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Ngaben Cremation Ceremony – The Cultural Cremation of Balinese People Indonesia

Cremation is one of the great ceremony in Bali. One of a series of ceremonies this Yajna Pitra is a ceremony for people who have already died. The cleansing ceremony ngaben is atma (spirit) first phase, as a sacred duty of Hindus in Bali against the parent, by performing corpse-burning procession. Cremation itself is melting from the teachings of Hinduism with the indigenous culture in Bali.

In each area in Bali is common if the sequence of events in the procedures for the implementation of Cremation would be different though the essence of the ceremony is the same. This relates to the belief in adat Bali who knew the existence of the village of Kala Patra which literally in a place, time and circumstance.

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The deceased is placed appropriately was sleeping, and families left behind will always assume so (asleep). In this ceremony PancaYadnya, included in the Yajna ceremony, namely Pitra devoted to the spirit of the ancestors. The meaning of ceremony Ngaben is essentially to restore the spirits of the ancestors (who had died) to where it comes from.

The Meaningful of Ngaben Cremation Ceremony Balinese


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Ngaben cremation ceremony normally held by family relatives of those who died, as a form of respect a child against the parents. Ngaben cremation ceremony is usually performed with a vibrant night life, no crying,because there is a belief in Bali that we should not cry over those who have died, because it can inhibit the travel of the deceased to the place. They contended that, indeed the deceased for a while there, but will go through reincarnation or find the last immobilization in Moksha (freedom from the wheel of death and reincarnation).

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As it is written about the human body, both pitra consists of rough, smooth body and karma. The rough man was formed from the 5th element called Panca Maha Bhutas i.e. Earth (solids),apah (liquid substances), cassia (hot substances) of Breeze (wind) and akasa (vacuum). The fifth element is fused to form the human and physical driven by atma (spirit).

A human being has to say Pedanda Bayu, Sabda, Idep, and after his death, Said Bayu, Idep was returned to Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.When the man died, the dead body is rough enough, its not the atma. So, Cremation is the process of purification of Atma/spirit as it leaves the body is rough.

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Ngaben Cremation Ceremony – The Hinduism Belief

In Hinduism, it is believed that Lord Brahma, the Creator God beside as was also the God of fire. So, Cremation is the process of purification of the spirit by using the means of fire, so that it could return to the creator, Brahma. Fire fire is used to burn the bodies,concrete and abstract form of spell fire the pastor to burn the impurities attached to the atma/spirit.

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Ngaben cremation ceremony or also called Pelebon ceremony to the person who died, are considered very important, lively and vibrant, as with the cremation family that can free the ghosts of people who died from earthly bonds, toward heaven, or reincarnated into the world through delusions, and this greatly depends on the karmaphala for life.

Ngaben Cremation Ceremony is not always performed with right away. For higher caste members, it is reasonable to perform the ritual within 3 days. But for lower-caste members, because this ceremony requires effort,cost and time of long and large, then this is often done so long after his death. The deceased first buried and then, usually new cremation rites will be performed together in a kampoeng.

To bear the brunt of the cost, effort and others, now people often do bulk together. The bodies of the dead are often buried in advance before charges would be adequate, but for some families who can afford cremation ceremony can be conducted as soon as possible by storing the remains of people who have died at home, while waiting for a good time. During the period of storage in the House, the spirit of the man who died was not calm and always want the freedom.

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At this time that the family, aided by the community prepare the sarcophagus or “bade? and oxen or container in the shape of the monastery or padma, as a symbol of the temple. The bull prepared and bade? are usually very stately, made of bamboo, wood, a variety of colorful paper in accordance with the socio-economic position or family concerned. The bull and Bade?” this is where the corpses would be implemented Cremation.

Cremation procession always well populated by many foreign tourists who perpetuate his Cremation ceremony so the situation surrounding it being crowded by tourists from different countries.

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