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Let’s Taste The Best Indonesian Culinary SOTO AYAM – a Chiken Soup of Indonesia


For those of you native Indonesia, must have felt or heard at least one of the original fry foods it Indonesia.

Soto also known by the name of sroto and coto, is one of the typical foods Indonesia whichmaterial consists mainly of meat broth, meat, and vegetables in addition. For this type of meat is the most commonly used alone are beef and chicken, at the other area there is also the use of pork or goat.

Every region in Indonesia have the typical with soto‘s respectively. We would’ve heard soto betawi soto, makasar, bogor, sotomadura soto, soto lamongan and many more types of soup where their naming usually based on the name of the place of origin of the soup.

Indonesian Culinary SOTO AYAM – Favorite foods with different kinds of flavor. 




In terms of presentation, each type has its own differences sotoFor example there is a soup served accompanied by other dishes such as with crackers, chips, fritters, satay, eggs, and so on. For the most part the community is certainly eaten soup with the purpose to the glut. It is therefore often included rice in a serving. In terms of serving rice, however, there is a difference for each of the regions.

The separate presentation of rice with the soup we usually encounter in typical soto betawi and soto padang. For the direct presentation of rice mixed with soup which is known as soto mix cider we can meet at soto kudus. There are also areas which replace the rice with rice cake that we meet at soto Makassar. Even for soto and lontong, nasi bogor is replaced with the noodles, so it is also known as the bogor soto mienya.

Soto Ayam can be eaten with white rice or rice cake slices ( lontong )

Indonesian Culinary SOTO AYAM – Recipe




1 whole chickens (clean)

200 g cauliflower

200 grams of bean sprouts (boiled briefly)

4 pieces of potato (boiled or steamed, peeled and fried)

2 plum tomatoes

50 grams glass noodles (soaked in hot water)

3 boiled eggs

2 liters of water

fried onions


3 pieces of Orange leaves

2 stalks Lemongrass

2 pieces of bay leaf

1 stalk spring onion

25 g galangal

2 tbsp cooking oil

The seasoning paste:

5 g turmeric

4 pieces of pecan

15 g ginger

3 pieces of onion

2 cloves garlic

½ TSP pepper

2 tbsp salt

How to make:

Saute the mashed ingredients over low heat until fragrant

Poached Chicken in the pot along with the sauteed spice, galangallime leaves, bay leaf, and leaf lemongrass for at least 30 minutes until the chicken becomes tender. The cooking time can be shortened by using a saucepan presto.

When the gravy is still less tasty adjudication of salt or pepper to taste. Separate the meat from the bone with a fork and knife. Re-insert the bones into the cooking liquid in the pan. Insert the cutgreen onions. The gravy needs to be boiled back before serving

How to serve:

In a bowl put the vermicelli, bean sprouts, cabbage, sliced potatoes, tomatoes, and egg and chicken meat. Flush the boiling gravy soup into Bowl. Add the fried onions and slices of lemon on it if it likes. Serve with vinegar sauce, sweet soy sauce, crackers and chips. Enjoy the culinary delights of Indonesia

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise .. I Love Indonesia



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