Padang, rendang cuisine is typical of the city of Padang in Sumatra. Rendang is one type of cuisine in Indonesia who have been known to overseas. The cuisine of this feels very tasty beef rendang and savory and tastes typical of spice seasoning contains Indonesia. The basic ingredients of the cuisine is usually beef rendang. There is a very unique from rendang, because this feels biased rendang cuisine ever more delicious if heated repeatedly and can be stored in a long period of time in the refrigerator. When we were about to eat in the next day, then we should be heating it again and so on, and it’s going to grow.

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Enjoy Cuisine Typical Flavors Of Padang – Indonesian Culinary Rendang Padang

Padang, rendang is usually sold in the restaurant field, and the most delicious eaten warm with white rice with additional green chili typical of Padang’s chili. Although originating from the city of Padang, rendang cuisine is very popular throughout the city on the island of Java as well. In terms of the manufacture or process is quite a long cooking time, because during the cooking the beef rendang we must ensure the seasoning have been permeated with either, so it feels delicious if eaten.

But before you start to discuss about how to create a pasture you should refer to the rendang little tips from us about recipe beef rendang pasture so tasty and delicious. A few things you should pay attention to make this pasture beef rendang. The one that became determinant of durable or whether a dish is rendang from dry pastures or whether you cook beef rendang, so indeed very need enough time to make one of the best known Padang cuisine.

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Let’s Prepare to Cook Indonesia Culinary Rendang Padang

In addition in terms of length of time in cooking beef rendang field, there is more that you need to consider especially before you shop cookbook rendang padang to the market or store. Because coconut milk became the hallmark of padang cuisine for that election of coconut milk became one of the determinant in the success of the making of a recipe of Indonesian cuisine , coconut milk, this really should be selected from coconut which is old and not instant coconut milk that is often sold in mini market or shop stores near your House. There are other things that are important to how to make a cookbook rendang padang is before you cook the beef, you should at first at the flesh, this will make the meat more tender when cooked. Either we will soon start to make rendang padang . please be prepared.

the best indonesian culinary rendang padang 2Materials the materials of recipes beef Indonesian Culinary  Rendang Padang as follows:

  1. fresh beef as much as 500gr which certainly you should clean it first using ice water if any.
  2. as many as 10 grains of red onion or cloves, peeled his skin and clean the
  3. Onion putting as many as 5 round or cloves, Peel and clean the
  4. Coconut milk taken from 2 grains of old coconut, grated and then wring it out.
  5. Ginger as much as 1 segment, Peel and clean.
  6. Red chilies that already digling to taste or according to your taste
  7. Pepper powder to taste
  8. turmeric Leaves as much as 2 sheets
  9. Water is to boil the meat.

After all the ingredients of the recipe beef rendang padang last collected, now is the time start cooking.

For how to cook beef rendang padang as follows:

First we blend all the ingredients starting from the onion, garlic, ginger, pepper powder and red chilli. After that prepare the containers then rebuslah meat with marinade using water until the water runs out and the meat begins to embuk. If it is the next step to make rendang padang is the input bit by bit danging cuisines into the coconut milk little by little and then input the galangal and turmeric leaf leaves do not forget to reduce the heat if the coconut milk is already dry. Then Indonesian Culinary Rendang Padang has already prepared on serve. Bonapetite.

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