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Indonesian Culinary Rujak Cingur , a Traditional Food from East Java

Rujak Cingur is one of the favorite food for the people of Indonesia‘s East Java province. A cheap, healthy meals with the taste of shrimp paste ( ‘petis’) or paste special . Usually the preferred cingur the women than the men. Oddities, cingur sold by merchantstravelling more traditional taste good, compared with cingur sold in the hotel or restaurant fancy. The spicy taste of the delicious taste cingur.

Rujak Cingur can be referred to as the masterpiece of  East Java. This rujak is one of Queen‘s most characteristic in Indonesia. A bit different than the traditionalrujak cingur, usually have a unique presentation. However, let’s talk about the history of cingur beforeh and, why is it called as cingur, whatever materials cingur,what makes it unique and what it’s like?

Why Is It Called Rujak Cingur?


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You understand the language of Java, definitely knows what the meaning of “cingur“. Yes, cingur in Javanese means “mouth“. Why is it called cingur (mouth)? There are indeed what the hell mouth in this cingur?  The mouth is here referring to the cow’s mouth or muzzle (the ballpark) cows. This is the hallmark of Cingur, there is a sense of supple and tender that comes from the mouth of theox that had been boiled and then mixed into a Queen. Well,speaking of his own, any rujaknya Yes its contents? Yuk, watch it again!

What Are The Contents Of Rujak Cingur ?


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Rujak Cingur it self  is generally filled with a few slices of several types of fruit such as krais (cucumber typical of East Java),cucumber, jicama, mango, pineapple, kedondong. Later, thesefruits mixed with lontong, tempeh and tofu, bendoyo, vegetablesand certainly not forget cingur! Then, everything will be searedwith sambal spicy paste. Spicy Chili paste made up of some of the following ingredients: shrimp Paste, sugar or brown sugar, ground nuts that have been fried, chillies, fried onions, sliced banana klutuk and salt and boiled water is used to dilute which was later ‘diulek’. Then it surely not forgotten, dishes coupled with crackersJust for info, as it made it’s way to the diulek, Cingur also called Rujak Ulek.

The Recipe of Indonesian Culinary Rujak Cingur


200 g water spinach, wash it clean

100 g bean sprouts,

150 g flesh of pineapple fruit

150 g cucumber village

150 g jicama, peeled

150 g of mango, peeled

150 g tempeh, fried until browned, drain

175 g white tofu, FRY until browned, drain

500 g of boiled beef, cingur, clear


3 pieces (100 g) stone, peeled banana, thinly sliced

6 red cayenne pepper fruit

2 cloves garlic

1 tsp salt

50 g peanuts, fried

50 g brown sugar, comb

3 tbsp tamarind water

4 tbsp shrimp paste

100 ml boiled water




How To Make:

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Boiled kale and sprouts until cooked, lift. Drain. Cut pineapple, cucumber, jicama, mango, fried tempeh, fried tofu, and cingur, set aside.

The traditional seasoning: Mashed plantain cubes, chilli, garlic, and salt to a smooth halfAdd fried peanuts, brown sugar, and tamarind water, mashedback until smooth. Add the paste and water, mix well. Mix all ingredients with traditional seasonings, stir wellServe with the complement. * Cingur: a cow‘s nose cartilage. Sold fresh in markets.

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