a spectacular beach on the North Island with an area of 23,000 hectares above the white sand overlooking the South China Sea. The island also has a spectacular history trail in Tanjung Pinang and Stun. There is also a location for surfing, eco tourism and other international events.
Meanwhile, for those who love diving Anambas Islands in the South China Sea offers pristine dive sites, accessible from Tanjung Pinang airport. Whereas, the Natuna Islands can be reached from BatamNo wonder again, in the 18th century, merchants from Europe, the United Kingdom,Netherlands and Portuguese were fighting over the island. At that time, the island ispart of the Malay peninsula was conquered by the Sultanate of JohorRiau Province occupied interchangeably between Johor (in Malaysia at present) and the island of Bintan (Indonesia is at the moment)Netherlands and the United Kingdom in 1884 close their dispute on the island by signing the Treaty of London, which was then all regions North of Singapore awarded teritoris at teritoris, while the United Kingdom South of Singapore handed the Netherlands.
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Since then the fate and history of the northern and southern regions of Singapore separated. Singapore became a center of trade developments United Kingdom, while the Netherlands concentrated in Jakarta and Java, leaving islands of Bintan.
Bintan Resort on the northern coast of Bintan offers fine hotels, situated on more than 300 hectares of land, offering world-class golf courses designed by leading international architecture. Bintan Resort also offers many beaches and luxury spa and ideal to relax away from the bustle of the city of Singapore. Because its windy and wavy at the end of the year, Bintan is perfect for surfing. For further information please
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Here there is an international class hotels and five fantastic golf courses, some of the best in Asia. Two of them are located at the Bintan Lagoon Resort known for its 18-hole championship golf design world. Golf course The Sea View Golf Jack Nicklaus and Ian Baker-Finch Woodlands Golf Resort offers a spectacular view of green golf courses pictures que and choppy. Other fields include Laguna Bintan Golf Club located at the Ria Bintan Resort. RIA Bintan Championship Golf Course is the best golf courses in Asia in December 2008.
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On the West coast there is Tanjung Pinang, Bintan once quiet town but is now a busy provincial capital. Here you‘ll find an interesting stage in ancient named Senggarang, here there are also some Buddhist temples including the Temple of the ancient trees shaded a large parrot and shady.
Across the street, just 15 minutes from Tanjung  Pinang is Penyengat Island, formerlya seat of the Queen of the Kingdom of Johor-Riau Malay origin and native language basis, Indonesia. In this place stands the mosque of Sultan of Riau, which is testament to the golden age of the sultan of the Johor-Riau.
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Before approaching the island you can see the Tower of the mosque and then peeking from the top of the greenish yellow like a castle in a fairy tale. A Taser is the tomb of the last Sultan of Riau Empire, while the Sultan‘s descendants still live on the island until now.

Exotic Beach & Delicious Seafood 

Tanjung Pinang serves some of the most delicious seafood. The road is closed at night and all sorts of food stalls selling crab spicy seasoning pops up, steamed shrimp, grilled fish with spicy sauce, and favorite foods in Riau gongs, a type of oyster.
While along the East coast of Bintan is the white beaches, blue sea and a number of interesting island. Nikoi Island, there are villas and outbound activities that have been developed, ideal for the perfect nature holiday. Fast ship will take you from the beaches of Bintan Island to Nikoi.
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Bintan island Indonesia has many beaches that become tourist sites with natural and climatic conditions of the exotic. On this island, you can enjoy a tour of local history and culture including the city Palace, the plate is located on the island of the gods, Biram Malay Town plate, Tanjung Pinang Timur, or Pencil and Gurindam Monument Composed of Raja Ali Haji, the iconic city of Tanjung Pinang.
Most of the overseas visitors to Bintan by ferry entrance Departures between Singapore Tanah Merah ferry terminal to terminal Bentan Sultanate Telani Lagoi and between Singapore and ferry terminal in Tanjung Pinang Sri Bintan Pura.
Welcome to Indonesian Paradise .  I love Indonesia


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