Various stews vegetables, potatoes, tofu, tempeh and eggs served with beans and seasoning spray topping crackers, that hodgepodge. This dish is very delicious became friends eating rice or served with chunks of rice cake.

A cursory appearance has similarities with several other regional specialties, such as Lotek (West Java) or Salad (East Java). The difference, peanuts in a hodgepodge not using galingale and Lotek Pecel as it does. In addition, unlike the generally only served with vegetables, gado-gado using eggs, tofu, tempeh and lontong.

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No one knows the exact origin of this unique specialties, but most references are free tend to associate the best Indonesian Culinary Gado-Gado as original dishes of the land. The origin of the name else seems well with the origins.

The origin of the word ‘ hodgepodge ‘ does not exist in the English-language vocabulary as well as Indonesia. However, it seems that the existence of these foods thus inspire language development, among others, with the emergence of the term ‘ marriage ‘ hodgepodge that means mating mix or gado-gado ‘ language ‘ which means language hodgepodge.

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Indonesian Culinary Gado gado is indeed very easy to find in many parts of Jakarta City. Savory flavor from the marinade is popular with the peanut, so favored by the various types and layers of the society. Reasonable only if this dish then spread to many regions in Indonesia. In fact I was so popular, many foreigners knew him as one of the ‘ carte du jour ‘ or a culinary must try list when visiting Indonesia.

However, any connoisseur of gado-gado is usually have their own reference about favorite locations, both in terms of flavor or atmosphere. Including the President of INDONESIA, Soekarno First has its own favorite place to order a hodgepodge.

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The Indonesian Culinary Gado Gado Recipes Typical Of Surabaya

Surabaya has a variety of unique culinary and famous, one of them namely Recipe Gado Gado Original Surabaya. When compared to other typical regional Gado Gado this culinary merit contained in the seasoning. Seasoning the Gado Gado Surabaya cooked or boiled whereas the other “diulek”. Curious how do I make it let’s we refer to the recipe below.


  • 5 fruit rice cake
  • 100 grams of mung bean
  • 100 g white cabbage (Cabbage white flower)
  • 2 fruit of Cucumber
  • 3 pieces of Potato
  • 5 pieces of Chicken Eggs
  • Lettuce leaves to taste
  • Tempe to taste
  • Know to taste
  • 8 garlic cloves
  • 10 pieces of Red Chilli
  • 100 grams of Peanut
  • 100 ml coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons rice flour
  • Brown Sugar To Taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Tamarind to taste

How To Make Indonesian Culinary Gado Gado ?:


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  1. Blend Nuts and then mix with the coconut milk, stir-stir until blended, boiled.
  2. Saute seasoning smooth and fragrant matured , input into the stew sauce … Add tamarind juice, brown sugar and salt, jog jog until it feels comfortable.
  3. Continue to simmer the sauce over low heat while stirring often till cooked (a sign of mature, a little oily sauce seasoning & reduced volume)
  4. reply like a bit lumpy could enter a solution of rice flour (slightly as a thickener).
  5. Stirring constantly till thick and meletup2 and lift.
  6. Put lontong, vegetables and fried tempeh tofu chunks, then flush with peanut sauce. Serve

Easy enough right to make Recipe Gado Gado Surabaya, keep loved ones original typical culinary endless Indonesia.

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