The name of the Nias Island would have been familiar in the ears of local and foreign tourists. Especially for those whose hobby was surfing, definitely refer to the island as a paradise. The island is not only pamper travelers with tour baharinya, Nias also became home to the ancient stone age culture which is awesome for visiting. One of the uniqueness of the culture in the Nias Island is the tradition of the stone jumping tradition named Fahombo.

Fahombo tradition inherited hereditary in every family from father to son. However, not all youth in the Nias Island was able to do it even though it’s been practicing since childhood. Nias community believe, besides exercise there is a magical element of ancestral spirits which affect the success of the skipping stone perfectly. Skip stones on the Nias Island was originally a tradition born out of the habit of fighting between tribes in the village of the island. Nias community inherited the hard and strong character by the culture warriors of the war. In the past, tribes on the island because the warlike provoked by revenge, slavery and land borders. Each of the village then fortify his territory with stone s as high as two meters. Thus any stone  jumping tradition was born.


The tradition of the Stone Jumping to test Mental & Physical man in Nias

It is said that the event was created as a physical and mental test event the young man in the Nias toward adulthood. Every adult males  who participated the war obliged to pass a ritual stone jump. Stone skipped in buildings should be similar to building the monument with the surface of the top of the pyramid. The height is not less two meters with a width of 90 centimeters (cm) and a length of 60 cm. The jumper does not merely have to cross the stone  pile, but he must also have dwarf such as landing, because if he landed with the wrong position could cause muscle injury or fractures.

STONE JUMPING TRADITION NIAS ISLAND A CHALLENGE FOR A REAL MAN COVERIf a son from one family can already pass through the stone that has been compiled is that with the way skip it, it is a pride for the parents and other relatives even the whole village community in general. That is why after their boys are able to pass through, then held a simple ngadain with slaughtering chickens or other animals. There’s even a nobility also entertained the youth of his village because it can jump with perfect stone for the first time. The youth was later will be a youth advocate of his community if there are conflicts with other villagers.

Look at the ability of a young man who can skip stone perfectly, then he is supposed to have grown up and matured physically. Therefore the social rights and responsibilities as adults can already run. For example: married, defending his community or join storming enemy villages etc. One way to measure the maturity and the maturity of a man is to look at the ability of the motor on the stone  piles as high as 2 meters.

The History of Stone Jumping Tradition  in Nias

STONE JUMPING TRADITION NIAS ISLAND A CHALLENGE FOR A REAL MAN COVERIn the past, stone jumping is needs and preparation to defend themselves and defend the name of the village. Many of the causes of conflict and war between kampung. For example: the issue of the border lands, women and other disputes. This inviting village one attacked other villages, so the soldiers who took part in the assault, must have the agility to jump to save themselves. However, when a human head-hunting traditions are still running, the battle between kampung is also very common. When a human head hunters chased or fled, then they should be able to jump a fence or fortress villages targets has been built from stone or bamboo or from trees so that no trapped in enemy area.

STONE JUMPING TRADITION NIAS ISLAND A CHALLENGE FOR A REAL MAN COVERStunt jump is needed because in the past every village has dipagar or have made fortifications made of stone, bamboo or other material that is difficult to traverse by the enemy. The young men who return with success in other villages, missions will be a hero in his village.

This tradition is truly born from conflicts between tribes that have occurred in Nias Island. At that time, the walls are covered with nails and other sharp objects so that the males will fight should have the ability to pass through the wall of the well. Being a soldier is a great honor for our youth. By becoming a soldier, they’ll get a higher social status in the society.

In the past, when villages in Nias Island is still led by the Duke of Balugu strata, a man should be able to jump over the stone composition as high as two meters without touching the surface at all. It is conducted to assess whether or not a soldier in Nias deserved to fight apart from having a strong physical, mastering the martial science and sorcery..


Become a soldier in Nias is not an easy thing. Not only must have qualified physical and provided weapons, they also should be able to jump the wall height can reach 2.3 metres. In fact, they should not touch it the same .To make things difficult for prospective soldiers, the top hoops covered with spikes and sharp bamboo sticks. Not surprisingly, these activities often result in serious injury even death.

After the war ended, skip stone became a ritual in Nias Island specifically for young children. Those who managed to jump over obstacles is considered as a real man and will get attention from local girls.

The tradition of Stone Jumping in the present

Up to now, the ritual is still practiced Stone Hombo. In fact, this ritual became one of the tourist attraction when visiting the island of Nias. Now, this tradition is used as a symbol of the culture of the people of Nias. Nias youth to successfully perform this tradition will be considered an adult and mature physically so they can be married. Sometimes, who managed to do so will also be regarded as a defender of his village in case of conflict.

Today, the remnants of an old tradition, has become a tourist attraction, matchless in the world. A wide range of action and style the jumper while being broadcast. There’s a brave draw of the sword, and there is also a snap with his teeth. The tourists were not satisfied it seemed if not watched this attraction. It’s also why the youth village in tourist destination has made the activity and this tradition became a commercial activity.

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