Kecak Dance BALI Traditional Dance

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Kecak dance or Kecak dance is a dance that originated in Indonesia, Bali Kecak dance Art is performed by many [tens or more] male dancers who sits a circular and lined up with a particular rhythm and while calling for the cak and raised both arms. The dancers who sit on these circular wearing checkered cloth as a chessboard to circle their waists. In addition to the dancers, there are also other dancers portray characters such as Rama, Shinta in Ramayana, Ravana, Hanuman and Sugriva.
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Kecak dance depicting the story of Ramayana when the apes helps Rama against Ravana. However, Kecak is derived from ritual trance dance, the dancerswill dance tradition is not aware of the condition, conduct communication withGod or the spirit of its ancestors and then pass the hope to the community.

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Based on references from wikipedia, though this dance kecak dance Balinese kecak dance, but this was created along with artists abroad, it was Walter Spies, a painter from Germany. Around the 1930s Wayan Limbak collaborated with the painter Walter Spies Germany created the Kecak dance trance dance based on tradition and the parts of the story of Ramayana. Wayan Limbak popularized the dance this time traveling the world with his Balinese dancer troupe.


Kecak dance at created around 1930 by Wayan limbak and German painter Walter Spies, the history of Kecak dance is actually derived from the ritual trance dance when dancing, they were in an unconscious condition turns out to be able to communicate with ancestral spirits or God to convey their desires to give kindness and peace.
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Kecak dance is played dancers between 50-150 people on average are men, the dancers lined up and a circular seating kecak with both hands above while moving the fingers while voicing the sound … the cak cak … with a rhythm that is set up in such a way that it produces a sound that is heard and tasty .In the middle of a crowd of dancers there are some people who portrayed the play of the ramayana like Ravana, rama, shinta and  figures in other puppet characters such as the punokawan will churn our stomach.
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Kecak dance performances can be seen in some places in bali which at Batu Bulan and Ulu Watu Temple. Kecak dance performances take place every day in the afternoon toward sunset. Holidays to Bali you will feel fuller with kecak dance performances witnessed this. You can also catch the show barong dance in batu bulan every morning from 7 a.m. until 10.15 at 09: 30.
Come to see Kecak Dance Bali and feel the sensation of high art dancing.
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