Indonesia is very famous for its variety of cultures associated with the trust of the local population. Trust of its ancestors still dominate some culture in Indonesia. Perhaps for many people is something a strange thing if people who‘ve died still got special attention and are treated in a particular ceremony with sacred.In Toraja society, the funeral ritual is the most important and expensive cost. The more rich and powerful person, then the cost of the funeral will be more expensive. Death rituals is called Rambu Solo ‘. 

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Rambu Solo – Tana Toraja The Ceremony of Death

Event of death has always been a mystery and raises a question in the minds of human beings. One of the questions that often arise in the mind of this is: what kind of life after death is that? Death will not be so scary when we believe that there is life after death. No matter in Tana Toraja society believes that that death is not the end of life’s journey. Death is something sacred and Toraja society celebrate with great fanfare. No matter its uniqueness and excitement make the party of death becomes the attraction of Tana Toraja, even attracting foreign tourists.

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Tana Toraja The Ceremony of Death – The Expensive Ceremony

Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi, located approximately 7 hours travel away from Makassar . The capital of the Tana Toraja Makale, however, precisely the place that many tourists visited the Rantepao is located north of Toraja. In Tana Toraja, there are two popular ceremony, namely Tuka and Rambu Solo. Rambu Solo is a funeral, while Tuka was the ceremony over the newly renovated traditional House. Torajans believe that without funeral rites Rambu Solo, then the ghosts of those who died will give the misfortune to those left behind. Because of that, the people who have died are treated like any living person who is sick. They were given food, drink, smoking, betel leaves, and other offerings.

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Ceremonial Rambu Solo was a series of elaborate ceremonies and takes months. The cost is not a little. While waiting for the ceremony to be ready, the body of the deceased will be wrapped in cloth and kept in ancestral houses or “tongkonan”. Ceremonial Rambu Solo can last for days and involves the entire population of the village. The Summit Ceremony Rambu Solo usually held on July and August, after the harvest is complete.

During the ceremony the Rambu Solo, you can see dozens of Buffalo and pigs tail was killed. Torajans believe that the ghosts of Buffalo into a means of transport for the spirits of the deceased to the puya (the world of the ghosts, afterlife). If the deceased was of nobility, then the number of Buffalo that could cut between 25-100 tail. One of them is very expensive, and forms a water buffalo. They believe that the more water buffalo who was killed, it will be faster to the ghosts in the puya. In the ceremony of cutting the Buffalo, the Buffalo were killed with one swing machetes accompanied by music and dancing youths caught the Buffalo blood spurt with a long bamboo.

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Tana Toraja The Ceremony Of Death – The Funeral Process 

There are three ways of Torajan funeral. First, the coffin is kept in the cave. Second, the coffin is kept in carved stone Tomb. Third, the casket was stored in the cliff. Usually, people are buried in the tomb of kayalah carved stone. Toraja society did not bury the bodies in the ground. They also believed that the higher the place the corpse is laid, it will be the faster also his spirit up to heaven. With the passage of time, the crate body will become obsolete. Not strange when there are the coffin tumbles. Wagons you drop this always left, because of the need to move it held a ceremony in advance. Well, if you’re interested, you can visit a necropolis of Rock and Stone Tombs Lemo .
Rock Necropolis Of Lemo

tana toraja the ceremony of death anda grave stone.10

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The grave of Lemo Stone located at Jl Poros Makale  – Rantepao – Makale distric. Lemo meaning “oranges”. The grave stone was named Lemo because goa stone looks like citrus fruits. The grave of Lemo Stone it incomprehensible that there is in Rock Hill storage bodies. The area of the cemetery has been estimated to be hundreds of years old and has been around since the 16th century as the burial place of the heads of the Toraja. While visiting the grave of Lemo Stone, you are greeted by an impressive array of Tau-tau (a wooden statue of a deceased person) standing neatly in front of the hole. Rock Tombs in this there are also three Lemo fruit “tongkonan” House (home of the indigenous Toraja) and also visited the home craftsman tau-tau. In fact, you can also purchase doll tau-tau as souvenirs, Interested?

Necropolis Of Goa Londa

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In addition to the Grave stone of Lemo, you can also pay a visit to the cemetery of Goa Londa. The cemetery is located in the village of Londa Uai Sandan, Sanggalangi Subdistrict, about 5 km south of Rantepao. To reach the location of the tomb of Londa, you have to go down a number of ladders. To enter the area of the cave tomb Londa, you need lights petromax as lights. At a foot of a high cliff, your eyes will catch coffin tucked in the crevices of the wall of the cliff. You will also see a row of tau-tau lining. You can try to get into the Cave Tomb Londa. Cave Tomb Londa has depths up to 1000 meters. When you search the cave filled with stalactites and stalagmites, you have to be careful so as not to step on the bones or skulls are scattered about, let alone move the bones of it. There are also some parts of goa which is only as high as one meter, so you have to bend.

For traveler  you need not feel scared to travel to Goa to Londa’s Tomb or Grave Stone Lemo. However, don’t be reckless, too. Never once in a while just to move bones or skulls. Use a polite clothes also. At the time of the ceremony to Rambu Solo, use black or dark-colored clothes that polite. If you want to visit the Tomb stone, remember to ask for permission in advance to local residents and the local community an appeal notice about the visit. Usually you must ask for permission by bringing flowers or betel nut betel nut while visiting there.

Toraja land has become one of the favorite tourist destination of foreign tourists. Let’s get to the Toraja.

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