Bondowoso is one of the regencies in East Java turned out to have a natural charm that can not be considered one eye. Bondowoso is located in an area known as horseshoe. Its capital was Bondowoso. One of the charms of nature tourism in Bondowoso i.e. Wurung Crater. Administratively Wurung Crater is located in the village of Sempol, Bondowoso Jampit sub-district, East Java. The crater Wurung became the new Prima Donna in Bondowoso. Although he has recently been opened and maintained as tourist attractions in Bondowoso, popularity of the crater Wurung increasingly uphill, let alone this place is adjacent to the location of the Ijen crater Banyuwangi, even from the top of Mount Ijen can also be seen.

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The crater is in this location rather than volcanic crater Ijen crater as it does. But it is the cluster of Wurung Crater hills resembling Teletubies Hill TV series and even nicer than the Hill Teletubies in the area of Mount Bromo.

Vacation to Ijen crater in Banyuwangi, tourists all drop into the crater Wurung , but many are not aware if the crater it administratively Bondowoso. Ijen crater and craters Wurung just is about 8 km or 45 minutes from Ijen crater. Even so, up to now there are still many a traveller or tourist who do not know the region entered the region where.

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In fact, some consider this location to sign in the region of Banyuwangi Regency. This is because they began trekking from the area of Banyuwangi. Moreover, its location close to Ijen crater in Bondowoso and Banyuwangi County border. This is due in the region often called hill Teletubies is indeed minimal board instructions, so many tourists who thought if it was administratively Wurung Crater Banyuwangi Regency.


The crater Wurung administratively located in the Traditional village of Sempol, Bondowoso, district. The district has an area of about 100 ha more of this entry in the management of the Forestry Department KPH Bondowoso.

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To reach the area nicknamed the Highland Paradise it can be reached by two-wheeler or four wheel. There are two alternative routes through the area, namely plantation Jampit and Bulk Tiger. Both are areas of PTPN XIV XII Jampit Kalisat. The road to the hill elevation around 1700 mdpl is relatively quite easy, although the street is only a sandy soil. On the left of right of way along 5 km of these tourists can enjoy the smorgasbord of garden vegetables and coffee. mSetelah through the soil and rocky, four-wheeled vehicles as well as two wheels can simply parked at the foot of the hill. For two-wheeled vehicle can go up to the top of the hill. scenery offered turned out to be much better. The blend of meadows, valleys, pine forests, mountains and hills is interrupted with a clear blue sky, during the actual heat became felt cold.

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The crater is located in the PTPN XIV Wurung XII Kalisat Jampit Gardens, district of Bondosowo. To reach it, could of Banyuwangi with passing the Ijen crater or passing the town of Bondowoso closer. If the view is nice, Bondowoso who have because of the scenery along the way more beautiful, despite its way more haywire. Arriving at the estate portal, ask for directions to the village clerk on the Bulk of the Tiger, from where you can enter the Crater Wurung Tour. The journey itself took about 45 minutes to 1 hour from the portal.

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Ater from the village of heavy tiger, access course is still not good, so it is advisable to carry a motorcycle or large-powered car that I’ll be riding. After passing the guard post tickets, you’ve entered the Crater Wurung Tour. Enjoy the expanse of grasslands and rolling hills are green. Very pretty and beautiful scenery. A collection of the most verdant hills started to fade into the chocolate over the decline in the intensity of rain gave its own color. Located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, the area is surrounded Wurung Crater mountain range with mount Ijen Ijen on the North and mount to the South Roared. As well as a cluster of hills and valleys that will pamper the eyes of visitors.


Don’t forget to start your journey of exploring every inch of the beauty of this tour climbs in love. Somehow since when there’s love on the slopes of the crater name Wurung. End of the incline is a circular, hilltop by sek itar called hill of the ring. This hill looks like a circle the Crater Wurung, probably because it was named as such.

When travelling to Ijen crater, don’t miss to visit the crater Wurung too. Where else can find greener pastures and pretty like this. Natural tourism area of the crater Wurung Bondowoso is regularly used for downhill bikes, motor cross, paragliding and paragliding. Or if you just want to camp or stay in the region is also permitted by contacting the manager who is filling the guest book and ticket sales before 5 pm.

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