Indonesia has a rich  culture, Reog Ponorogo Dance is one of the arts culture which came from East Java parts of the Northwest and Ponorogo is regarded as the origin of the actual city Ponorogo. City gate Ponorogo decorated by “warok” figure and the “gemblak”, two figures which appeared at the time of reog performed.

Reog Ponorogo Dance is one of the nation’s culture of Indonesia that still exist and continue to be developed in order for culture can be preserved and an invaluable heritage for posterity.

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History of Reog Ponorogo Dance Origins

There are five versions of the popular stories that developed in the community about the origins of the Reog Warok, and yet the story of the most famous is the story of the rebellion of Ki Ageng ticks, a man of the Kingdom at the time, the King of Majapahit Kertabhumi Bhre was last in power in the 15th century.

Ki Ageng Lice wrath will be a strong influence from its Chinese counterpart parties in Government and the corrupt behaviour of the King, he saw that the powers of the Majapahit Empire will end. He then left the King and founded the college where he taught young kids martial arts, the science of immunity, and perfection in the hope that these young kids will be the seeds of revival of Majapahit Kingdom.

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Aware that his army was too small to fight the forces of the Kingdom of political messages of Ki Ageng Lice Reog performances delivered by, which is “satire” to the King and his Kingdom Kertabumi Bra. Reog performances became a way of Ki Ageng fleas build up resistance of local communities using the popularity of Reog.

Official versions Reog Ponorogo Dance storyline now is the story of King Ponorogo who intend applying for daughter of Kediri, the goddess Ragil Kuning, however in the middle of the journey he was intercepted by the Singabarong King of Kediri. The forces of King Singabarong consists of a Peacock and a lion, while the Kingdom of Ponorogo King Kelono and his Deputy Bujanganom, escorted by the “warok” (men dressed in black-black in the dance activity), and the “waro”k has a black science. The whole dance is a war dance between the kingdoms of Kediri and Kingdom of Ponorogo, and pitted black between the two Sciences, the dancers ‘ possessed ‘ when performing the dance.

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Reog Ponorogo Dance Performances Flow

Reog Ponorogo Dance is often performed in modern weddings, circumcision and National holidays. The art of Reog Ponorogo Dance consists of several series of 2 to 3 opening dance. The first dance is usually performed by 6-8 man valiantly with his versatile black, polished with the color red. The dancers described the brave lion figure.

Next is a dance performed by 6-8 girl who rides horses. On traditional dancers, reog is usually portrayed by the male dancers who are dressed woman. This dance called  “jaran kepang” dance, which should be distinguished from other dance art dance, namely “kuda lumping”. Other opening dance if there is usually a dance by young children who performed a scene funny.

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After an opening dance finished, recently displayed its core scene dependent condition where the art of reog displayed. If it is related to the marriage then the romance scenes are shown. For a celebration or a circumcision, circumcision usually follows a story. Scenes in the art of reog no scenario because it always happens the interaction between performer and puppeteer (usually the leader of the troupe) and sometimes with the audience. Sometimes a player who is being performed can be replaced by another player when the player is exhausted. More is at stake in the reog performances is to give satisfaction to the audience.

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The final scene is of a lion statue, where the perpetrator wore a mask of a lion’s head with a Crown made of peacock feathers. The weight of this mask can reach 50-60 kg. A heavy mask is carried by the dancer with teeth. The ability to bring this mask in addition obtained by heavy exercise, is also believed to get this with spiritual practice like fasting and penance.

Reog Ponorogo Dance Controversy

Malaysia also has a dance a kind of Reog Ponorogo called Baronang Dance but have elements of Islam. This dance also use masks “dadak” Peacock, namely tiger-headed masks upon which there are peacock feathers. Description and photos of the dance is featured in the official website of the Ministry of Culture Arts and heritage Malaysia. The controversy arises because the mask “dadak” Peacock in the official website there is an inscription “Malaysia”, and recognized as a descendant of Javanese heritage in Stone Chisel, Johor and Selangor, Malaysia.

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This triggered protests many parties in Indonesia, including the origin of Reog Ponorogo Dance artists who claimed that the copyright had been recorded as Reog art with the number 026377 dated February 11, 2004, and is thus known by the Minister of Justice and human rights of Republic of Indonesia. Found information that “dadak” Peacock seen on the official website are creations of craftsmen Ponorogo. Thousands of artists Reog had rallied in front of the Embassy of Malaysia in Jakarta. The Government of Indonesia stated will further examine the matter.

In late November 2007, Malaysia’s Ambassador to Indonesia Datuk Zainal Abidin Muhammad Zain stated that the Government of Malaysia never claimed the Reog Ponorogo as the original culture of the country. Reog called “Baronang” in Malaysia can be found in Johor and Selangor, as carried by the Javanese people migrated to the country.

With the incident then youth successor nation must preserve the Reog Ponorogo Dance. Because of the cultural wealth of the nation that was later passed on to our posterity. Hopefully the article that discusses about the Reog Ponorogo Dance above can add to the knowledge you get to know the culture of the nation of Indonesia.

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