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Indonesian Culinary Gudeg, Special Food Of Yogyakarta Indonesia Region

Indonesia is an archipelago country that has a lot of diversity ofethnic, cultural, religious, and more. Article on this paper will be discussed more in depth about Indonesia specialities coming from the special region of Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta) Gudeg.

Gudeg is a special food that comes from Yogyakarta. The main ingredient for preparing typical cuisine of Yogyakarta is gori(nangka muda) combined with Klendo (boiled coconut sugar) and Palm (thick coconut milk), cooked with braised for 24 hours

With these basic ingredients it is no wonder the Warm typical flavors are sweet and tender in accordance with the tastes of the community areas of Java in General. In serving the usual Warm,served with white rice, chicken, hard-boiled egg, tofu or tempeh, and stew fresh cow skin (sambal goreng krecek).

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Indonesian Culinary Gudeg – Two Types of Cooking

Gudeg itself has two types of cooking methods, i.e. the kind of Warm dry and wet Gudeg. Dry gudeg just has a bit of coconut milk, while the Warm wet includes more coconut milk or coconut milk. In General indeed the usual Warm cooked with Warm wetform. Wet Gudeg is not yet able to last a long time if stored. Another case with the dry Gudeg. Dry gudeg have durable advantages, so often used as a gift shop

As a gift shop, tempeh has a unique packaging, i.e. by usingbesek“. Besek is a form of packaging that is made by bamboo in the shape of a rectangle and can be used for other foodsIn addition to using besek“, tempeh can be packaged with other unique forms with the use of the”, “kendil kendil is container made of clayThe unique packaging can be found on the seller’s part that has been popular in Yogyakarta

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The Most Complete Recipe of Indonesian Culinary Gudeg


The ingredients and seasonings:

young Jack fruit 1 kg but not too young, cut into pieces

12 btr boiled eggs (peeled if you want more seasoning infuse)

1000 cc coconut milk or 1 tsp vinegar

10 lbr daun salam

8 slices galangal sliced ½ x 8 cm yg according to length

200 gr brown sugar, finely sliced

2000 cc, make a coconut milk from 1 coconut grain


15 cloves shallots, 10 garlic cloves, 4.5 TSP coriander, salt to taste



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Prepare a thick-bottomed pan, lining the bay leaf in the bottom of the Pan and put on top of sliced galangal. Then enter the young jack fruit pieces were successive, poached eggs, and brown sugar.Mix the herbs finely with a 500 cc coconut water or vinegar, mix well until it dissolves and then siramkan into the pot.

Add the coconut milk to taste the high extent of jackfruit and eggs to be submerged. Cover the Pan, Cook the meetings over a medium heat and do not open the lid before the first 2 hours.After 2 hours, open the lid. If the water is already a bit, lifting firstthe eggs and set aside while in order not to fall.

Stir in the coconut milk, stirstir with a wooden spoon while youdestroy pieces of jackfruit. Re-insert the eggs until slightly buried in jack fruitThen Cook again over low heat while stirring occasionally until done for about hours or until coconut milk run out of warm and reddish-brown. Pouring white/creamy chicken curry with gravy on top of warm jack fruit is to taste when served.


The ingredients and seasonings:

2 chickens, cut into 8 half-cooked, fried

4 pieces of tofu, cut into 4 large white, fried

2250 cc coconut milk from the coconut item 3 (separate anddilute)

4 TSP brown sugar, 3 btg serai, memarkan, 6 Kaffir lime leaves lbr, cooking oil for sautéing


18 btr onion,18 cloves garlic, 15 btr Pecan Roasted, 1 tsp coriander roasted, 1.5 TSP cumin roasted, 3 cm langkuas, salt to taste


Saute until fragrant spices are mixed and then liquid coconut milktuangi. Stir in brown sugar, Lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves, bring to a boilStir in chicken and tofu that has been fried until half gravy. Put thick coconut milk, coconut milk Dipper in order not to break. Cook until slightly thickened coconut milk.


The ingredients and seasonings:

300 gr of krupuk krecek special dishes (if yg to be eaten directlyoften ruined when cooked)

200 gr chickpea tolo, wash clean, drain.

50 gr Cayenne large red, yellow and hijau1 TSP acid

2 ltr coconut milk from 1 coconut grain (separate ambience)

3 lbr daun salam, 6 cm galangal, bruised right, 100 gr cabe big red, boiled

100 cc of cooking oil, salt to taste, brown sugar to taste


12 small red onion, 12 cloves garlic


Wash beans, drain cleaner to tolo and put in boiling water in the pot up to 5 cm above the submerged. Let sit for 2 hours, until beans expand. Return to a boil, boil for approximately 10 minutes (add water toremain submerged water 5 cm above it). Drain and rinse with water until clear.

Soak krecek with plain water until tender, then squeezed with both hands grabbing onto each other in order that not devastated krecek. Rinse and wring it out again a couple of times in the same way, until all the oil out blackish brown and crystal clear watersSauteed red chillies finely with 100 cc of oil fry until oil comes out and flaming red, set aside.

Saute seasoning which is mashed with a bit of pepper stir fry the remaining oil until fragrant, stir in Lemongrass, Kaffir lime leafPour the liquid coconut milk to a boil, pepper, salt and sugar. Stir in Beans, Cook until done Tolo, then enter krecek and thick coconut milkIn order not to break the coconut milk Dipper, after slightly thickened add cayenne pepperCook until the gravy thickens, and bright red colored oil floating on the surface.

Enjoy the delights of Jogjakarta, warm taste of savory foods andtaste sweet

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise..I Love Indonesia


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