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Delicacy Indonesian Culinary  Pempek Palembang – Tengiri fish flavour


What is PEMPEK ? Well, for those who want to know more about pempek please read the following posts.

Pempek or Empekempek is typical, Kilkenny food made from fish and sago. In fact it’s hard to say that is because of the Palembang pempek almost in all the areas in South Sumatera produce it.However, in Palembang plentiful stores shops famous pempek to typical 70s flavor and its cuko pempek.

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Indonesian Culinary Pempek Palembang is accompanied by a black colored sauce served called vinegar or cuko (bahasa Palembang). Cuko made from boiled water , then add brown sugar, dried shrimp and crushed chilies, garlic, and salt. For the original community of Palembang,cuko from past made spicy to increase appetite. But over the influx of migrants from outside the island of Sumatra hence now a days many found cuko with sweetness for which don’t like spicy. Cuko can protect teeth from caries (email and dentin layer damage). Because in one liter of a solution of kuah pempek  usually 9-13 ppm fluorine. one complementary in eating this distinctive taste is sliced fresh cucumber dice and yellow noodles.

Types of Indonesian Culinary Pempek Palembang


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The type of the famous pempek is a pempek kapal selam.  The content of  “pempek kapal selam“, i.e. a chicken egg pempek dough and wrapped with fried in hot oil. There are also others such as pempek lenjer, pempek round (or known by the name “ada’an“), pempek pistel , pempek, fish skin (young papaya slices stewed tomatoes that are already seasoned), a small egg pempek, and curly pempek.

Pempek can be found very easily in the city of Palembang Sumatra . Pempek is sold everywhere in Palembang, there are selling at the restaurant, there’s an Inn beside the road, and there are also shouldered. In all the school cafeteria/campus/workplace there is definitely selling pempek. In the 1980s, regular Pempek sellers assume 1 basket full pempek while touring the city of Palembang on foot peddle food

The RECIPE of Pempek Kapal Selam Palembang 

Ingridients :

500 grams of meat or fish mackerel fish Cork (select a truly fresh)

10 tbsp ice water

2.5 tbsp plain flour

150 gr cornstarch

2 tsp salt

Material Content:

6 small size duck eggs (@ 60 gr)

Cuko Ingredients (Sauce Pempek):

50 gr of tamarind, 150 gr sugar, finely sliced, 650 cc of water

Subtle Seasoning:

20 cayenne pepper fruit

2 tbsp tongcai

4 cloves garlic

2 tbsp ebi, soak in hot water until soft, drain, puree

How To Make:


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Puree fish with soft filter.

Stir in ice water and salt, stir until sticky, then add flour and knead until no kanji while sticking to hands.

Boil water, add a little cooking oil, take the 125 gr pempek dough,shape into a Cup, then break an egg in a glass and pour the egg-bore into dough pempek

Cover tightly holes bowls little by little by way of a pinch from one end to the other.

Immediately enter it into the boiling water, simmer until it floats,then lift and flush with cold water. Drain and chill. Heat the cooking oil which is a lot, enter pempek, fried until yellow and lift. Cut while hot and serve pempek


Simmer the tamarind, the brown sugar and water over medium heat. Once sugar is dissolved, remove and strain. Bring to a boil again, add a subtle seasoning, Cook until no smell unpleasant and lift. Store in the refrigerator, use the next day so that it feels more steady.


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