Ogoh-ogoh Bali is a sculpture made of bamboo and paper in the shape of a giant who was then in the procession the procession round the village at the time leading up to the celebration of Nyepi and eventually in fuel. Celebration of Nyepi is celebrated around March each year. Many tourists who capture photos ogoh-ogoh Bali monsters they encounter on the streets before the ogoh-ogoh is burned.

The Unique Tradition of Ogoh Ogoh Bali

Tradition heads ogoh-ogoh Bali on the eve of the Nyepi holiday moment (“pengrupukan”) is a tradition that was considered recently by the Balinese, but truly tradition heads ogoh-ogoh in Bali has been around since ancient times. According to some sources led to the existence of ogoh-ogoh Bali is Barong Landung and lelakut are in the rice fields to repel birds rice eaters.

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Ogoh-ogoh Bali is complementary as Hindu religious ceremonies on the great fight ceremony by (the day before the celebration of Nyepi). So the ogoh-ogoh Bali should not exist in any implementation because of its nature as a complement the wedding ceremony only.

The ogoh-ogoh Bali can be distinguished into three types namely as follows :


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Ogoh-Ogoh Bhutas Kala

Ogoh-ogoh bhutas kala is kind of ogoh-ogoh who have traits: large body size and height, his eyes large “mendelik” (bulging), his face looks fierce, mouth and nose with big teeth shiny and pointy fangs, his stomach protruding nails, long and pointy, and has dreadlocks and hair a mess. Ogoh-ogoh type this after the customary village then paraded ogoh-ogoh is burned. The following picture of ogoh-ogoh type bhutas kala.

Ogoh-Ogoh Ithiasa

Ogoh-ogoh Indian epic poetry is a kind of ogoh-ogoh puppet stories based on the Mahabharata and Ramayana. The stories of young boy expressed  his imagination into forms of ogoh-ogoh. The story is often taken by young children in expressing his art is the story of the kidnapping of Sita by Ravana in the Ramayana story Giant. This type of ogoh-ogoh Bali is often on display the fringe road after paraded round the village and can be used as event photographs for tourists who happened to be passing by and saw the ogoh-ogoh. The following picture of ogoh-ogoh type ithiasa.

Ogoh-Ogoh Kotemporer

Kotemporer ogoh-ogoh Bali  is a kind of story that is taken in daily life and are often used as social criticism. So the ogoh-ogoh kotemporer his imagination based on social problems that often occur and its nature as a bearer of a message to the community. Generally the ogoh-ogoh like this has a unique style of ogoh-ogoh other types. The following picture of ogoh-ogoh type kotemporer.

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A parade of ogoh-ogoh Bali is one of the most tradition of consuming the attention of the wider community before the Nyepi holiday arrives, because it reversed the values of the ritual, the parade of ogoh-ogoh Bali is also a manifestation of the power of innovation and creation of art young artists of bali. far the day before Nyepi holiday the Balinese artists trying to create and display their works of art to its fullest. the funds expended to make ogoh-ogoh could even up to tens of millions of dollars. because, in addition to the wine of the night “pengrupukan”, currently the ogoh-ogoh Bali also became the arena of race. the goal in addition to preserving the culture is also to direct the interest the younger generation towards a more positive i.e. love of art. Here also look how Bali youth mutual love and togetherness, indeed outside of Bali can be with all life and culture.

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So in addition to a welcoming ceremony as a complement for Nyepi, ogoh-ogoh infotainment also serves as an interesting or entertainment for the community and foreign tourists visiting Bali. Can we see every event there is “pengrupukan” then the society and  audience are welcomed with enthusiasm on fringe road which traversed by ogoh-ogoh Bali. With the attractions of ogoh-ogoh then number of visits of foreign tourists to Bali increased ahead of the celebration of Nyepi because want to feel the atmosphere of Bali on Nyepi holiday and time before Nyepi.

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After the procession marches, ogoh-ogoh Bali is usually burned in the village as a symbolic expulsion bhutas kala from local village environment. There is no manuscript in the Hindu Scriptures which mention the existence of the role of ogoh-ogoh in welcoming Nyepi day, but this tradition has been hereditary in Bali and interesting attractions that are worth being seen. a masterpiece in Bali make ogoh-ogoh festival it’s been brought to the attention of the world with a large number of foreign tourists is marked present in the festival.

Ogoh ogoh ceremony to commemorate the Hari Raya Nyepi

During the event the ceremony Ogoh Ogoh Bali, usually the streets will be jammed and crammed with people and overseas tourists who are keen to perpetuate this ceremony. With the end of the ceremony Ogoh Ogoh Bali, then the Nyepi holiday went into effect, whereby the entire community banned out of the house and are prohibited from turning on lights. The whole area in Bali will be pitch dark and deserted, no single vehicle passing by, or people who are passing by, the whole transportation by land, sea, air is also stalled.

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Everything is silent in the house each and must turn off electricity throughout the House, for those who violated will typically penalized the customary. Nyepi holiday for Hindus of Bali is an activity that is very sacred and Holy and is celebrated once a year and every time the wedding took place just 24 hours.

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