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ciprofloxacin antibiotic price Sam Po Kong Temple is a former stopover and the first landing of a Chinese Muslim Admiral called Cheng Ho/Cheng Ho. This place called Stone Building, because of its shape is a huge rock cave that is located on a hill stone. Located in the area of Simongan, southwest of Semarang.

can you buy augmentin online Almost the entirety of the building a typical red nuances of building China. It is now the venue for a warning and a place to worship or worship as well as a place for pilgrimage. For these purposes, in the cave of the stone placed an altar, as well as statues of Sam Po Tay Djien Museum. When admiral Cheng Ho was a muslim, but by those considered gods. This can be understandably given the Confucian religion or Tau considers people who have died can give help to them.

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ampicillin interaction with alcohol Like building a temple, Sam Poo Kong shrine located on the Simongan, Semarang, also dominated by the color red. A number of red lanterns adorn not only the temples, but also of the tree of trees leading to the entrance.

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can I buy antibiotics for my cat over the counter The main building of the temple is a Stone Cave which is believed as the site of the initial landing and headquarters of Admiral Cheng Ho, along with his men when visiting the island of Java in the year 1400. Goa Originally covered avalanche in 1700 ‘s, then rebuilt by the locals as a homage to Cheng Ho.

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go Now in the cave there is a statue of Cheng Ho covered with gold and used for prayer room in appealing for prayers for blessing, safety, health and good fortune. In addition to building the stone cave, the walls are decorated with reliefs of Cheng Ho travel from mainland China until to Java, in this area there is also a large temple and two smaller place of prayer.

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here The place is named after the place of prayer with the allocation, namely temples Thao Tee Kong which is a place to worship the God of the Earth to invoke the blessings of life and salvation. While shrines Kyai Interpreter Mudi mudi interpreter’s Tomb in the form of a ship’s Admiral Cheng Ho.

can you take cipro with other medicines SHRINES AROUND THE SAM POO KONG

follow url sam-poo-kong-temple-tourist-pilgrimage-prayer-in-semarang-city-11 Other shrines are named kyai anchors, because here are stored the original anchor ships Cheng Ho decorated with red color. Here used to worship spirits Ho Ping, namely pray for souls who don’t bersanak a family that may not have a place in the afterlife.

get link Then there are Kyai Cundrik Earth shrines, which used to be a storage area for all types of weaponry used Cheng Ho crew, as well as Religious and Nyai Tumpeng temapt which represents the storage of food at the time of Cheng Ho.


Because the whole area is more meant for prayer, not everyone may enter it. Temple building, whether large or small, fenced and its entrance guarded by security officers. Only the meaning of prayer are permitted to enter while the tourists who want to see the view can do from behind a fence.



Since the renovation of the great quantity of 2002 and was completed in 2005, which cost is about 20 billion, Sam Poo Kong attracted the attention of more people to visit. On the page that is broad enough in front of the temple, there are a number of sculptures, including the statue of Admiral Cheng Ho, that is interesting enough to be enjoyed. This is where the art form of dance attraction attraction dance, lion dance or other art forms presented for celebrating historic day today related to Cheng Ho or the culture of China.

In August, for example, have always held a festival in memory of the arrival of Cheng Ho to Semarang. For the month of August 2009, the festival was held on 18th to commemorate Cheng Ho arrival of the ke 604


The celebration is accompanied by a procession, bazaar, and lion dance festival. Other major festivals celebrated here include the feast of Chinese new year and the day of the birth of Cheng Ho. foreign tourist arrivals, especially from China, indicates that the Sam Poo Kong is widely known in the world. Based on alms money left by visitors, the Shrine Building Stone is also often visited by foreign tourists from the United States, Russia, Brazil and other countries.

Admiral Cheng Ho who the descendants of Persian and Muslim, makes it also much visited by those who are Muslim, including tourists coming from China.

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