The Best GONG CAVE Pacitan Java Indonesia

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GONG CAVE Pacitan Java Indonesia is The BEST CAVE in Southeast Asian 

Pacitan town famous as the city of 1001 cave because here there are many caves. However, from the many existing caves, there is a cave that its beauty were touted as the most beautiful  at Southeast Asian Gong caveGong cave is located in the hamlet of Pule, Bomo Village, sub-district Punung, Pacitan, East Java. It is approximately 37 kilometres from the town of Pacitan, it must pass through to the winding road with a backdrop of cliffs and canyons of the mountains.However, the beauty of which is presented with unique and beautiful interiors by variations of stalactites and well-deserved stalagmite

In addition to the beauty of the contour of stalactites and stalagmite, the uniqueness of the Gong cave also is due to particular stalactite and stalagmite can read like a gong when struck. From this cave gets its name. It is said, used to be the cave is considered to be haunted because of the frequent sound of gamelan, includes the sound of a gong sound from inside the cave.

From the mouth of the cave was so wide, you might not anticipate extensive spaces in it which is quite extensive and will be dazzled in awe. You can enter and explore both caves with a guide or not. Browse the 7 space and 4 spring or river water is hidden in the depths of the cave while enjoying the beauty of the unique shape. The beauty of a natural cave interiors can be enjoyed with a fenced footpath down the iron along the approximately 300 meters.

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Each room has a spacious and offer a different beauty. Each space as if separated by a small connecting room doors and should pursue a ladder down a specially built for the benefit of tourists. Browse the beautiful cave it will give its own experience and invites you to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.
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In 1996, Pacitan Regency Government building roads, fences, staircase light bulb lighting, and installing a ceiling fan to overcome suffocate in the cave. Multicolored spotlights provide special effects on a stalactite and stalagmite cave interiors that meet and make it more stunning. The contour of the original cave ivory white or yellowish brown increasingly vibrant with hues of red, blue, yellow, and green. This is the other main attraction of this cave has to offerHowever, installation of the fan and the lights invites cons some people. Spotlight thatemits heat can reduce the flow of water that flowed through the stalactites. A natural cave humidity also decreases with the presence of a fan.

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Gong cave is a cave is horizontal, meaning that in order to trace them requires no special equipment and expertise. Moreover, the facilities were built to give ease of access for visitors. Gong cave has only one access to the entrance and the exit. Visitors to explore the cave through a twisted one-way route, starting from entrance to exit at the same door.
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Located in the hamlet of Pule, Bomo Village, sub-district Punung, Gong cave is 23 kilometers from the town of Pacitan. These attractions can be reached by car or motor with winding roads and conditions set in the mountains complete with Cliff and the abyssIf you want to abbreviate the trip  then go to the location of the cave can be reached via the northern route or line of PacitanPringkuku. Beware of too much when you pass the path of the shortcut through the Village Sedeng .

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Other routes take longer, i.e. roughly 45 minutes however with a beautiful natural landscape, you can choose the path of Pacitan-Solo. By taking this path, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of Teleng Ria Beach and Indian Ocean from atop a hill with meandering lineLet’s explore the beautiful Gong Cave when you get trip to Indonesia

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise . I love Indonesia 


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