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This is one of the charms of natural beauty of Indonesia and has been dazzling many tourists from different countries. This is where you can view the crater lake area with stunning blue flames from sulfur  during night time. Besides being a tourist destination, up a mountain, ijen crater is also the place of the traditional sulfur mining in areas crater eruption that is still active.

Mount Ijen it self is in the tourist area of Ijen crater and the nature reserve Park Tours Ijen in Banyuwangi District and sub-district of Slippery Klobang Bondowoso. This mountain was 2.368 meters above sea level where the peak is the sequence of the volcano in East Java as Bromo, Semeru and Merapi.

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The Largest Sulfur 

Ijen crater Banyuwangi is the site of the largest sulfur mine in East Java who still use the traditional way. Ijen has a sulfur source sublimat seemingly never runs out is utilized for various purposes of the chemical industry and purification of sugar.

Ijen crater Banyuwangi is one of the most acidic crater is the world’s largest Caldera with walls as high as 300-500 meters wide and its crater reaches 5.466 hectares. The crater in the middle of the caldera is the largest on the island of Java with a size of 20 km. Size surrounding its crater own 960 x 600 metres. The crater is located at a depth of more than 300 feet below the walls of the caldera.

Ijen Crater Banyuwangi views so amazing when morning sunlight by emitting a green Sheen toska The crater is calm green waters bluish and yet we not allowed because water crater volume of roughly 200 million cubic metre of that heat reaches 200 degrees Celsius. The degree of acidity of the very high crater close to zero so that it can dissolve human body even clothes quickly.

The Amazing BLUE FIRE 

Early morning at 01: 00, as the Sun has not yet shine of the mountain reveals the beauty of Crater Lake is another miracle brought to Ijen. Under its crater blazing blue flame (blue fire) from liquid sulfur flowing endlessly to dried by the wind then becomes stone and chopping the miners. Chunks of sulfur is then placed on a wooden cart and two carried down the mountain as far as 3 km. Instead of a light load for the heavy baskets of the pole can reach 100 kg.

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Ijen Crater Banyuwangi : Witnessed the fire and Sulfur Miners Traditional Blue

To the Southeast is the crater fuma role field which is the Ijen Crater Lake walls. In the West there is the Ijen crater is a Dam upstream from the Times Banyupait. Mount Ijen Crater fuma role field is always releasing volcanic gases with a high concentration of sulfur and the smell of gas sometimes sting. Ijen Crater dam is part of the interesting sights but not always visited by tourists because of the path to getting there is quite difficult and often damaged due to land slides.

Dam Ijen crater is concrete buildings built since the time of Netherlands and intended to regulate the water level of the Lake so as not to cause a flood of tamarind juice. But the dam now does not work because the water never reached the water due to the onset of Lake water seepage under the dam.

Tips for visiting the Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi

If you want to go down to the bottom of the crater to see the blue fire then mandatory accompanied guides. Wear a mask and visor that’s because aside from the highly sulfur smell, fumes of sulfur from the activity of the miners will be easily attacked and poignant eyes.

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Ijen crater of Mount Ijen looks very beautiful. This crater is a large bluish-green Lake with fog and sulfur fumes are very captivating. In addition, the cold air with a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, even can reach temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius,it will obviously add to the unique sensations for you. A variety of plants that exist only in the Highlands can be found, such as flowers and Cypress Mountain edelweis.

Dirt road uphill with a height of 2,700 above sea level you will go through on foot.Travel to Ijen crater Banyuwangi will make you appreciate life. Sulfur miners diligently carrying sulfur with incredible heavy load especially if the must be transported through the walls of the caldera are so steep down the mountain as far as 3 km.

Witness The Sulfur Miners

To get to the bottom of the Ijen crater to see the blue fire then obliged to hire an experienced local guide. They secure stone footing and time as well as the best location for the photo. In addition to the tracking equipment and provision of drinking water, don’t forget to bring a wet handkerchief or a mask covering the nose that is very necessary here because of the wind direction carries smoke often headed into the path of decline.Without the mask, around the mining site then you will always be forced to back to   crater.

When your eyes are exposed to sulfur fumes and feels poignant then try not rubbed it because it can make irritation though not dangerous. Just let it stand just a few moments while you dodge behind the rocks.

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See, feel and enjoy the panoramic beauty of the Ijen Crater Banyuwangi. The Light blue lights is very charming and those who like to venture to climb the mountain, this is the perfect tourist places to visit. Ijen Crater Banyuwangi is where the best crater in Indonesia with the magic of light.

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