Korowai tribe of Papua. To the South of the island of New Guinea, there is an exotic marshy areas, flanked by two large rivers and mountains to the North. However this area difficult to livable. Not only that, an area of 600 square km this instead of no man’s land. The area was the territory of the tribe of Korowai tribe of cannibals, the only one believed to be still left up to the sat.

The Origin Of The Korowai Tribe Of New Guinea

The Korowai of Papua or new Kolufu yourself known in the 1970s and then, where a Christian missionary came there and began to live with a tribe of Korowai. Of these missionaries also  Korowai tribe eventually learn their language, i.e. the language of the Awyu-Dumut, a language from the southeastern region of Papua. In 1979, the Netherlands missionaries founded a settlement called Yarinuma. Here live the Korowai tribe has been exposed on the outside world. Usually that comes for the Korowai tribe members are still young.

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Furthermore, other visits are also conducted by Rupert Stasch, an anthropologist from Reed College, Oregon. Stasch stayed for 16 months together to study the Korowai tribe of their culture. The results of his research was later published in the journal Oceania. In January – February 2011, the team’s Human Planet BBC Korowai tribe came to also to perpetuate their unique culture in building the House.

The Uniqueness Of The Korowai Tribe Of Tree Above The Home Of Papua

Most of them live in a very high tree house, known as “home”. Since 1980 some of the Korowai tribes had been relocated to a new village opened. Houses stage was designed in such a way to protect themselves from floods, fires, or attack wild animals.

korowai tribe of papua 6 Tree house both tribes could be said to be the dwelling place of thmost remarkable ever stand in this homeland. How does, the house is standing solidly with height 80 meters from the ground. So lucky for those who can step on and feel the highest tree house with a panoramic stretch of the beautiful forest.

In one stage house usually stay one clan. In it, their residence is divided into two, the area for the men and women. The researchers assume the Korowai tribe as an intelligent being able to establish the concept of settlements on territory that is difficult to.

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Visit the researchers & Anthropology Korowai Tribes of Papua to the place

Among the researchers and anthropology who comes to see the Korowai tribe, perhaps the most phenomenal was a journalist named Paul Raffaele who settled for four days along Korowai tribe. In Smithsonian magazine, lays out a four-day trip Raffaele in May 2006. Raffaele, via the explained that although the Korowai tribe have a habit of eating human flesh, but it is not they are doing at any time. Every day they live by consuming a wide variety of natural results such as sago, bananas, palms, ferns, and animals that can be hunted. In addition to consuming animal prey such as birds, snakes, lizards cassowary, deer, boar, or tribal society Korowai also meets their nutrients by eating beetle larvae.

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The Korowai Hunter community on daily is only wearing the clothes of the foliage has a wide range of customized weapons forms with results of hunting. Suppose a special spear to kill the boar, sago, or hew to kill humans. Based on the description of Kembaren, a tour guide when Raffaele, although the community still has the Korowai habit to eat human flesh, but the ritual was already on the wane on the Korowai society is starting to get to know the outside world. Korowai society is not consuming human flesh in vain. Based on the belief that their personal religious beliefs, the Korowai tribe only kill humans who violates the rules in their beliefs. One of them if one citizen is known as necromancer or khuakhua.

Citizens who are suspected of being khuakhua will be tried. If a lot of strong evidence that memberatkannya, then he would be immediately killed and eaten. Kembaren said that the members of the body of khuakhua who have died will be doled out to all citizens, while his brain will be eaten while warm. People who kill khuakhua is entitled to save the skull. For the community of Korowai, killing and eating of human flesh was part of their criminal justice system. After they consumed the body of khuakhua, they’ll be banging their high walls of the House with wood while singing the night away.

The Practice Of Cannibalism Korowai Tribes Of Papua

Korowai tribe of Papua had a population of 3000 people and is one of the strangest tribe in the world. They lived in Papua New Guinea and their culture still remain isolated from modern civilization. They have a lot of weird habits and some of them also there are cannibals.  For people in the outside world, cannibalism is probably a very senseless and terrible. But in fact, to this day there is a group of people, one of them a Korowai tribes practiced the culture.

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Like the description of Kembaren, almost everyone in the tribe had joined the Korowai ate human flesh. So, for those not cannibalism is a taboo and can be done anytime. Regardless of their personal religious beliefs that cannibalism, the uniqueness of a way of life and culture of the tribe of Korowai apparently also appeals to the Indonesia’s tourism agency. One of these is Indonesia Travel offering excursions for 12 days to live together with the Korowai. You will be taken to stay together in the House, visited the Korowai tribe of high Yarinuma, ate their food, as well as participate live their lives. How? Are you brave enough to spend 12 days with the cannibals?

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