Maratua Paradise Resort – Feel The ‘Heaven’ Sensation at Borneo Kalimantan Indonesia

Beautiful, that is the right word to describe the Maratua Paradise Resort Island in East Kalimantan. You will be enchanted by the white sandy beaches are still beautiful and clean blue sea waters. Who wouldn’t be tempted to come there?

If you have a long enough vacation time for at least 4 days, then travelling to Maratua Paradise Resort,  the islands of Maratua  may be an option. The island is one of the outer most islands of Indonesia became the fulcrum calculations marine exclusive economic zone of Indonesia. It is interesting because of the uniqueness of existence have Maratua Paradise Resort in beach and beyond. When viewed from satellite imagery, its shape is akin to a horse shoe.

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The Long Journey to Maratua Paradise Resort


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It is not easy to reach the island. At the very least needs a 7 hour trip, includes a 3 hour road trip and about 4 hours sea trip heading to the Town of Kakaban Berau in East Kalimantan. Sea travel is quite time-consuming and costs, given the very few who are willing to go to the island. To go to the same heading Maratua Derawan, which departs from the Tanjung Batu Jetty some time ago visited Minister of Susi.

The problem, when the Derawan only takes 45 minutes and costs around 300 thousand per person, then for the necessary costs more Maratua, considering travel time by speedboat about 3-4 hours. Once we got to the Maratua Paradise Resort, exhausted exhaustion during a trip with views of the beautiful pristine beaches.
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Rarely people who play on the beach, making sand form still has a unique pattern. Before reaching the beach of white sand, there are clusters of coral reefs that can be used for snorkeling. A few times we saw turtles up close, including once accidentally stepping on turtles as dabble at the beach in Kakaban. The beach has no waves Maratua altogether. Very similar to the Lake area it’s just water tasted salty.
We can follow the shore in a canoe with paddle in them selves. In addition, we can also break through the rain forest through the streets fore runner by bike or motorbike to get around. If lucky, we can see a monitor lizard as long as 1 metre or more Sun are on the way.



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The atmosphere at the Resort was very quiet Paradises Kakaban,quiet, away from the crowds. We can listen to the sound waves hit the persons practising rigid austerities, desingan the wind. The silence that can soothe the soul, not many guests at the paradise beach resort, due to the limited room lodging. Number of guests is limited, to avoid the noise of the great littl eatmosphere.
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Maratua Paradise Resort  is the perfect paradise island for lovers of divingsnorkeling, and for honeymooners. The island is only perched all alone in the middle of the sea area. Type of lodging is divided into 3 parts, namely room lodging at the beachside Inn room, second ,onstage right above the sea, the three, rooms for rent in the House of the local population.
There is no sound of music, the sound of a vehicle or animal sounds, really quiet, really quiet the mind and soul, all fatigue vanishes amid an atmosphere of this haven.The food menu is served at this place the majority of marine fish with a very delicious taste.
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Keep in mind that holiday in KakabanBeach Resort, its main activity is related to sea water only, i.e.diving, snorkeling, swimming, walks on the beach. There is no shopping or shopping activities of any kind. You have to prepare supplies and medicine to taste when visiting this place.
There is an airport development pioneer when we visited the island. It takes at least 2 days to settle around and enjoy a swim in Maratua Paradise Resort .
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Don’t forget also to wake up in the morningor middle of the night to enjoy the beauty of the island. When the night is brighter, then we can see the beautiful star cluster with as till small voice that feels fresh sea breeze.
Welcome to Indonesian Paradise – I Love Indonesia


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