Tour Lolai Tana Toraja, speaking of Toraja indeed is endless, from the culture, customs, ceremonies, and even tourist attractions will never be endless for we are talking about. Until recently tours Lolai Tana Toraja still remains one of the places that should be visited for the traveller both from home and abroad, when visiting South Sulawesi Toraja.

The most famous tourist places of attractions in  Tana Toraja tour is Lolai, a village called the land above the clouds. The location of these sights are in district Kapalapitu, Toraja Utara Regency, South Sulawesi. The peak height of approximately 1300 metres above sea level. Lolai 20 kilometres from the Rantepao, Toraja Utara capital. If we arrive at the places that are exotic, then it will really feel like in a fairy tale land. A collection of white clouds like cotton are very beautiful and as is very close to us.


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Create a tourist would want to vacation above the clouds is worth visiting Lolai Tana Toraja. This place is indeed worth mentioning the country Above the clouds, how not, because if tourists are available, then the eyes of the tourists will be spoiled by the expanse of the settlement and the mountains and the clouds are so amazing like being above the clouds. To accompany the natural beauty of this village is guaranteed exotic. Tourists can freely enjoy the expanse of the clouds from above, while sitting on the terrace of houses, Tongkonan, Toraja will more fun again, to enjoy the sensation of ‘ country above the clouds ‘.

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Ideally to be able to enjoy the expanse of the beautiful clouds, preferably you should come before sunrise or stay at this location. Pull it apart from the wonderful beauty of the expanse of clouds, in Tana Toraja Lolai there are rows of Tongkonan called Tongkonan Lempe. A sequence is a sequence of Tongkonan houses typical of Tana Toraja, known as one of Indonesia’s famous cultural relics around the world.

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Spot exotic Parachuting Lolai Tana Toraja.

As for all travelers who like the outdoor event like camping too. Especially if the tourists want to spend the night here so tourists can create or set up tents let more fun on your holiday. There are no less interesting and recently the first time and only in Tana Toraja, parachuting. Create a tourist or a fella who is again looking for a place for skydiving a most appropriate place here make tourists, because here also the lover of parachuting often conduct terjung umbrella. The Jedi complete it feels go to this place. Indeed no one referred to as the land Above the clouds because we will really feel the altitude above and being above the land cloud.

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Lolai Tana Toraja tourist attraction which is located 20 kilometres west of the capital city of Northern Toraja since last month into the limelight many people, its beauty is worthy calculated to be Your vacation destination. The sensation of cool air really can soothe the soul and makes the brain be fresh.

SUNRISE & SUNSET views in Lolai Tana Toraja.

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Other uniqueness of Tana Toraja Lolai i.e. we can simultaneously enjoy the sunrise and the setting of the sun simultaneously on spot locations Lolai Tana Toraja. Wonderful views when sunrise and sunset, as if in the future we are a phenomenal natural painting works of the creator. Moreover, the atmosphere of the romantic sunset while accompanied by the original Toraja coffee enjoyment. Make sure your steps towards the Tana Toraja, Lolai was waiting for you to show off the beauty of the land above the Clouds.

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise … I Love Indonesia


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