Sights that pretty cool while you’re in Lombok are Malimbu hill. The Hill is still around Senggigi beach. from the top of the hill you can see the scenery of the beautiful Senggigi Beach from a height. From the top of this hill you will see the color turquoise beaches, if you look further into its direction then the sight of the green color of sea water really calms the heart.

Lombok Malimbu beach is one of the attractions of the multitude of attractions expanse in the north Lombok Regency, beach is a tourist attraction Malimbu arguably the five in one (5 in 1) because there are five Malimbu attractions we can see directly from the one place which is on the South side hills, steep cliffs on the North, East and West Beach on the East and West , the blue of the sea water on the North and the most interesting is the three gili kepulaun on the North.


Malimbu hill Lombok usually visited by local and foreign tourists at the time of the afternoon around 12:30 a.m. to about 6 a.m., for those of you who are happy with views of the sunset (sunset) malimbu beach is one of the perfect place to satisfy as there are views of the sunset (sunset), the beauty of sunset (sunset) malimbu already evidenced by the many tourists both local and tourists were foreign tourists.

The way to the beach of Lombok Malimbu sights can be reached at Malimbu beach with approximately 40-45 minutes from the city center of Mataram and about 35-40 minutes from central Lombok Regency North by using a two-wheeled vehicle or by using the four-wheeled vehicles with a speed of approximately 65-75 km/h, you can access the beach Malimbu Lombok using public transportation such as taxis or it could be using your personal vehicle.

MALIMBU HILL LOMBOK THE SPECTACULAR SUNSET VIEW FROM THE TOP OF THE HILL 9Malimbu hill also often used for various community gathering place, for example bicycle community. For them, there is nothing more beautiful than enjoying the sunset on Malimbu hill after conquering the challenge of cycling. So too for thebikers motorcycle touring, hills became one of rest before continuing their journey.


You can select two points, namely, the East or the West side highway. On the West side of the road, you will findrest areas along the 150 m, with a width of trotoarnya about 2 meters. You will enjoy the view of the sunset from the top of a cliff as high as 25 meters. However don’t worry, because there is a fairly strong fences on the edge of the cliff. The cliff is filled with shrubs, and you will find a lot of those seeking the attention of the visitors. At the end of the South side is usually used as parking places. While the central part along the north end of sampau street was used as a place to enjoy the view.

Enjoy the beauty of the Sunset from Malimbu hill.

Malimbu hill is the best place to enjoy the view of the sunset on the island of Lombok. Enjoy the view of the sunset on Malimbu hill will further perfect the state in bright skies. In the circumstances You are not only presented a beautiful sunset views. But you also get to see two of the most famous gili, namely Gili Trawangan Gili Meno and from a distance, with a sunset background. You can see the Mountain from a distance. A perfect view of this is what makes Bukit Malimbu as the best place to enjoy the sunset on Lombok island.

MALIMBU HILL LOMBOK THE SPECTACULAR SUNSET VIEW FROM THE TOP OF THE HILL 4You can also enjoy the view of the sunset on the eastern side. The eastern side is just a vacant lot, located 6 meters higher than the highway. At the peak of this place, you will find a Berugak (gazebo) approx. 6 × 4 meters. To reach this place, you can pass the stairs in front of parking lot. If you arrive on Malimbu hill too early, you could wait for the setting sun while enjoying some food and drinks sold by the locals. Like roasted corn, meatballs, Rojak, snacks, and various drinks and young coconut. You can also buy souvenirs like Pearl Jewelry, t-shirts, and so on. Usually the seller is already preparing to start at 4 pm.

MALIMBU HILL LOMBOK THE SPECTACULAR SUNSET VIEW FROM THE TOP OF THE HILL 5Malimbu Hill is a great place to end your day full of adventure. After exploration of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air, and enjoy the view of the sunset on Malimbu hill is the perfect cover. If you would like to visit the gilis from Mataram, you will definitely get through this hill. It is recommended that you organize your time so could arrive around 4 or 5 in the afternoon, and enjoy the sunset on Malimbu hill . But not only on Malimbu hill only, you can also enjoy the view of the sunset on the Hill of Serumbu Lombok Island, which is located about 8 kilometers from the city of Mataram.


The beauty of the hills of Malimbu kala sunset makes a lot of travelers who take themselves for a moment to stop and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. The Street towards Malimbu hill countless good. Aspalnya seamlessly with views of the green nature in the right side of the left shoulder of the road. Pamper your eyes who are tired and in need of tranquility.

A very beautiful Photography spot of Malimbu

Malimbu hill is the Highlands Canal area of Senggigi Beach, located in West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province. Here you will get a very good angle of photographing. From the top of Malimbu hill is we will see the white sandy sprawling in the presence of evidence. Bring a long lens, you can target the Mount Agung, Bali and a row of bungalows in the northern part of the island of Lombok. The direction of the lens and the angle of your viewfinder to the spots. If the photo is not yet perfect, repeat again with the same angle. You do not need to hurry because the place is quiet enough to accompany you explore the natural beauty of the hills of Malimbu.

MALIMBU HILL LOMBOK THE SPECTACULAR SUNSET VIEW FROM THE TOP OF THE HILL Don’t be lazy to walk around Malimbu hill, because you will get a few spots which also provides a fascinating view. A cluster of Palm trees, green grass, some people boarded the boat on the beach are the objects that you can take.

The charm of the hill is not just a goal of Malimbu tourists but also local people who want a nice natural background for pre-order;. This bride candidates are interested in using the natural atmosphere Malimbu hill. White sand, green hills and a blue sky stretch of tint is perfect for describing photo or casual-style romantic though

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