Traditional cloth that is popular now for unlimited only on batik. Traditional cloth from other areas also began a national stage raised even the world. One of the popular Central traditional cloth is a Sambas Songket cloth. The beauty of Songket and the complexity of the process of making a single impurity make the prices to be quite expensive.

Every region in Indonesia has a rich cloth of Songket weaving and respectively, and have a characteristic area all impurity respectively. Sambas Songket Cloth is not only in the region of Sumatra, Songket is also produced in Sambas, West Kalimantan.


Sambas Woven cloth that have distinctive features that do not exist in other areas of weaving. The cloth has the hallmark of Sambas in style. Malay style is typified by the existence of gold thread woven in his mantle. In addition, a distinguishing cloth woven cloth with other counties are suburbs of impurity. Suburban cloths in question are part of the edge of a plain white cloth and no exposed weavings. Imaginable, a white cloth on the edge is similar to parts of the suburbs of material that has not yet been stitched into.

Unlike Sambas Songket cloth weaving or other areas that have a distinctive color, cloth Sambas have no special color, multi color, the typical impurity is only seen from the motive only. The typical Motives of the Sambas are usually dominated by motifs of flowers, such as ketunjung, rose, flower Hibiscus flowers to Cape manggar coconut.


Sambas Songket Cloth used in Ceremonies.

The existence of cloth capable of bypassing the Sambas Songket cloth span three centuries suggests that it had certain privileges weavings that make it are always preserved. The community of Sambas using Sambas Songket cloth as the complement of the ritual customs, one of which is a traditional ceremony of marriage. In the ceremonial Sambas Songket cloth, Sambas marriage used as complement goods deliveries or seserahan of the bridegroom to the bride, and woven cloth cual made reply goods deliveries from the bride to the bridegroom (reply tray). With use of Sambas Songket cloth  as one complementary indigenous rituals, then weave it is friend of Sambas in people wading through his life. With these functions, the corollary if Sambas Songket Cloth kept preserved by the community of Sambas.


History Of Sambas Songket Cloth

The cloth is Sambas crafts produced by the community of West Kalimantan Sambas. Allegedly, this cloth has been around since the Sultanate of Sambas were led by Sultan Sulaiman. Sultan Sulaiman founded the Sultanate of Sambas in 1675 a.d. and ruled for 10 years i.e. until 1685 M, with the title of Muhammad Tsyafiuddin i. However, by looking at the motifs of plants and flowers are very dominant in Sambas, weaving threads may have existed before the establishment of the Islamic Sultanate of Sambas, i.e. when in Sambas still standing Hindu kingdoms. If weaving Sambas have been around during the time of Sultan Sulaiman ruled the Sultanate of Sambas or even before, then Cain Songket Sambas currently has more than 300 years old.

Sambas Songket cloth have been used for hundreds of years by hundreds of experts-Malay Kingdom of Sambas in antiquity. The weavers are adept at stringing thread for the sake of the yarn imported by the King from the opposite side to weave a special cloth for the experts and the Royal family. Thanks to the efforts of the King gradually people residing in the vicinity of the Palace began studying and getting good at weaving. One by one from their designated to become weavers cloth for the purposes of the expert. Cloth of Songket cloth counties began to develop into the most fancy inherited cloth of Kings.

SAMBAS SONGKET CLOTH AWESOME HANDICRAFT FROM WEST KALIMANTAN The town of Sambas was indeed known as city producer of weaving in West Kalimantan. Even cloth fame sambas now known at Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.
Nowadays also the Government together with the community are enterprising weaving craftsmen introduced the cloth to the sambas songket Indonesia. The effort got a great reception from the largest airline in Indonesia, namely Garuda. Easy-I hope the effort will be more active to any society will benefit. in other words the economy society of craftsmen and traders will be increasingly woven brilliantly.

Sambas Songket Cloth-world’s longest Break Records MURI

Community Regency of Sambas, West Kalimantan is okay, Sambas Songket cloth prided Sambas, already famous for dozens of years ago in this area, was introduced to the community. Not because of the motive, but because of the unusual length.

Woven cloth by length of 162 meters wide and 70 centimeters, so the world record, because the world’s longest woven into. And this entry in a record Museum Rekor Indonesia (MURI). These achievements cannot be separated from the construction of the institution of the Muslims in the West Kalimantan Wallet. This beat the previous record of weaving, weaving is typical of West Nusa Tenggara.

The initiative of making the longest woven cloth is seen from the potential community Sambas, especially the origin of the source of the Hope Village artisans, district of Sambas Regency of Sambas, the village is the village of weaving in West Kalimantan. As for the old manufacture woven cloth is approximately 486 days or about 16 months, with a length of 162 metres with a width of 70 cm. Weaving also spent as much as 82 cloth with size 2 metres and a width of 70 cm.

Be this weaving is recorded as the world’s longest woven cloth and no breakdown in all 162 meters. Interestingly, this weaving is done as many as 22 craftsman of weaving.

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