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Indonesia is a country the origin of the Satay and the origin of this dish is widely known in almost all areas in Indonesia and is considered the national dish and one of the best dishes in Indonesia.

Satay one type of food popular and pretty important in Indonesia cuisine, satay served everywhere, from street vendors cart up to the restaurant, the luxurious 5-star hotel, as well as at home or at a variety of festivals, celebrations, and at the time of state event also serves satay. The result currently has developed various recipes Skewers in the entire archipelago of Indonesia.

Indonesian Culinary Satay or sate is a dish made of meat into small pieces and in skewers with skewers usually made of ribs of straw, bamboo, and even the bar, then burnt using charcoal wood charcoal. Satay served with an assortment of condiments that rely on variations of Satay recipe meat made, among others, chicken satay, goats, sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits, horses, and others.

Satay is known comes from Java, Indonesia, and can found in all parts of the urban areas in the Indonesia and have been considered as one of the important dishes in Indonesia . Satay is also popular in other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand. Satay is also popular in the Netherlands and is also used as food for the Netherlands colonial rulers.

Indonesia has the world’s richest collection of Satay. Variation in sateen in Indonesia usually named according to the place of the origin of the recipe satay, a type of meat, material or manufacturing process

The Type of Indonesian Culinary Satay


The Best Indonesia Culinary Satay2Sate Madura

Originated from Madura, North of Java Island, the this type of meat is the most popular in Indonesia. The meat is chicken or goat with a sweet soy sauce and sugar, mixed with garlic, fried onions, fried peanuts that have been mashed, petis, nutmeg, and salt. Usually served with chicken satay satay marinade goats, while beans served with sweet soy sauce sauce plus chopped onion. Sate madura seller usually comes from the island of Madura.

The Best Indonesia Culinary Satay 6Satay Padang

Dish from Padang and the surrounding area in West Sumatra made from cow or goat offal boiled with spices, and then grilled. The main characteristic is the yellow gravy sauce made from rice flour mixed meat and offal broth, turmeric, ginger, garlic, galangal, cilantro, cumin, curry powder, and salt.

The Best Indonesia Culinary Satay 7Sate Ponorogo

Types of Satay originating from the town of Ponorogo, East Java Made from a piece of chicken that is marinated in soy sauce, a condiment served with peanut sauce and chopped onions, cayenne pepper, and lime juice. This variation is unique because in every tusuknya not only one chicken pieces meat that sliced lengthwise. Previously a chicken marinated in sweet soy sauce and seasonings, then will be served with lontong.

The Best Indonesia Culinary Satay 4Sate Kambing

A typical Solo or Surakarta, Central Java. Made of goat or beef Patty (especially abdominal or rib). Rich fatty meat is then wrapped and wrapped the meat membranes membranes enveloping thrust of bamboo. This Satay is quite large in size, similar to the Middle Eastern kebabs. Once on top of the coals of charcoal-grilled, sliced Bacon is then separated from the tusuknya, then served with a sweet soy sauce and pepper.

The Best Indonesia Culinary Satay 3Sate Lilit

Variations of Satay from Bali. This Satay is made from minced meat made from beef, chicken, fish, pork, or turtles. Meat that has been minced mixed with grated coconut, thick coconut milk, lime juice, onion and pepper. This dough then wrapped wrapped around a bamboo stick shaft, piercing, or stalk Lemongrass, then grilled over charcoal embers.


The Best Indonesia Culinary Satay 5Sate Bandeng

Unique Satay from Banten. Made from milk fish meat fish without bones and spines. Milk fish fromThorn experienced separately, and then put back into the skin of the fish, milk fish pinned with bamboo, and then grilled over charcoal embers.


The Best Indonesia Culinary Satay 8Sate Torpedo

Satay made from goat testicles, experienced in sweet soy sauce, and burned. Served with beans, sweet soy sauce, pickles, rice and white.


The Best Recipe Of Indonesian Culinary Satay

Ingredients to make peanut chicken satay:

½ Chicken tail (discard the skin and bones are then diced)

5 tablespoons sweet soy sauce (brand)

2 tablespoons margarine (melted, brand)

2 Limes (if you like)

Skewer to taste

Ingredients for making a bean:

350 ml water

150 g fried peanuts (puree with a blender, can (more refined) or on its own but a little rough ulek

5 tablespoons sweet soy sauce

Salt to taste

Pepper powder to taste

Cooking oil to taste (for sautéing)

The material will be crushed to make beans:

5 grains of red onion

3 cloves garlic

4 pieces of red chilli

2 grains candlenut


Sliced tomatoes, sliced chilies, sliced red onion, rice cake or ketupat

How to make chicken satay peanut:

The first step, heat oil, then stir in the crushed spices (onion, garlic, red pepper, and aleurites moluccana) and saute until aromatic.

The second step, insert the nuts have been destroyed before and water. Then cook until bubbling and thickened appearance.

Add the pepper powder, salt, sweet soy sauce and mix well.

How to make chicken satay peanut:

  • The first step, wash the chicken really clean and drain. After the chicken dry and then poking skewer chicken with satay, then later set to the side
  • The second step, a mixture of sweet soy sauce and margarine into one then stir until well mixed. After that apply on sate chicken evenly.
  • The third step, the grilled chicken satay over coal to see half-roasted, and lifting. Then dip into the peanut seasoning then roast chicken back until cooked through and lightly browned and lifted look.
  • Finally, serve the chicken satay with peanut and lime Limes (if liked), complete with sliced tomatoes that were killed, sliced red onion, cayenne pepper, and slices of lontong or ketupat.
  • Broil the quail eggs

Some quail eggs boiled and seasoned, and the Satay was stabbed more stew usually served as lunch.

Culinary flavor was so rich in Indonesia and satay Satay food often served in such international events to entertain guests of foreign countries. Usually served on chicken satay or sate goat taste of Indonesia. Welcome to Indonesian Paradise


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