The majority of the attractions of the mountain has beautiful natural shades and make anyone who visits became fascinated. Although not all mount can be used as an object of tourism as most mountain in Indonesia is an active volcano. But if you already manage forestry by the agency’s or local government and promoted as a tourist attraction, that can be visited by tourists. National Park of Mount Rinjani is one of the natural tourism destinations in Indonesia that popular and famous for its beauty.

The famous mountain tourism in Indonesia such as  Mount Bromo , Mount Tangkuban Perahu, mount Rinjani, mount Kelimutu, mount Ijen and much more others becoming attraction for those who love the mountains.


Location of National Park of Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island – West Nusa Tenggara

Location Of Mount Rinjani are in the Lombok Island , West Nusa Tenggara. Mount Rinjani is also the second highest volcano in Indonesia, and typically less 3.726 m above sea level. Mount Rinjani is a favorite for mountain climbers Indonesia because it has such a beautiful scenery. The mountain is included in the National Park of Mount Rinjani which has an area of approximately 41.330 ha and is being proposed for addition to the extent of 76.000 hectares to the West and the East. Administratively, the location of the mountain is located in the region of three Regency East Lombok, namely central Lombok and Lombok.

NATIONAL PARK OF MOUNT RINJANI  THE BEAUTY OF NATURAL CHARM In the western part of the cone there is vast Caldera Rinjani less PC around 3,500 m × 4,800 m, which extends to the East and the West. In the caldera there is Segara Anak (= sea, Lake segara) of roughly 11,000,000 sq m which has a depth of about 230 m. Water that flows from the Lake form a picturesque waterfall, flowing and passes through a very steep ravine. At the Segara Anak there is also a lot of carp and oreochromis mossambicus so this place is often used for fishing. The southern part of the Lake is called by the name Segara Endut.

National Park of Mount Rinjani Trekking Spots most popular in Indonesia.

The ascent to the the Summit of Mount Rinjani is one of the tourist objects that have become a mainstay in the area of the National Park of Mount Rinjani. As the volcano is still active and being number 2 highest in Indonesia. The Summit of Mount Rinjani is the goal of most adventurers and nature lovers who visit this tourist area because if has successfully reached the top of it is a pride.

NATIONAL PARK OF MOUNT RINJANI  THE BEAUTY OF NATURAL CHARM The community of lovers of nature in the entire country even also from foreign countries in the activities of the climbing is big enough, it is already evident with the increasing number of visitors who did the ascent every year. Trekking massively effected in July up to August, August (mid) participants climbing is generally dominated by students/students who come from all over Indonesia who want to celebrate the Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia at the Summit of Mount Rinjani and Lake Segara Anak through “Tread Rinjani” held regularly in every year by one of a group of lovers of nature on the island of Lombok who collaborated with Hall Rinjani Mountain National Park .

Attractions Around National Park of Mount Rinjani

There are many villages located surrounding the mountain so that access to mount Rinjani is pretty much as it can through various side, but its main door is located in the North or in Senaru. Tourism mount Rinjani has attraction because of not only the natural landscape that we can enjoy, however there is also the National Park in which there are plants and animals that belong to this type of Australia such as langurs, monkeys, deer, Porcupine, weasel, or deer.


Here are some attractions in National Park of Mount Rinjani, which you can enjoy.


When you are in the tourist area of Mount Rinjani then you will meet three famous caves are Milk cave, Paying cave and Manik cave. In the past this cave was made for meditation so that it is said that when a person who has evil thoughts are hard to fit into the cave. The terrain in this cave are small enough so that it is believed that only good-hearted people who can enter and pass through the cave. Circumstances in the cave is quite hot even many who call the place as rotgen because in it there is a smoke that is similar to the smoke of the kitchen that caused the atmosphere to become hot.

Place Thermal Baths

NATIONAL PARK OF MOUNT RINJANI THE BEAUTY OF NATURAL CHARMTourism in Mount Rinjani also can enjoy thermal baths are commonly used for the treatment of certain diseases even use this hot spring to test strength. Many of the myths that still strong against these thermal baths, for example just a gun entered in these baths if not sticky then has the supernatural power that is increasingly strong.

Crater Lake Segara Anak      

   NATIONAL PARK OF MOUNT RINJANI  THE BEAUTY OF NATURAL CHARM                                                              

In the tourist area of National Park of Mount Rinjani also is the Crater Lake Segara Anak where has an amazing charm i.e. it looks like a vast blue ocean making it very entertaining to the eyes. It is believed there are many occult power as well as the mystery so that will make people happy to stay in the place. The Lake is still sacred by local people so it is forbidden to do things that are indecent, coarse and slovenly or say when in this area.

Tourism in National Park of Mount Rinjani has a wide ranging from the uniqueness of the various myths and beliefs that are still thick with something mystical. Nature tourism mount Rinjani is so amazing that we would not necessarily meet in other areas such as landscape we can see from the slopes of Mount Rinjani, namely the second-highest mountain, so that we can see the expanse of the beautiful island of Lombok and green.

Some information about tourism in the area of Mount Rinjani and diverse history and stories in it hopefully can be a reference for you in determining tourist destinations. For those of you who like to go hiking then this place suitable for you on the side of Mount Bromo that exist in Java.

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