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Sasando Traditional Music Indonesia – Fantastic Acoustic Music from Rote

Traditional music instrument sasando is of Rote culture, East Nusa Tenggara. People call it Rote (Sasandu), which means that tools that vibrate or beep. Or in the Kupang language often call this stringed instrument sasando, which is played by plucking with the fingers or toes, hands. Sasando is a musical instrument tools learned. Sasando reportedly has been used among the people of Rote since the 7th century.

Sasando Traditional Music Indonesia from Rote 2

The main ingredient is a form of bamboo sasando tube lengthsThen in the middle of the circular, from top to bottom was givenbuffer or standstand called La rote place the strings stretched around a bamboo tube, resting from the top down. La gives a different tone to each string passages. String instrument tuner was originally made of wood, which must rotated bladed to set the tone of the pas. Then it is placed in the tube of sasando a container made from woven leaves of palm-leaf manuscript called haik. Haik which functioned as resonance sasando.

The Story Behind Sasando Traditional Music Indonesia

There are several versions of story people about the beginning sasandu/sasando, among which the story started from a young man named  Sangguana stranded in the island of Ndana. Then by the inhabitants around, he brought before King Takalaa. This is the beginning of a meeting with the King’s daughter SangguanaSangguana also falls in love with the Princess, but the Kings have qualified to receive Sangguana. Sangguana asked the King to make a musical instrument from another.

Sasando Traditional Music Indonesia from Rote 1

In a dream Sangguana playing an instrument is a beautiful shape with a melodious voice.The dream that inspired the Sangguana to make the instrument as desired of the King. The instrument is named sasandu. Then sasandu is given to the King’s daughter and King’s daughter named Hitu (seven) the meaning of the name because the granting of 7 (seven) the string vibrates simultaneously sasando when picked.

Sangguan finally married the King’s daughter, due to successfully fulfill the desire of the King.Therefore, the function and its use, sasando usually played to accompany singing, imitating the singing, accompany the reading of the poem the Rote also to dance, softly comforting grieving families and who were having a party. There is no requirement or special rituals to be played. Anyone can learn to play it.

The Types of Sasando Traditional Music Indonesia

The development of rapid countable sasando, starting from bowed string instrument sasando (pentatonic) as sasando gong, because usually played with the rhythm of the gong, and then evolved into gong sasando instrument quotation pentatonic with 11 (eleven) string. Sasando gong is very popular on the islands of Rote.

Sasando Traditional Music Indonesia from Rote 5

Then estimated at the end of the 18th century, changing from sasando sasando gong to sasando violin. Sasando violin more developed in Kupang. Named sasando violin because there is atone on tone on the violin imitates sasando. Its tone diatonic melodies and forms similar to gong sasando but the shape of bamboo and its diameter is larger than the number of gongs and sasando string on a violin more sasando, originally 30 tone later evolved into a 32 to 36 string. Sasando violin there are 2 forms of space form with resonating sasando made of lontar leaf/haik and sasando fiddle with forms of space resonance made from wood or multiplex (box/box/crate). As so often we see on paper money five thousands of emissions in 1992.

In 1958, the electric start is made to sasando in 1960 was completed successfully and get the perfect sound similar to the original sound. This form of electrically sasando made as many as30 string. His first was a maker of Arnoldus Edon, and its inaugural electric sasando directly below to Jakarta by Thobi Rain(custom figures of Rote). The most important tool on the Agency, in addition to electric sasando and string, is the spool(pickup) which is a transducer that will change the string vibration into electrical energy, and then routed through the cable and into the amplifier.

Sasando Traditional Music Indonesia from Rote 3

Sasando music was kind of quiet and pleasant, including types of acoustic music. Enjoy the Sasando music. Very tasty Sasando music sounds in the ear. Sasando music still continues to be used in the event of culture music Indonesia

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