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do antibiotics interfere with trying to conceive On one afternoon on the beach of Tanjung Belitung, hundreds of children with the filthy mud mixed skin, gathered while dancing. The occasional hiss, sometimes shouted, twisting his body and dancing around the bend. On that day, not only the 700 as dimumkan, but of 860 children from Elementary School classes – High School Dance a dance together in Pendulang Timah dance.


enter Pendulang Timah dance lead into the peak of a series of cultural performances from community Belitung as part of Laskar Pelangi Festival 2015. The Festival is an annual event which is indeed on the island which is now dubbed the land of Warriors of the Rainbow.

buy cipro online EU Pendulang Timah Dance – the story of A Child  Tin Miners in Belitung Dance that originated from an idea of Andrea Hirata, author of the novel Laskar Pelangi, want to illustrate the concerns will the lives of children in Belitung is poor and many are dropping out of school due to work in the tin mines. PENDULANG INTAN DANCE A TRADITIONAL CULTURE BANGKA BELITUNG 8In this dance disclosed how the children of lead workers facing difficulties and dangers. From wallowing in the mud, pegged the snake until it weighs the job. Fall asleep with their wages, school dropout and now when the value plummeted, many tin mining company go bankrupt and workers fell. Not a few are also those who became victims of the accident when the elections caused lead. Pendulang Timah dance deals with the dark days of tin mining on Belitung in the past where the workers got the smallest portion of the Belitung Tin from the wealth of existing mines on the island. Pendulang Timah dance not only symbolizes the irony of life that children traveled Belitung however is also the rallying cry and cry that should they have a brighter future. Pendulang Timah dance is a reflection of society’s ironic life Belitung.

go to link PENDULANG INTAN DANCE A TRADITIONAL CULTURE BANGKA BELITUNG 2Andrea Hirata says the southern part of Belitung, there are still many children who work as tin miners. He said the kids should get a better future but works as a tin miners even their lives threatened because it was in the work environment that are harmful to health.

cipro price generic He said children who work as tin miners dip in the mud and stirs  to find alluvial Tin deposits underground. “The community there even can cry (witness of the Pendulang Timah dance )

buy zithromax in Manchester UK Cape High Belitung made into arena stage. A wide beach with soft white sands, met by a crowd of spectators who around dance scene. The natural atmosphere adds to the sacral dance . The series of the dance is not only filled with dancing but also with theatrical  drama and poetry reading .

flagyl interactions with birth control The Pendulang Timah Dance held on The Laskar Pelangi Festival

how much does antibiotics cost from the vets source  The making of trailer Laskar Pelangi Festival 2015 performing Pendulang Timah dance by the children’s Art Studio in Belitung in the Kata Museum  Andrea Hirata Hanging in Belitung district. The dancers aged between eight to seventeen years in advance coloring all over his body(body painting) before showing the dance. They are very enthusiastic display dances and has exercises for a month. Hundreds of school children he anoints the Belitung origin with the powder color colorful cookie dough.

PENDULANG INTAN DANCE A TRADITIONAL CULTURE BANGKA BELITUNG 4This dance involves as many as 800 dancers. Including 50 children from dance class Belitong, 36 students of SDN 21 Tanjungpandan, 64 students SMP 1 Tanjungpandan, and 70 students the origin of Sijuk. Liquid dye adorn the bodies of the dancers and attracted the attention of the audience.

The creation of this trailer also caught the attention of media from media incorporated in Germany Frank Ford. They deliberately came to the Belitung exclusive interview to do with Andrea Hirata about Laskar Pelangi Festival 2015 they also covered the Pendulang Timah dance to be shown in the media they manage. Media interest in the origin of Germany’s because Laskar Pelangi novel work of Andrea Hirata is very popular in Germany. The novel work of Andrea Hirata is very popular in Germany so we’re interested to take this trailer-making moment.

Highlight of the Festival was held at 2015 Laskar Pelangi Beach High Headland Sijuk Subdistrict Lorin Belitung district with performing Pendulang Timah dance performed over 700 dancers in front of the Lor Tanjungtinggi Sijuk interest In the audience. The interest of the community and tourists enjoy the dance is very large.

PENDULANG INTAN DANCE A TRADITIONAL CULTURE BANGKA BELITUNG 1Staging Pendulang Timah Dance with the stage in the form of soft white sand beach of Tanjungtinggi lasted about 30 minutes. This performance won the record of the Original record of Indonesia (ORI). Laskar Pelangi Festival 2015 in general are having great success. The great numbers of the audience is made up of the community and tourists into this performance benchmark. Even the  Pendulang Timah Dance is officially designated as the original dance Belitung.

The dancers who account for hundreds of it became the object of shooting lenses of photographers. Some communities are also asking for a photo together with the audience. The dancers are still jerky these colorful liquid raises the desire of the public to take pictures.

doxycycline and orange juice interaction Official Pendulang Timah Dances Staged Performances For large Events in Belitung

Dance creation of Andrea Hirata this will be used as a two-or big events in Belitung. The workshops foster the dancers so that is always ready to prepare the dancers to perform when needed. The event was conceived by writer tetralogy Laskar Pelangi, Andrea Hirata Tourism Service Agency along with the Belitung it attracted the attention of locals and the visitors who come from abroad as well as local.

PENDULANG INTAN DANCE A TRADITIONAL CULTURE BANGKA BELITUNG “This annual event which every year we will conduct continues, this time in the form of Pendulang Timah dance parade,” said Andrea Hirata. Compactness, innocence and enthusiasm clearly visible from the face of Pendulang Timah dancer. The program became the bread of the hunters pictures from various walks of life. Laskar Pelangi-laden Festival will be the value of the history, culture, art and knowledge of the life of the community of Bangka Pickaxe.

“This is not merely a festival, it’s very ‘ cultural ‘, ‘ very intellectual ‘. This is a ‘ intellectual tourism” said Andrea Hirata

With the success of the Laskar Pelangi Festival, next year’s festival is expected to be of international class and Lead the more beautiful Pendulang Timah Dance while staged later.  Welcome to Indonesian Paradise .. I Love Indonesia


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