Saman dance Aceh is one of Aceh’s most famous dance. This dance originates from the Gayo Highlands. In the past, Saman Dance usually displayed to celebrate important events – events in the indigenous peoples and the people of Aceh. In addition to these dances usually also displayed to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. In fact the name “Saman” retrieved from one of the great scholars of Aceh, Syech Saman Dance. Saman is usually displayed using the accompaniment of musical instruments, such as drums and using the sound of the dancers and the applause they are usually combined with hitting my chest and groin as their synchronization and throwing the bodies into various directions.

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The Dynamic Movement of Saman Dance Aceh

This dance is guided by a leader who is often called Syech. Because of the uniformity of the formation and timeliness are a must in showing this dance, the dancers are required to have a high concentration and a serious exercise in order to perform perfectly. This dance is done in groups, while singing with a  sitting position, bowed and marched laterally without using any musical instruments.

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Because of the dynamic movement, the dance is performed by men much, but developments now this dance has been channeled by a female dancer as well as a mix of men and women dancers. This dance is performed approximately 10 people, with details of 8 dancers and 2 person as sign givers while singing.

For the connoisseur of the art of dance, Saman became one of the favorites in the show. In each appearance, in addition to siphon attention also suck up the connoisseurs of the art of dance. Saman dance Aceh one dance that is quite unique, because it shows only the ovation gestures and other movements, such as the motion of the body, head and body position. Other uniqueness is visible from a sitting position of the dancers and the sway of the body of the stick to the left or to the right, when the verse-poem was playing.

This dance is usually performed by teens or tens of men, but the amount must be odd. But in a further development, this dance is played also by women or a mix between men and women. And of course with other motion modification.

Saman dance aceh amazing dynamic movement 7In addition to a sitting position and motion, the motion of the hand is very dominant in the tari saman. Because he serves as a motion at the same time music. It’s called the “cerkop” that is both direct and berhimpit hands. There’s also the tip motion, namely “cilok” index finger as if to pick something lightweight like salt. “Tepok” and performed in a variety of positions (horizontal/round/like a propeller). Head movement as a nod in the tempo slow to fast (“anguk”) and head spinning like propellers (“girek”) is also the range of motion of the saman. The harmonyof all the elements which add to the beauty and harmony in motion dance saman.

Saman Dance Aceh is so Amazing

Many people ask how to as many people as it can simultaneously play the dances that have high speed? In addition to the exercise, of course, there must be a specific formation in putting each dancer was so that the accuracy and balance of the dance looks harmonious and dynamic.

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Almost all the dances of Aceh is done en masse. This requires cooperation and mutual trust between the Sheikh (leader in the dance) with the dancers. But what are the elements that make this dance became so beautiful in motion, rhythm and cohesiveness not many people know about it

Now let’s begin to analyze the elements in this saman dance. Maybe when we know all aspects contained in this dance, we can better understand. And get not only the beauty but also the meaning of the philosophy of the position, motion, poem played at gigs in Saman degree.

In the usual appearance only (not the game) where the existence of the time limitations, Saman could have been played by 10 – 12 dancers, but the integrity of Saman at least supported 15 – 17 dancers

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The composition of players saman, namely;

    • Penangkat : the person who set the rhythm and movement of the saman, the position was in the middle of the player.
    • Pengapit : his job remind penangkat when the next movement, generally forget 2 people whose positions on the right and left penangkat.
    • Penyepit : help pengapit to remind the motion if there are errors, generally selected people who voiced melodious.
    • Penupang : maintaining a balance in order to prop up his friend or comrade balance up.

Saman dance aceh amazing dynamic movement 8dance performed in a sitting position. Included in this type of art “ratoh duk” (dance sitting down). The birth was closely related to the entry and expansion of the Islamic religion. Where the dancers sit kneeling position, the weight of distress to both the soles of the feet. Saman dance space in the pattern are also limited level, i.e. the height position of the body. From a sitting position kneeling turned to a position above the knee (Gayo – berlembuku) which is the highest level, is the lowest level is when the dancer bent fore body until 45 degrees or tilted backwards up to 60 degrees. Sometimes when performing these movements accompanied the movement of the tilting to the right or to the left called “singkeh”. There are also exercise in sitting position pitch to the right-front or rear-left (lingang).

The “Miracle” Sounds of Saman Dance Aceh Without Music

Because dance saman in play without music, then as his retinue in the use of the hands and the body. There are several ways to get the sounds:

  1. Tap on either side of the hand. This is usually moderate to fast up-tempo
  2. second hand Punch to the chest. It’s usually up-tempo
  3. Tap on next to the Palm of the hand to the chest.
  4. Friction thumb with middle finger of the hand (“kertip”). And the song of the dancers add to the dynamics of the saman dance. Where how to sing songs in dance saman is divided in 5 ways:
  5. Rengum, i.e. roaring by lifters.
  6. Ringing, namely regnum is immediately followed by all the dancers.
  7. a brief song Redet, i.e. with short voice performed by a dancer in the middle part of the dance.
  8. Syek song performed by a dancer with long high-pitched voice, usually as a sign of the change of the motion
  9. Saur, that song is repeated together by all the dancers once sung by a solo dancer.

In every show they were in good synergy so that created an awesome dance motion. So Saman dance power does not only lie in the poem but a compact motion becomes more value in the dance. This can be manifested from the compliance of the dancer in the role each plays.

That’s a little bit about the function of the formation, the type of motion, music accompanist as well as original songs in Saman dance performances. May be useful to you in understanding the Saman dance.

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The History Of Saman Dance Aceh

A little history: Saman Dance this Dance comes from the Gayo lands of the plateau. In the created by a cleric named Sheik Saman Aceh. At the beginning of this dance is only an ordinary game called “Pok Ane”. See the great interest people of Aceh in this art by Shaykh mixed up with poetry-poem which contains the praises to God Almighty. So that it Saman became a medium of propagation time. First exercise conducted under Saman Meunasah (a surau, the time of the building of aceh is still building stage). So they won’t be missed for prayer in congregation.

In line conditions in Aceh in the war then the Sheik added verse-poem increase fighting spirit of the people of Aceh. This dance continued to develop appropriate needs. Until now this dance more often in the show in celebration of religious feasts and State of the Union. This dance was initially less attention because of limited communication and information from the outside world. This dance started when his performances rocked the stage at the Aceh Culture Week (PKA) II and the inauguration of the opening of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). The roar of Saman in TMII tumultuous archipelago but not only get to foreign countries.

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