The party Culture is a celebration of local Piaman Tabuik in order to commemorate the day of Ashura (10 Muharam), suicide of Husein ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, which is done by the community on the coast of the Minangkabau of West Sumatra, in Pariaman. History recorded with his family, Hussein died in the war in the City.

Tabuik Festival is one of the annual tradition in society of Pariaman. This Festival has been going on since many years ago and is thought to have existed since the 19th century AD. This Festival is the core event of national tourism and is one of the cultural wealth of the Minangkabau.

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Tabuik itself is taken from the Arabic ‘ the Ark ‘ meaning a wooden crate. The name refers to a legend about the emergence of winged horses and a disembodied creature man headed called buraq. The legend relates that after the death of the grandson of the Prophet, a wooden box containing a piece of cadaver Hussein was flown into the sky by the buraq. Based on this legend every year the society Pariaman makes a clone of the buraq who were carrying the Ark on his back.

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Snouck Hrgronje, a researcher of Islamic institution in the Netherlands East Indies to indigenous communities (now Indonesia) have a degree of validity to the most high if compared with the various versions of the story of the origin of the celebration of the tabuik in Pariaman. That unique tradition which is held each year on the first ten days of the month of Muharram is brought by the workers who build the fortress of Marlborought (1718-1719) in Bengkulu. They, brought by the United Kingdom from Madras and Bengal in southern India.

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According to the accepted story of the society as a hereditary, this ritual is estimated to appear in Pariaman circa 1826-1828 ad. Tabuik at that time was still thick with influences from the Middle East brought by descendants of Shia worshippers of India society. In 1910, the emerging deal between 100 to tailor celebration Tabuik with Minangkabau customs, so that it develops into as there are today.


Tabuik festival celebrations are identical to the crowd, marches, and the attractions of dance-music, turned out to be a celebration of the fact that a religious ritual tabuik adherents of Shi’a. Aims to commemorate the event of the death of the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad who were slaughtered. When Hassan ibn Ali who died poisoned and Husein ibn Ali who fell in battle with the army of Ubayd Allah ibn Zayd in the Karbala, Iraq on 10 Muharam Hejira 61 (681 CE). The body of Husayn ibn Ali died already tampered with unnatural.

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The core of the ceremony tabuik is to commemorate the Shiite leader and his effort when collecting the pieces of the body of Husein ibn Ali. Adherents of the Shi’a believe that bodies of Husayn ibn Ali carried into the sky using a coffin with Bouraq called tabuik in at that time. Vehicle Bouraq symbolized by fat horse-headed form of beautiful women (the main part of the building tabuik).

Tabuik is made up of two kinds, namely Tabuik Pasa and Tabuik Subarang. Both are derived from two different areas in the city of Pariaman. Tabuik Pasa (the market) is locality that is located on the South side of the river that divides the city to the beach Gandoriah. The region is considered as areas On the origin of the tradition of tabuik. As for the tabuik subarang comes from the region of subarang (opposite), i.e. the area on the north side of the river or the region known as Kampung Jawa.


tabuik festival pariaman 8The two weeks leading up to the execution ceremony tabuik, citizens of Pariaman already busy doing various preparations. They make a variety of foods such as pastries typical of Pariaman. According to their site in uun-Halima, a long procession of tabuik begins with making a tabuik in two places, namely in the market (tabuik pasa) and subarang (subarang tabuik). Each consists of two parts (top and bottom) that can reach a height of 12 meters. The top of the Tower-shaped keranda represents decorated with flowers and colorful velvet fabric. Whereas, the lower part of the body-shaped, winged horse, and human-headed tail.

The bottom of the bird form represents the Buraq which is believed to bring Husein ibn Ali to the sky facing the authority. The second part is then put together. How, the top is carried in a rollicking to merged with the bottom. Thereafter, successive mounted wings, tail, flowers salapan and last head. To add the zest poles tabuik is usually accompanied by the music of drums tasa. The unification of the two parts of the tabuik (top and bottom) is usually over by the time dzuhur prayers arrived.

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Both tabuik last on display face to face and is the personification of the two armies that will fight. Ba’da Asr, both tabuik paraded Pariaman. Each tabuik appointed by eight men. The procession continued until Gandoriah to the beach. In this place, both tabuik pitted, to describe the situation of war in PadangKarbala. After the pitted, both tabuik are dumped into the sea. Procession throw tabuik into the sea symbolizes Karna all cross dispute in the community. At the same time, symbolizing a bird flying Buraq carried the remains of Husein ra to heaven.

Tabuik in Pariaman tradition series consists of seven stages of the ritual tabuik, i.e. taking the land, cutting down stalks of bananas, mataam heads, fingers, heads a turban, tabuik pangkek, hoyak ride tabuik, and disposing of tabuik into the sea.

On the day of the Summit, performed ritual tabuik pangkek ride, then proceed with the hoyak tabuik. This first Summit day falls on the 10th of Muharram, but this time each year varies between 10-15 Muharram, usually tailored to the weekend. As the closing ritual, by the maghrib tabuik to triumph and set adrift into the sea.


Starting in 1982, the feast of tabuik tourism calendar of Padang Pariaman. Because it happened one adjustment range in terms of implementation time of peak events of ritual tabuik. So, even though the initial ritual procession of tabuik keep starting on the 1st of Muharram, the Islamic new year celebrations at the moment, but the execution of the event peaks vary from year to year, it no longer has to be on the 10th of Muharram.

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Each year highlight tabuik always witnessed by tens of thousands of visitors who come from all corners of West Sumatra. Not only the local community, the festival has got the attention of many foreign tourists who make it a great event eagerly awaited every year.

The beach of Gandoriah which became the focal point of attention seems to be a sea of humans, particularly ahead of the procession of tabuik paraded toward the beach. Therefore, if there is opportunity, there is no harm if it became alternative tabuik festival agenda of your tour in the coming year.

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