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The Beauty Of The Old Batavia City 

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In the middle of the life of modern society in Indonesia‘s capital, Jakarta, is still preserved the old Batavia city corner, located in the city. At this location there are old buildings still grasped his antiquity. It’s very memorable once when we were in the old town of the Batavia .

From Netherlands colonial rule since the days up to the present, the old quarter of Jakarta as having a strong “magnet” for the visitors . Well imagine, in colonial times, the area was the center of Government.Jakarta History Museum building that stands brave was a symbol of the old Batavia city Jakarta is the old town hall.

The Old Batavia City for Tourism


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While in front of the Town Hall had a very beautiful garden. So it’s no wonder if in the past the region became one of the city’s community activity center at the time. Then how about right now? Although no longer as a place of Government, the area of the old town remains an attraction. Yes, now the old town is one of the tourist destinations in Jakarta that its management is held by local governments.

Almost every day, young people, children and even adults should visit the region. In addition because the Netherlands building forms that still glaringly is the attraction, around this area is also very suitable to be used as a place to relax or gather with friends and relatives.

There is many of Museum at Old Batavia City Jakarta

Jakarta History Museum building forms and some ornaments in front of the building like a cannon and a tap water, it becomes its own object, which attract the attention of visitors. In places that often serve as the location of the photograph.

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Maybe some people just know the old town district is just the Jakarta Museum of history and its surroundings. But not only thatHead of Unit Area Manager (UPK) of the old town, Gathut BiHastoro explained, the old quarter are ranging from the coastal areas in the port of Sunda Kelapa and extends to the economic center of the area of Glodok. While the Jakarta History Museum Fatahillah Park and is at the heart of the old town.

The Beauty Of The Old Batavia City 10

“If asked by the old town where the hell is the point? In The Garden Of Fatahillah. The area is arguably epicentrum, core zone.Because there is the garden, there are the City Hall, “said Gathut. Many people refer to the museum by name of Museum Fatahillah. Whereas Fatahillah is the name of the Park is in front of the museum as well as the name of the street which became the location of the museum, which is in the way of Grounds Fatahillah No. 1.

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Jakarta History Museum is arguably flanked by existing museum , please do not skipped it if you going to Jakarta town  to go to this place . On his left side, there is the puppet Museum was once a church. Whereas on the right side there is the Museum of ceramics and fine art, as well as in front of the building there is a museum of Indonesia post office building.

Visitors viewed the objects crafts and ceramics of ancient art and the Museum’s collections of ceramics in the region of the old town, Jakarta Not just up there, if  you want to walk a little, separated approximately one block from the Jakarta History Museum there is also a museum of banking that Bank Indonesia Museum and the Museum Bank Mandiri, located side by side. 

Riding a bicycle around Old Batavia City Jakarta


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Another interesting view is we can rent a bike vintage, to wear around the old town of Batavia. Really cute and unique look at the tourists riding a bicycle around the ancient here. This area is also available in a wide variety of specialties of ancient times

LoOld Town Jakarta Indonesia 3cated not far from the Museum of Bank Indonesia precisely in the way Exercise Number 7-9, Road Malaka, also tucked a mini gallery that was recently unveiled by the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Joko Widodo namely Gallery of Melaka. Approaching the coast also still have historic Maritime Museum and the Harbour.

The buildings are not there for no reason. But they are there to save historic stories that wrap each of the Collections. Not only that, in the area of the old city is also still save historic buildings are lining up for a paddle trail history. The old town can be the one of the strategic areas in Jakarta could be reached by private vehicle or public transportation. For public transport can be used mode of transportation bus Trans Jakarta.

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