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Anyone know where the entrance of Indonesia his Jurassic Park? 

Yes! Before you begin the adventure with a prehistoric animals in Komodo National Park, you have to go through a main gate named Labuan Bajo Flores Indonesia . The area is located at the western end of Flores Island is not just a regular fishing town. Labuan Bajo became important to Indonesia’s tourism industry thanks to the large number of tourists who want to cross over to the island of Rinca or Komodo.

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Formerly, Labuan Bajo Flores Indonesia is a small town where the fishermen looking for fish. The popularity of West Manggarai Regency seat is then became popular when the legend about Ora or Komodo dragons come to the surface. Adventure sensations offered by the ancient animals then take local travelers and foreign tourists for a stopover in the city before continuing on the cruise to Komodo National Park.

Along with the election of Komodo National Park as one of the destinations of the New 7 Wonder of Nature, are now supporting tourism facilities already available in Labuan Bajo. A row of star hotels to modest backpacker can you select the corresponding budget. Cafe and bar also participated are springing up to make holiday travelers more pleasant. Running out of cash to enjoy native Manggarai Arabica coffee? Don’t worry because ATM machines and bank have lined the main street of Labuan Bajo.

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The waters around the island of Komodo dive sites is one of the most hounded of the divers. Therefore, it is very easy to find and live aboard dive center in Labuan Bajo Flores Indonesia. The waters around the island of Komodo dive sites is one of the most hounded of the divers. Therefore, it is very easy to find and live aboard dive center in Labuan Bajo.

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Apart from the natural beauty of the National Park of Komodo, Labuan Bajo was saving his charm on its own. While a stopover before sailing to the island of Rinca or Komodo dragons, the lads can travel evening walk around the harbour. Most cool hell sitting in the Cafe while sipping coffee and waiting for the arrival of sunset. In Labuan Bajo, this activity is very fun because many cafés situated above an altitude of and provide spectacular views to its visitors.

For lovers of photography, Labuan Bajo  Flores Indonesia is sure to become a favorite place to hunt for interesting photos. Start of the activity in the market of fish, photos of slow speed on the quayside, to photograph the landscape from above the altitude on the Mount of love. Well, if you love the beach, before being satisfied-puasin play sand in Pink Beach Komodo, lads can travel on the beach used to be warming the Pede is located close to the city centre. Anyway, it’s unfortunate if you skip the Labuan Bajo on your trip to Indonesia.

Festival  Carnival Komodo

In addition to the exciting city of stop over tourism potential, Labuan Bajo West Flores is increasingly with the venue of various activities. One of these is Komodo occasions Carnival on 1-3 September 2013 then. Events that have been held for 2 years in a row is a great fanfare. Initially, this event is not the goverment agenda, but for the sake of supporting the West Manggarai Regency, tourism promotion, especially the Komodo National Park, the Carnival event Paradise was officially presented. If travelers are usually only able to enjoy the natural beauty of Labuan Bajo Flores Indonesia , in the event of the Carnival to this visitor is given the ease of the Komodo dragon to get to know the local culture.

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Exhibition of handicrafts ranging from local citizens, the appearance of the ethnic groups that live around the island of Komodo, to Caci dance performances of the most highly anticipated. This dance is usually performed only in the month of harvest (between July and October) in the village surrounding the Manggarai, Flores. This dance drama featuring a fight between Ta’ang and Paki. Ta’ang is a character that was parried by a “nggiling” (shield skin from Buffalo) in the left hand and “rereng” (the penangkis) in the right hand. In the meantime, Paki was a striker is always looking for a crack to trigger the Ta’ang with his whip pointed Wood Buffalo skin. Really nuanced dance theatrical nerve-wracking!

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In the event that this Carnival, certainly plan marches in the highway town of Labuan Bajo is not to be missed. There are art galleries, local members of the motorcade and a replica of the giant komodo dragon and other ancient animals paraded around the city. So, if the lads are ready to start a travel adventure to Labuan Bajo? Komodo and festive festival is already waiting for you on the opposite side there!

Welcome to Indonesian Paradise . I Love Indonesia


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